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James Bond: Die Another Day
Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Notes:  A7 and A8 are reversed on the printed checklist, versus the actual distribution.
Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz and Ian Surridge for updates!  
Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards on heavy (20-pt) stock.
Common sets: approx. 3.70 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title


  1   Checklist (1-60)
  2   Checklist (61-90, C1-C12, M1-M9)
  3   Checklist (Other Bonus Cards)

Bond Action

  4   James Bond takes no chances as he sets out on his
  5   James Bond arrives by helicopter at the North Kor
  6   Colonel Moon's right-hand man, Zao, frisks James
  7   Colonel Moon and his right-hand man, Zao, inspect
  8   Zao learns the truth about James Bond - that he i
  9   Once his cover is blown, James Bond sets out to d
 10   James Bond escapes certain death at the hands of
 11   The high-speed pursuit is on - hovercraft style,
 12   Despite overwhelming odds against him, James Bond
 13   General Moon's troops capture James Bond, and sen
 14   James Bond remains in North Korea as the unwelcom
 15   With all hope seemingly lost, an uncharacteristic
 16   After a swap of prisoners - James Bond for his No
 17   After M relieves James Bond of duty, 007 escapes
 18   Mr. Chang's hospitality is not what it appears. J
 19   A desperate 007 confronts the hotel manager, Mr.
 20   James Bond travels to Havana, Cuba, where he meet
 21   James Bond scouts out the terrain in Havana and v
 22   James Bond meets Jinx on the beach in Havana, and
 23   Following Jinx's lead, James Bond makes his way t
 24   James Bond and Zao continue their personal war in
 25   Zao and James Bond resume their battle to the dea
 26   It appears that James Bond and Jinx are both afte
 27   The well-armed and dangerous Jinx is off on her o
 28   Security catches up to Jinx, but the mystery woma
 29   After retrieving diamonds marked "G.G." and left
 30   With his publicist Miranda Frost at his side, Gus
 31   At his Gentlemen's Club in London, Gustav Graves
 32   James Bond meets with M, who returns 007 to activ
 33   Q demonstrates a wide range of high-tech gadgets
 34   Q shows off the "Vanquish," a new Aston Martin th
 35   Jinx makes her way to Iceland, where Gustav Grave
 36   Continuing his mission in Iceland, James Bond onc
 37   Gustav Graves clearly knows how to throw a party.
 38   Gustav Graves tests his icejet, which travels at
 39   The situation become somewhat hot in Iceland when
 40   The plot thickens when Jinx makes an unsuccessful
 41   James Bond rescues Jinx from certain death at the
 42   James Bond sets out to uncover the misanthropic i
 43   The mystery of Gustav Graves gets more interestin
 44   James Bond discovers the truth about Gustav Grave
 45   James Bond uses all of his vast and varied resour
 46   007 uses his sonic ring to collapse a floor in Gu
 47   After stealing Gustav Graves' icejet, James Bond
 48   With his boss Gustav Graves' icejet destroyed, Zo
 49   With his cover now blown, James Bond must battle
 50   Zao has his own suped-up, high-tech car - a gree
 51   In his heavily armed, green Jaguar XKR, Zao takes
 52   James Bond and Zao play a unique game of chicken,
 53   Armed with torpedoes and 12-gauge, target seeking
 54   A high-speed chase continues between James Bond w
 55   James Bond and Zao take their battle royale insid
 56   While the ice palace collapses around them, James
 57   Robinson, Falco and M nervously wait as their top
 58   After climbing aboard Gustav Graves' getaway plan
 59   Jinx is armed and dangerous. Aboard Gustav Graves
 60   With their mission complete and Gustav Graves' di

