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Isolation Booth
   Topps - 1957

Notes: Card fronts have color artwork with quiz questions; card backs have "Gee 
Whiz Quiz" text where answers are revealed from the orange backs with the use of 
a red cellophane strip. American Card Catalog reference is R714-10. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs.

No.   Caption

  1   How tall was the world's tallest man?
  2   Who was the world's smallest man?
  3   Who was the world's thinnest man
  4   How old was the world's oldest man?
  5   Name the tallest & shortest U.S. presidents?
  6   Who was the heaviest U.S. president?
  7   What was the greatest naval battle in history"?
  8   Where is the world's smallest army?
  9   What is the fastest submarine in the world?
 10   How big was the world's largest gun?
 11   What is the world's largest snake?
 12   Who was the worst murderer in history?
 13   What was the biggest robbery in history?
 14   What was the largest crowd in history?
 15   Where was the world's worst earthquake?
 16   How hot is the hottest place on Earth?
 17   Where is the world's coldest place?
 18   How high was the world's biggest wave?
 19   How big is the world's largest living thing?
 20   What is the brightest star in the sky?
 21   How large is the world's largest land animal?
 22   How tall is the tallest land animal?
 23   What's the smallest land animal?
 24   What is the world's most precious gem?
 25   How big was the world's largest diamond?
 26   How big is the world's largest telescope?
 27   How tall is the world's tallest statue?
 28   Where is the world's longest suspension bridge?
 29   What's the world's most expensive car?
 30   What's the world's fastest car?
 31   Which ship crossed the Atlantic the fastest?
 32   What's the world's largest aircraft?
 33   Where's the world's largest clock?
 34   How accurate is the world's most accurate clock?
 35   Name the world's worst catastrophe?
 36   What was the greatest flood in history?
 37   What was the worst tornado in history?
 38   What was the worst typhoon in history?
 39   Where was the world's greatest landslide?
 40   Where was the world's worst forest fire?
 41   Where was the world's worst forest fire?
 42   Name the top speed at which a pilot bailed out?
 43   What was the world's worst airship disaster?
 44   Who was the most decorated hero in U.S. history?
 45   What was the highest mountain ever climbed?
 46   What was the deepest penetration into the ocean?
 47   Who was America's greatest air ace?
 48   What was the fastest land speed ever recorded?
 49   What is the record for the greatest speed on water?
 50   What's the most barrels an ice skater ever leaped?
 51   How many balls did the greatest juggler juggle?
 52   Who was the world's greatest tightrope walker?
 53   Who is the world's richest man?
 54   What's the world's hamburger eating record?
 55   What's the record for eating boiled eggs in one day?
 56   Who was the world's greatest non-stop runner?
 57   What is the greatest non-stop distance ever walked?
 58   Who was stranded on a raft the longest?
 59   What is the greatest distance a man ever swam?
 60   What is the record for staying under water?
 61   Who was the world's greatest non-stop talker?
 62   Who went the longest without eating?
 63   Who lived the longest without sleep?
 64   Who parachuted from the greatest altitude?
 65   Who parachuted from the lowest height?
 66   Who fought the world's longest title fight?
 67   Who was the world's tallest boxer?
 68   What was the most knockdowns in a fight?
 69   What was the greatest weight lifted by a man?
 70   Where is the world's smallest prison?
 71   Which language is spoken by the most people?
 72   What's the longest name in the world?
 73   What is the world's most common name?
 74   What is the smallest book in the world?
 75   How big is the world's biggest drum?
 76   What was the world's greatest explosion?
 77   What was the greatest single day's rainfall?
 78   How big was the world's largest hailstone?
 79   Which plant has the world's largest leaves?
 80   What was the klargest litter of puppies?
 81   How long was the world's longest bicycle?
 82   How fast is the world's fastest train?
 83   What was the world's highest flying balloon?
 84   How small was the smallest baby ever born?
 85   Whjo had the longest hair in history?
 86   How long was the world's longest beard?
 87   Who was the world's fattest man?
 88   Who had the most fingers in history?

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