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Indian Trading Cards
   Fleer - 1959

Notes: Card wrappers reference "Chief Halftown's Indian Trading Cards. Reversed images 
are observed occasionally. American Card Catalog reference is R730-2. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                                        Indian Picture Writing


  1   Sitting Bull                                 Power of Chief
  2   Indian Scout "Riding Trail"                  Man Following Trail
  3   Indian Boy With Dog Travois                  January (Snow Moon)
  4   Buffalo Dancer                               Power Above
  5   Indian Woman and "Stove"
  6   Plains Indians' Teepees                      Look for New Hunting Grounds
  7   Indian Launching Bullboat                    Lake
  8   Indian Mother Preparing Pemmican             June (Strawberry Moon)
  9   Indian Musician With Turtle Rattle           Sing with Drum
 10   Rabbit-Skin Leggings                         Mourn
 11   Indians Speaking Sign Language               Speak Together
 12   Dancing Sioux                                Little Fawn (South Wind)
 13   Sacajawea                                    Trail Crossed River
 14   Chief Washakie                               Wounded Six Times
 15   Medicine Man                                 Sick
 16   Hunting A Buffalo                            November (Hunting Moon)
 17   Chief Joseph
 18   Assiniboin Warrior                           War
 19   Buffalo Horn Head Dress                      See
        [variation: insignia at left, or at right]


 20   Wampum Belt                                  Tells Truth
 21   Seminole "Chickee"                           Great Moose (East Wind)
 22   Indian Girl "Doing the Dishes"
 23   Indian Making A Fire                         Fire
 24   Seneca Carving Mask From Living Tree         February (New Year Moon)
 25   Indian Making A Birchbark Canoe
 26   Indian Woman Grinding Maize                  Corn
 27   Indians Playing Lacrosse                     Happiness
 28   Indian In Winter Dress and Snowshoes         Great Bear (North Wind)
 29   Indian Woman Preparing Deerskin              Evening Sunset
 30   Indian Longhouse                             May (Planting Moon)
 31   Young Brave Coming Back from Hunting Trip    Hunting
 32   Indian Mother With Papoose Board             April (Maple Sugar Moon)
 33   A Seminole Dugout Canoe                      Canoe on River
 34   Iroquois Warrior                             Warrior
 35   Seminole Hunting Alligator                   Water
 36   Osceola                                      Octob er (Leaf Falling Moon)
 37   Seminole Man In Costume
 38   Making A Dugout Canoe                        Tree
 39   Indian Smoking Carved Pipe                   Symbol of Peace
 40   Chief Halftown                               Wise Man
 41   Smoke Signals                                Speak


 42   Spear Fishing For Salmon                     March (Wind Moon)
 43   Carving A Totem Pole                         Spring (Small Grass)
 44   Northwest Indian Rain Hat                    Rain
 45   Indian Dancer                                Great Panther (West Wind)
 46   Girl With Raven Head Spoon                   Hunger
 47   Warrior In Slatted Armor
 48   Sea-going Canoe                              Canoe with Seven Warriors
 49   Northwest Indian Splitting Logs              Moon (Month)


 50   Geronimo                                     Crooked Road, Dishonesty
 51   Apache Masked Dancer                         Great Spirit Speaks
 52   Mudhead Doll                                 Sun (Day)
 53   Navaho Sandpainter                           August (Green Corn Moon)
 54   Hopi Snake Dancer                            Spirits
 55   Navaho Warrior                               Wounded by Arrow
 56   Pueblo Village                               Sleep
 57   Butterfly Dancer                             Stars
 58   Hoop Dancer                                  Move
 59   Cochise                                      Peace (Bury the Hatchet)
 60   Indian Farmer Digging Irrigation Ditch       River
 61   Navaho Rug Weaver                            Summer (Tall Grass)
 62   Apache Horseman                              Shoot Gun
 63   Navaho "Hogan"                               Noon
 64   Zuni Pottery Drum                            Chief Calling People to Council

   Pacific Coast

 65   Indian Dressed For The Toloache Ceremony     Drink
 66   California Indian Woman With Burden Basket   Sunrise, Morning
 67   Launching A "Balsa" Raft                     Waterfall
 68   Making Acorn Bread                           September (Harvest Moon)
 69   California Indian Woman Gathering Berries    Nut Trees


 70   Eskimo On A Seal Hunt                        Sadness
 71   Eskimo Comedy Mask                           Friendship
 72   Eskimo In Kayak                              Islands
 73   Eskimo Wrestling                             Many
 74   Eskimo Woman Mending Boots                   Man's Trail
 75   Eskimo With Wounded Polar Bear               Bear Tracks
 76   Eskimo With Snow Goggles
 77   Eskimo Woman Fishing                         Liar
 78   Eskimo Returning To His Igloo                Winter (Deep Snow)
 79   Eskimo Repairing Arrows                      Meat
 80   Eskimo Dog Sled                              Come

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