The Quotable James Bond

 61   "I know all about the U.N. I studied at Oxford an
 62   "Don't blow it all at once." - James Bond, to Col
 63   "We reach the end, Mr. Bond - of my patience, and
 64   "Been busy, have we, Mr. Bond?" - Hotel Manager
 65   "I'm not that kind of masseuse." - Masseuse  "I'm
 66   "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fig
 67   "My friends call me Jinx. Born on Friday the Thir
 68   "You believe in bad luck?" - James Bond  "Let's j
 69   "It's a painful process, I'm afraid. But all grea
 70   "Good. Got your attention." - James Bond, after r
 71   "Tuned to an interesting station?" - Robinson  "A
 72   "Lucky I asked for it shaken." - James Bond, to t
 73   "Oh, I never get furious. As they say in fencing,
 74   "I see you handle your weapon well." - Verity  "I
 75   "An abandoned station for abandoned agents." - Ja
 76   "My commiserations, Double-O-Zero. But I'm afraid
 77   "Point taken." - James Bond to Q, after revealing
 78   "Why don't you acquaint yourself with the manual?
 79   "Tell me what you know of James Bond." - M  "A Do
 80   "I'm Mr. Kil" - Mr. Kil  "Well, there's a name to
 81   "A palace of ice. You must feel right at home." -
 82   "Vodka martini... plenty of ice, if you can spare
 83   "Right now, I'm only interested in endangered spe
 84   "I know all about you, Double-O-Seven. Sex for di
 85   "Who sent you?" - Zao  "Your momma, and she said
 86   "So...the girl who hates to be tied down." - Jame
 87   "So you lived to die another day, Colonel." - Jam
 88   "Knowing who to trust is everything in this busin
 89   "I enjoyed last night, James, but I'm afraid it r
 90   "I should have warned you my relationships don't


Casting Call Cards (1:4 packs)

C1    Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
C2    Halle Berry as Jinx
C3    Toby Stephens as Gustav Graves
C4    Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost
C5    Rick Yune as Zao
C6    Judi Dench as M
C7    John Cleese as Q
C8    Michael Madsen as Falco
C9    Wil Yun Lee as Colonel Moon
C10   Kenneth Tsang as General Moon
C11   Colin Salmon as Robinson
C12   Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny

Die Another Day Montage (1:4 packs)

  1   Novemb
  2   er 2002
  3   Pierce Brosnan returns in 2002 for his fourth 007
  4   00
  5   7
  6   Rick Yune (Zao) Judi Dench (M) John Cleese (Q) Mi
  7   Die Ano
  8   ther Day
  9   Die Another Day Cast

The Women of Bond Cards (1:10 packs)

 W1   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W2   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W3   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W4   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W5   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W6   Halle Berry as Jinx
 W7   Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost
 W8   Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost
 W9   Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost

Star Cards (1:20 packs)

 S1   Die Another Day (Bond and Jinx)
 S2   James Bond
 S3   Gustav Graves
 S4   Jinx
 S5   Miranda Frost
 S6   Zao

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

 A1   John Cleese as Q (approx. 1:960 packs)
 A2   Judi Dench as M
 A3   Michael Madsen as Falco
 A4   Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny
 A5   Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost
 A6   Rick Yune as Zao
 A7   Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson (binder exclusive; also listed below)
 A8   Kenneth Tsang as General Moon

Case Toppers

 AC1  (From the Archives Costume Card, limited to 777)
 MP1  Die Another Day (Movie Poster Cel Card; numbered to 777)

Archive Box (50 produced; 1:10 cases)

 --   (complete Master Set, excluding Album cards)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (12 nine-pocket pages)
 A7   Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson (exclusive autograph)
 P2   (Bond and Jinx; binder exclusive promo card)

Uncut Sheets (sold separately; signed by Steve Charendoff)

 --   (Costume cards: AC1 plus CC3 from 40th Anniversary series; # to 15)
 --   (90 base cards; # to 50)
 --   (360-card progressive proof cards; # to 25)


 P1   (Bond; general distribution)
 --   (6-card promo set: The National show, 2003)
 --   Die Another Day (Dealer sell sheet)

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©2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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