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James Bond 007 Series 2
Eclipse - 1993

Note:  This is the second Eclipse series, with silver borders. (The first series
sported gold borders).  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the binder update!

No.  Title

You Only Live Twice

  1  Bond Rises in the East
  2  Lost in Space
  3  Bond Meets Aki
  4  Assassinated!
  5  A Narrow Escape
  6  Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond
  7  Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
  8  A Deadly Duo
  9  Just a Drop in the Ocean
 10  Shootout at Kobe Docks
 11  Beautiful But Treacherous
 12  Little Nellie and Her Uncle
 13  Battle in the Skies
 14  Captured!
 15  Ernst Stavro Blofeld
 16  Helga Drops in for a Bite
 17  James Bond--Ninja Warrior!
 18  The Death of Aki
 19  Bond-O-San Meets His Bride
 20  Inside Fortress S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
 21  You Only Live Twice, Mr. Bond
 22  All Hell Breaks Loose
 23  Blofeld's Escape
 24  Countdown to Armageddon!
 25  The "Twice" Ad Campaign
 26  A Towering Achievement
 27  From Japan, With Love
 28  First, Then, Next, Last, Now!!!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

 29  Intrigue in Portugal
 30  My Name's Bond, James Bond
 31  Reunion with a Countess
 32  An Uninvited Guest
 33  Tracy Pays Her Debt
 34  Marc Ange Draco
 35  Moneypenny to the Rescue
 36  Sir Hillary meets Irma Bundt
 37  007 on the Job
 38  In the Lair of Blofeld
 39  Hilly Makes the Rounds
 40  Unmasked by Blofeld
 41  Alpine Pursuit
 42  S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Strikes Out
 43  Bond's Proposal
 44  Blofeld's Angels of Death
 45  Rescue from the Skies
 46  The Battle at Piz Gloria
 47  Tracy's Struggle
 48  Time Runs Out
 49  Piz Gloria in Flames
 50  Race to the Death!
 51  Blofeld Gets Branched Off
 52  Mr. and Mrs. James Bond
 53  Tears for Miss Moneypenny
 54  All the Time in the World
 55  Introducing George Lazenby
 56  From Avenger to Bride
 57  Marketing the new Bond
 58  From Editor to Director

Diamonds Are Forever

 59  Vengeance Quest!
 60  Diamonds and Death
 61  Tiffany Case
 62  A Smashing Encounter
 63  A Dying Business
 64  A Hot Time in Vegas!
 65  Hi, I'm Plenty
 66  Bond's Intriguing "Case"
 67  007 Gets Rough
 68  Klaus Hergersheimer, G Section
 69  James Bond--Moonraker
 70  Bond in the Fast Lane
 71  A Visit to the Whyte House
 72  Blofeld Back from the Dead
 73  Right Idea, Wrong Pussy
 74  Bambi and Thumper
 75  The Rescue of Willard Whyte
 76  Bond Rigs a Plot
 77  Aerial Attack on Blofeld's Lair
 78  Blofeld Takes a Dive
 79  A Hot Time at Sea
 80  Connery Back in "Bondage"
 81  Desmond Llewelyn as Q
 82  Jill St. John as Tiffany
 83  Behind the Scenes of Diamonds

Live and Let Die

 84  M. Surprise Visit
 85  The Mysterious Dr. Kananga
 86  Solitairs "Deals" with Bond
 87  Samedi and Snakes
 88  Rosie Carver of the C.I.A.
 89  Scarecrows of Death
 90  The Lovers Meet
 91  Kananga's Fields of Death
 92  Solitaire Kidnapped
 93  A Two-Faced Villain
 94  Solitaire's Moment of Truth
 95  A Race Against Time
 96  Sheriff J.W. Pepper
 97  On the Trail of Kananga
 98  Seconds from Death!
 99  Bond to the Rescue
100  Fire in the Night
101  Fangs, But No Fangs
102  Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
103  Time to Escape
104  Kananga's Fight Against Inflation
105  Tee Hee's Surprise
106  From "Saint" to Sinner
107  The Men with the Midas Touch
108  A Bond Blockbuster
109  Cast and Credits
110  Checklist


Bond Girls Cards

BG1  Ursula Andress
BG2  Nadja Regin
BG3  Margaret Nolan
BG4  Karin Dor
BG5  Mei Hama
BG6  Jill St. John

Card Album

 --   (binder; serves for both Series 1 and Series 2)

©1999-2000, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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