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Island Dreams
   Marty & Boo's Cards / WLRA - 2011

Notes: Proceeds from the set benefitted Advocate Hope Children's Hospital's Family
Assistance Fund. Thanks much to Brian Kutz for the original list!

Pack: 4 base cards + 1 sketch card. 100 packs total..

    Artist                 Title

Base Cards

    Anthony Hochrein       Margarita-ville
    Daniel Gorman          Fins
    Nestor Celario Jr      Heidi
    Veronica O'Connell     Pirate Wench

Sketch Artists

    Alan Zinn
    Amy Clark
    Anthony Hochrein
    Ashleigh Popplewell
    Bianca Thompson
    Brian Germain
    Byron Wilkins
    Dan Gorman
    Danielle Soloud
    Dianne "Greenwoman" Wickes
    Elfie Lebouleux
    Jason Keith Phillips
    Jason Roussel
    Jon Hughes
    Katherine Miller
    Lak Lim
    Laura Inglis
    Marco Carrillo
    Nathan Ohlendorf
    Nestor Celario Jr
    Pablo Diaz Mencia
    Phil Weadick
    Rich Molinelli
    Rusty Gilligan
    Sara Richard
    Scott Barnett
    Scott Zambelli
    Stephan "Dangerskillz" Lynch
    Ted Woods
    Tony Miello
    Trev Murphy
    Veronica O'Connell
    Vicki Zinn
    Vo Nguyen
    William Kunkle

Autographed Cards

    Jimmy Buffett (3)
    Peter Mayer (2)
    Jim Mayer (2)
    Doyle Grisham (2)
    Ralph McDonald (2)
    John Lovell (2)
    Tina Gullickson (2)
    Michael Utley (2)


    Nestor Celario         Parrot Party

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