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Iran-Contra Scandal
Eclipse - 1988

Note:  Distributed as a boxed set. Writer: Paul Brancato; artist: Salim Yaqub.

No.   Intro Line                             Title

  1   The Joint Senate-House                 Iran-Contra Hearings
  2   Former Nicaraguan President            Anastasio Somoza
  3   Contra Commander                       Enrique Bermudez
  4   Contra Leader                          Adolfo Calero
  5   CIA Director                           William Casey
  6   Secretary of Defense                   Caspar Weinberger
  7   Retired Army Major General             John Singlaub
  8   Mercenary Soldier                      Thomas Posey
  9   Identity Unknown:                      The La Penca Bomber
 10   CIA "Assets"                           Rene Corvo and Filipe Vidal
 11   Pablo Escobar & Jorge Ochoa:           The Medellin Cartel
 12   CIA Contact                            John Hull
 13   Marine Lieutenant Colonel              Oliver North
 14   State Department Contractor            Robert Owen
 15   Contra Fund-raiser                     Carl "Spitz" Channell
 16   Beer Magnate                           Joseph Coors
 17   Saudi Arabian Monarch                  Fahd Bin Abd Al-Aziz
 18   Assistant Secretary of State           Elliot Abrams
 19   Retired Air Force Major General        Richard Secord
 20   Aarms Merchant                         Albert Hakim
 21   Career Air Force Officers              Richard Gadd & Robert Dutton
 22   Ex-CIA Agent & Arms Merchant           Thomas Clines
 23   CIA Veteran                            Rafael "Chi Chi" Quintero
 24   Former CIA Agent                       Theodore Shackley
 25   CIA Station Chief                      William Buckley
 26   Arms Merchant                          Manucher Ghorbanifar
 27   Senior Israeli Intelligence Official   David Kimche
 28   National Security Advisor              Robert "Bud" McFarlane
 29   CIA Cargo Kicker                       Eugene Hasenfus
 30   Former CIA Operative                   Felix Rodriguez
 31   Vice Presidential Security Advisor     Donald Gregg
 32   Vice President                         George Bush
 33   Attorney General                       Edwin Meese III
 34   Secretary                              Fawn Hall
 35   National Security Advisor              John Poindexter
 36   United States President                Ronald "Dutch" Reagan

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