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Island Dreams 2012
   Marty & Boo's Cards - 2012

Notes: I still don't know which area of the site is the right one to post this list! 
Quoting from the back of card #15: "This set benefits Advocate Hope Children's 
Hospital and is brought to you by WLRA Radio, Lewis University, Big Burrito 
Radio and the artists who donated their time and talent To the project!" Further 
information and scans are posted at the Island Dreams website.

Pack: 15 base cards + 2 sketch cards. 350 packs total..

No.   Artist                       Card-Back Caption

Base Cards (sponsored by Versicolor Productions)

  1   Trev Murphy                  'What! All the margaritas are gone?'.
  2   Vanessa 'Banky' Farano       'Now this is a cheeseburger in paradise!'.
  3   Melissia Uran                'Marty said 'draw Parrotheads', so I drew parrot heads!'
  4   Veronica O'Connell           'What sailors dream about'
  5   Clinton Yeager               'I wish I could be on that ship and get off this crappy island!'
  6   Jim Ferguson                 'Jimmy Buffett as a merman' and yes there was tequila involved in this dream, why do you ask?
  7   George Webber                'Tiki Gods dreaming of hula girls, not a bad dream at all.'
  8   Anthony Hochrein             'This card is dedicated to the memory of Coral Reefer Ralph MacDonald, Sail On, my friend'
  9   Scott Barnett                'Don't even mess with me while I'm tanning!'
 10   Pablo Diaz                   'Beaches are made for fun in the sun, and sunsets.' (Flip card over)
 11   Doug RIggsby                 'Cracker! Oh hell no, Polly wants a margarita!'
 12   Dianne 'Greenwoman' Wickes   'Under the sea everyone loves a good dive bar.'
 13   Denae Frazier                'It gets me to the beach'
 14   Noah Whyler                  'Giant flamingos, need I say more!'
 15   Nestor Celario               (see Notes)

Artist Sketch Cards (2 from each artist were produced at 4" x 6")

    * Joe Abney
      Lynne Anderson
    * Scott Barnett
      Kristen Bellatti
      James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
      Marco Carrillo
      David Castro
      Nestor Celario Jr
      François Chartier
    * Edward Cherniga
      Elisa Chong
      Karen Colley
      Leigh Ann Corley
    * Claire Courtney
      Brian DeGuire
      Pablo Diaz
      Merryalina Drew
      Kimberly Dunaway
      Michael "Locoduck" Duron
      Vanessa "Banky" Farano
      Jim Ferguson
      Amy Fletcher
      Brendon and Brian Fraim
    * Denae Frazier
    * J. Fer Galicia
      Rusty Gilligan
      Scott Glenn
      Dan Gorman
    * Joe Gravel
      Charles Hall
      Anthony Hochrein
      Jesse Hughes
      Laura Inglis
    * Gary Kezele
      Randy Kintz
    * Erin Kohut
      Tom Krohne
      William Kunkle
      Vanessa Lane
      Kat Laurange
      Elfie Lebouleux
      George Leon
      Lak Lim
    * Kirk Lindo
      Marlo Lodrigueza
    * Jason "Thor" Lohmeier
      Victoria Lukas
      Steve Lydic
      Stephan "Dangerskillz" Lynch
      Neil Makohon
      Peter Mayer
      Joseph Miller
      Hanie Mohd
      Solly Mohamed
      Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
      Cayce Moyer
      Trev Murphy
      Vo Nguyen
      Veronica O'Connell
      Nathan Ohlendorf
    * Dreek Owen
      Claire Pacheco
    * Don Pedicini Jr.
      Ashleigh Popplewell
      Tim Proctor
      Christina Ranburger
      Sara Richard
      Walter D. Rice Jr.
      Doug Riggsby
      Emily Riggsby
    * Jon Riggle
      Juan Rosales
      Stephanie Rosales
      Jason Roussel
    * Tsuneo Sanda
    * Dawn and Thomas Scribner
      Johnny Segura
    * Tim Shay
      Jason Shoemaker
      Peter Simeti
      Danielle Soloud
      Vince Sunico
      Bianca Thompson
      Mike Thomas
      Mel Uran
      Mike Vasquez
    * Phil Weadick
      George Webber
      Wu Wei
      Noah Whyler
      Dianne "Greenwoman" Wickes
      Clinton Yeager
      Scott Zambelli

Autograph Cards

 --   Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band

Sketch Relic Cards

 --   (various; include coin)

CD Redemption Cards

 --   Tiki Thom Astarkey: My Oasis
 --   John Frinzi: Songs for Evening's Sake
 --   Jim Huehn: Thongs in the Key of Life Vol IV
 --   Rob Mehl: Could You Be More Pacific
 --   Sam Rainwater: Vacation Location
 --   Todd Sparks: The Gulf of Mexico
 --   Lenore Troia: Symptoms of Love

Relic Redemption Cards

 --   Jim Mazzotta: T-Shirt
 --   Todd Sparks: T-Shirt


--    Island Dreams Original Card Series

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©2012, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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