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Jaws 3-D
Topps - 1983

No.   Title

 1    A Topps 44 Card Series - In 3D
 2    Midnight Snack!
 3    The First Attack!
 4    Capsized!
 5    Sea Lovers
 6    In Search of Overman
 7    "Kathryn... Look Out!"
 8    Rescued by Dolphin Friends!
 9    The Stun-Stick!
10    Facing Savage Death!
11    Kathryn in Trouble!
12    Speargun Assault!
13    The Captive Creature
14    Moving the Behemoth
15    The Shark Walkers
16    Opening Day!
17    Wonders of Sea World!
18    Here's Water in Your Eye!
19    The Major Attraction
20    Startling Exhibit!
21    Terror of the Tentacles!
22    "Oh My God... It's Real!"
23    Bloody Remains!
24    The New Peril!
25    Brody's Warning
26    The Monster Appears!
27    Seeking Human Prey!
28    "Everybody Out of the Water!"
29    Unaware of Their Peril!
30    Zeroling In!
31    A Monstrous Demise!
32    The Pursued
33    At Death's Door!
34    Invading Sea World!
35    The Tunnel in Turmoil!
36    "Evacuate the Area!"
37    Madness and Mayhem!
38    Fitzroyce Strikes Back!
39    Swallowed by the Beast!
40    Diverting the Monster!
41    The Shark Smashes Through!
42    The Control Room in Chaos!
43    Blasted by a Grenade!
44    A Brief Synopsis  [Checklist]

--    (3-D Viewer, 1 per pack)

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