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Island Dreams: The Dark Side of the Island
   Marty and Boo's Cards - 2015

Notes: Set proceeds benefit the Advocate Hope Children's Hospital. Thanks to Brian 
Kutz for the update! Further information and scans are posted at the Island Dreams 

Pack: 9 base cards + 1 lenticular card + 2 or more sketch cards. 
Limited to 325 packs.

Base Cards

No.   Artist             Story Text

 #1   Jon Riggle         After shots of tequila "Let's go on a boat ride" s
 #2   Shane McCormack    I know it was going to be interesting when I saw t
 #3   Huy Truong         It can't be that bad there are women on the beach.
 #4   Norvien Basio      Mermaids? There are mermaids on the dark side of t
 #5   Louis Small Jr.    Get to the bar, and something just isn't right. Wh
 #6   Helga Wojik        I have never seen a bartender hand out drinks so f
 #7   Michelle Lewis     Oh my! I'm living a Jimmy Buffett tune. Beware of
 #8   Mel Uran           By the end of the night, me and all my darkside of
 #9   Jonathan Myers     When I awoke, the ship was sailing away. The note

3D Lenticular Card

 --   Helga Wojik        The Tropical Isle, New Orleans is a proud sponsor

Sunken Treasure Coin Cards (8" x 10")

    Cards can be distinguised from those used for 2013 set by a hologram 
    sticker on the coin pouch.

      (small zinc / large silver)
      (small copper)

Artist Sketch Cards (2-1/2" x 3-1/2")

      Amy Fletcher
      Anastasia Budarina
      Anastasia Catris
      Anthony Hochrein
      Art Milo
      Barush Merling
      Ben "Drag Daddy" Mitchell
      Bien Flores
      Chad Parent
      Chris West
      Chris Zanchansky
      Christina Baker
      Christina Ranburger
      Christopher Chamberlain
      Claire Courney
      Clinton Yeager
      Dan Gorman
      Dani Hoy
      Dani Sherman
      Del Perry Nayra
      Diana Greenhalgh
      Dianne "Greenwoman" Wickes
      Elfie Lebouleux
      Elisa Chong
      Estefania Rosales
      Federico Blee
      George Borisov
      George Leon
      Hanie Mohd
      Helga Wojik
      Humberto Fuentes
      Huy Truong
      Isabelle Angell
      Israel Arteaga
      James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
      Jay Abney
      Jeff Abar
      Jeff Sornig
      Jenni Gregory
      Jennifer Creech
      Jesse Hughes
      John Mitchell
      Johnny Townsend
      Jon Riggle [100]
      Jonathan Myers
      Jonty Gates
      Jose Carlos Sanchez
      Joseph Arnold
      Jovenal Mendoza
      Juan + Stephanie Rosales
      Kate Carleton
      Ken Heaser
      Kevin Munroe
      Kimberly Dunaway
      Kylie Johnston
      Lee Lightfood
      Liz Chesterman
      Louis Small Jr.
      Luiz Zavala
      Luro Hersal
      Lynne Anderson
      Marco D. Carillo
      Maria Elena Cariapaza
      Mark Martino
      Matt Slusher
      Matthew Ziegler
      Mel Uran
      Melike Acar
      Merryalina Drew
      Michelle Lewis
      Nathan Szerdy
      Nickolas Banuelos
      Nikole "Spoonie" Jones
      Norvierto P. Basio
      Omar Maya Velazquez
      Pablo Diaz
      Pierre Beauchemin
      Puis Calzada
      Robert "Floydman" Sumner
      Rusty Gilligan
      Ryan van der Draaij
      Ryond Thom
      Sal Galindo
      Scott Glenn
      Scott Zambelli
      Shane McCormack
      Solly Mohamed
      Steven Burch
      Tom Krohne
      Vincenzo D'Ippolito
      Walter D. Rice Jr.
      William "BJ" Kunkle
      William Withers II
      Wu Wei
      Yuriko Shirou

Oversized Artist Sketch Cards (8" x 10")

      Ben "Drag Daddy" Mitchell
      Pierre Beauchemin
      Marco D. Carillo
      Kate Carleton

Bonus Cards from Previous Releases

      Dan Gorman
      Fer Galicia
      Stephanie Swanger

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©2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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