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Jennifer Janesko Premiere Pinups
Comic Images - 1998

Notes: The autographs were placed on all six of the LustreChrome chase 
cards. Usually the cards had a gold-foil authentication sticker, but many 
copies that were inserted in packs did not. Thanks much to LMA for the 
original list and to Darrell Warner for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text

  1   Paintings like this one...
  2   In the summer of 1998
  3   Janesko graduated from college
  4   Janesko studied fashion design..
  5   Janesko exclusively created black & white paintings until
  6   Columbus College of art & Design (Ohio) gave..
  7   Janesko is inspired by other artists
  8   Gold or silver metallic are added to almost
  9   Janesko original paintings currently sell..
 10   Aside from the gallery showings,..
 11   Janesko has done several airbrush demonstrations
 12   In 1991, Mitchell Beja of New York..
 13   Janesko was able to introduce her paintings..
 14   Janesko found inspiration in Playboy model, Alley Baggett
 15   Trading cards, with the art of Janesko, can also be found
 16   The first Janesko calendar was produced for 1998.
 17   Jennifer Janesko studied airbrush with a Dallas fashion illustrator
 18   When Janesko finds extra time, she likes to
 19   This painting was fun to create. I wanted to ..
 20   The Janesko biography and artist statement can be ..
 21   Each Janesko painting is first created
 22   Jennifer has several goals for the future.
 23   This painting was an original I sold to a collector in Chicago.
 24   July 1997 , the Janesko web site
 25   The full body paintings are great because...
 26   Janesko presents new original paintings and limited..
 27   Janesko likes to use an Iwata HPB on Letramax board
 28   During Painting sessions, Janesko is very inspired...
 29   A special feature on the Janesko web site is ..
 30   I like to depict all types of females. ...
 31   Initially, Janesko left all her paintings untitled.
 32   I am a big magazine reader, a habit I got into while.
 33   The female images that Janesko creates only exists..
 34   Janesko gains a large part of her inspiration.
 35   This painting was created while I was shooting..
 36   The March image on the 1998 Janesko calendar.
 37   Janesko began her mail order business in 1997.
 38   One of my best business moves last year was to start
 39   Jennifer Janesko began painting and drawing at a very
 40   "Females who depict females in art have an edge"
 41   Most of the Janesko paintings are about
 42   Janesko creates a realistic look for the skin and has
 43   In 1996, Jennifer produced her first art video.
 44   Janesko receives a large amount of mail from artists, asking
 45   A couple of years ago, the Janesko Newsletter was ..
 46   The 1994 film "Exit to Eden" directed by Gary Marshall, featured..
 47   My airbrush internship in college helped me learn..
 48   Another great feature that Janesko added to..
 49   Glamourcon conventions can be a wonderful..
 50   Janesko created JMO to make her designs available at..
 51   I really love flow and movement in..
 52   In 1995, Janesko's work was featured in the international magazine
 53   Janesko began her commercial  art career..
 54   Over the years, Janesko has created several..
 55   People tell me all the time how amazing..
 56   The first Janesko calendar was a collaboration..
 57   Jennifer Janesko creates all her paintings in her home..
 58   Each year Janesko creates a Christmas card for her..
 59   All the years I have been painting, and I still cannot predict
 60   I love how one bottle of black ink can..
 61   In my teens, I attended summer art classes at the Kansas..
 62   As a female artist, I am bombarded by questions..
 63   When I create an image, I am hoping..
 64   Janesko plans on adding more products to her..
 65   In 1998, Janesko began publishing her..
 66   Janesko is currently working on new original images.
 67   When I began as an artist, I had all the time..
 68   Jennifer uses watercolor and ink for airbrushing.
 69   My family has played an instrumental roll in my career
 70   This painting was originally  done nude.
 71   Checklist
 72   Checklist


LustreChrome Cards

1 of 6   Silk Ribbons
2 of 6   Breathless
3 of 6   Second Thoughts
4 of 6   Centerfold
5 of 6   Intense
6 of 6   Control

Autographed Cards (1:360 packs; 500 total signed)

1 of 6   Silk Ribbons
2 of 6   Breathless
3 of 6   Second Thoughts
4 of 6   Centerfold
5 of 6   Intense
6 of 6   Control


1 of 2   (OmniChrome)
2 of 2   (OmniChrome)

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