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Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Topps - 1984

Notes:  Stickers are sometimes included with the basic set.  Thanks much to
Joann Girard and/or Michael Kartchner for the checklist, in a virtual dead heat!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 4.09 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.27 per box.

No.    Title                               Image

  1   Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  2   Singer Willie Scott
  3   Diamond of Death
  4   Poisoned!
  5   The Diamond Seeker
  6   Escape from Club Obi Wan
  7   The Car Chase
  8   Flight to Doom
  9   Airborne!
 10   High-Flying Peril!
 11   River of Death
 12   Shaman of Mayapore
 13   A Village Besieged
 14   Tales of the Mayapore
 15   The Quest Begins
 16   To the Palace of Pankot!
 17   Whoops!
 18   Making Camp
 19   The Dreams of Dr. Jones
 20   Elephant Ride!
 21   Trek to the Palace
 22   The Arrival
 23   The Palace Banquet
 24   The Little Maharajah
 25   Dr. Jones, Banquet Guest
 26   A Royal Feast?
 27   Losing Her Appetite
 28   Time Out for Romance
 29   Look Out, Behind You!
 30   Peril in the Palace!
 31   Indy's Warning
 32   The Discovery
 33   Trapped!!
 34   Indy Gets the Point
 35   The Spike Chamber
 36   Willie in the Bug Tunnel
 37   The Temple of Doom
 38   The Human Sacrifice
 39   The Evil High Priest
 40   The Flaming Heart
 41   Indy's Discovery
 42   Indiana Jones...Captured!
 43   The Blood of Kali
 44   Tortured!
 45   Cage of Death
 46   Mindless Slave
 47   The Burning
 48   Short Round to the Rescue!
 49   Attacking the Guards
 50   Grabbed by Indy!
 51   Indy is Revived!
 52   Rescuing Willie Scott!
 53   Everything's Okay
 54   Indy's Revenge
 55   The Battle Rages
 56   Fighting Against Evil!
 57   Freeing the Children
 58   The Escape Continues!
 59   The Giant Thuggee
 60   Incredible Fight!
 61   Indy's Fight for Life!
 62   Belt to Oblivion!
 63   Short Round's Chance!
 64   Voodoo Peril!
 65   The Kids Slug it Out!
 66   Indy on the Scene!
 67   The Mine Adventure
 68   Battling Mine Cars!
 69   Breaking Free!
 70   Indy's Gamble
 71   Deadly Torrents
 72   Hang on, Short Round!
 73   Saved by Willie Scott!
 74   The Evil of Mola Ram
 75   Don't Mess with Indy!
 76   Two against One... & No Gun!
 77   Fantastic Struggle
 78   Caught in Between--!
 79   Indy in Action!
 80   Courage of Indiana Jones
 81   Surrounded!
 82   The Bridge -- Cut!!
 83   Plunge to Doom!
 84   Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram!
 85   A Day of Rejoicing
 86   Return of the Stones
 87   The Adventure Concludes
 88   Checklist

  Backs form a puzzle of Indy about to cut the rope bridge.

  1   Indiana Jones                       Indy (cartoon)
  2   How Much, Lao Che?                  Indy
  3   The Goddess Kali reigns!            Mola Ram
  4   There's No Escape--!                Indy
  5   Food?  Really?                      Willie Scott
  6   Willie Scott                        Willie Scott
  7   Mola Ram!                           Mola Ram
  8   Short Round                         Short Round
  9   Willie!  Hurry Up!                  Indy
 10   You've Had It, Mola Ram!            Indy
 11   Trust Me.                           Indy

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