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Indian Gum
   Goudey - 1947

Notes: Cards reproduce, with different numbering, selected cards from the 
1933-1940 Goudey series of the same name. American Card Catalog reference 
is R773. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                                 Subtitle

  1   Chief of the Shienne Tribe            Chief Nee-hee-o-ee-woo-tis (The Wolf on the Hill)
  2   Warrior of the Ioway Tribe            Pah-ta-coo-che (The Shooting Cedar)
  3   Chief of the Konzas Tribe             Chief Sho-me-cos-se (The Wolf)
  4   Chief of the Pawnee Tribe             Chief Shon-ka-ki-he-ga (The Horse Chief)
  5   Chief of the Delaware Tribe           Chief Non-on-da-gon (The Call)
  6   Warrior of the Sioux Tribe            Bro-cas-sie (The Broken Arm)
  7   Warrior of the Ojibway Tribe          Ka-be-mub-be (He Who Sits Everywhere)
  8   Chief of the Ute Tribe                Chief Pah-too-ca-ra (He Who Strikes)
  9   Chief of the Flathead Tribe           Chief H'co-a-h'co-a-h'cotes-min (No Horns on his Head)
 10   Chief of the Pot-o-wat-o-mies Tribe   Chief Na-pow-sa (The Bear Traveling in the Night)
 11   Chief of the Pawnee Tribe             Chief Sky-sc-ro-ka (Star of the Sky)
 12   Chief of the Sioux Tribe              Chief Wa-mah-de-tunck-a (The Big Eagle)
 13   Chief of the Pawnee Tribe             Chief Le-shaw-loo-lah-le-hoo (The Big Elk)
 14   Chief of the Ottoes Tribe             Chief Raw-no-way-wah-krah (The Loose Pipe Stem)
 15   Chief of the Ogallala Tribe           Chief Ka-pes-ka-day (The Shell)
 16   Chief of the Omaha Tribe              Chief Om-pa-ton-ga (The Big Elk)
 17   Chief of the Osages Tribe             Chief Tchong-tas-sav-bee (The Black Dog)
 18   Warrior of the Osages Tribe           Tal-lee (The Wild Wind)
 19   Warrior of the Camanchee Tribe        Hah-nee (The Beaver)
 20   Warrior of the Koway Tribe            Kots-a-to-ah (Smoked Shield)
 21   Squaw and Child (Papoose)
 22   Chief of the Sioux Tribe              Chief Er-ah-sa-pa (The Black Rock)
 23   Chief of the Mandan Tribe             Chief Ha-na-tah-nu-mauh (The Wolf Chief)
 24   Chief of the Blackfoot Tribe          Chief Stu-mick-o-shucks (The Buffalo's Back Fat)
 25   A Surprise Attack`
 26   Defense of the Stockade
 27   Fight on the Precipice
 28   Primitive Fire Making
 29   Struggle to Death
 30   Custer's Last Stand
 31   Caught in the Attempt
 32   The Battering Ram
 33   Setting Fire to the Fort
 34   Marauders
 35   Tracking Game
 36   Making a Canoe
 37   Foiled
 38   Puritan Days
 39   Trapped in their Ambush
 40   Torturing Their Victims
 41   Wampum
 42   Chief Red Cloud
 43   Arrow Making
 44   Indian Naval Warfare
 45   Vengeance
 46   Pipe of Peace
 47   Another Redskin Bites the Dust
 48   Fight at the Army Post
 49   The Pony War Dance
 50   Acoma Tribe
 51   Painting
 52   Fishing
 53   Huichol Tribe
 54   Victory Cry
 55   Weaving
 56   Charge on the Sun Pole
 57   Eagle Dance
 58   Zy-You-Wah
 59   Fire Dance
 60   Nascapee Tribe
 61   Tshi-Zyn-Hau-Kau                      (He who runs with deer) A Warrior of the Winnebago Tribe
 62   Toh-Ki-Ee-To                          (The Stone with Horns) Chief of the Yanc-Ton band of the Sioux Indians
 63   Stee-Cha-Co-Me-Co                     (The Great King) Chief of the Creek Tribe
 64   Genitoa                               The renegade type of Apache
 65   Kishkalwa                             Chief of the Shawanoe Tribe
 66   Luqaiot                               Kittitas Tribe
 67   Hee-Ohks-Te-Kin                       A chief of the Flathead Tribe
 68   Chief Bread                           Chief of the Oneidas Tribe
 69   Shoo-De-Ga-Cha                        (Smoke) Chief of the Puncahs
 70   Wat-Che-Mon-Ne                        Third chief of the Ioways
 71   White Deer Skin Dancer                Hupa Tribe
 72   Nesjaja Hatali                        A well known Navaho medicine man
 73   Steel
 74   Little White Cloud
 75   Many Shots
 76   Sounding Sky
 77   Medicine Man
 78   Yellow Tepee
 79   Nootka
 80   Saving General Putnam
 81   Osage Oil Wells
 82   The Great King
 83   Trailing a Prairie Schooner
 84   Caught in the Circle
 85   He Who Travels Everywhere
 86   Wood
 87   The Thinker
 88   Running Fox
 89   Perils of the Plains
 90   Unhorsed
 91   Throwing the Putch-kohu
 92   Chief White Cloud
 93   Wolf Collar
 94   Minnevana
 95   White Cap
 96   Sassacus

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