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James Bond 007 Collectible Card Game:
Heartbreaker/Target Games AB - 1995/1996

Notes: There is some disagreement among source on the rarity of a few cards,
but the groupings below were verified by Steve Lillard from the position and
distribution in booster boxes.  (Each booster box has 36 packs and each pack
has 15 cards; one Rare or Rare Chase card was seeded in each pack.  While
GolenEye is mentioned as part of the official title the cards depict scenes from
all the Bond films that were produced through 1995-96.  Thanks much to
Steve for the checklist!

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Title                                  Rarity

Acrostar Mini-Jet                      Uncommon
Alec Trevelyan - 006                   Rare Chase
All Part of My Plan                    Rare
Ambush!                                Common
Aris Kristatos                         Uncommon
Assaulted                              Common
Aston Martin "Volante"                 Rare Chase
Aston Martin DB-5                      Rare
Atlantis                               Rare
Auric Goldfinger                       Uncommon
Avenge Felix Leiter                    Uncommon
Bar                                    Uncommon
Baron Samedi                           Uncommon
Bell Jet Pack                          Uncommon
Blofeld                                Rare
Blofeld's Assassin                     Uncommon
Blow from Above                        Uncommon
Blown Away                             Not Issued (?)
Bond Theme Music                       Rare
Boris Grishenko                        Common
Brad Whitaker                          Rare
Brand New Toy, A                       Uncommon
Bridge Out!                            Common
Bring in the Cavalry                   Uncommon
Brutal Force                           Rare
Bull's-Eye                             Common
Bungie Jump                            Common
Buzz-Saw Yo-Yo                         Common
Caged                                  Common
Carnival in Rio                        Rare
Cat and Mouse                          Rare
Club Card                              Common
Colonel Rosa Klebb                     Uncommon
Concealed Knife Belt                   Common
Connections                            Rare Chase
Counterintelligence                    Uncommon
Crab Key                               Rare
Customs Officials                      Rare
Daily Workout                          Uncommon
Deadly Attack                          Rare
Destroy Cocaine Factory                Rare
Destroy Laser Satellite                Uncommon
Dismantle Nuclear Bombs                Rare
Domino                                 Rare
Double Agent                           Uncommon
Doubly Prepared                        Rare
Dr  Kananga                            Common
Dr  No                                 Uncommon
Dr  No's Dragon Tank                   Uncommon
Electrocuted                           Rare
Emilio Largo                           Rare
Equalize                               Rare
Ernst Stavro Blofeld                   Rare Chase
Escape Route                           Rare
Explosive Pen                          Uncommon
Faux Pas                               Common
Felix Leiter                           Common
Fifth Gear                             Common
Find Goldeneye                         Common
Fiona Volpe                            Rare
Fire from the Sky                      Common
Firefight                              Uncommon
Focused                                Uncommon
Fort Knox                              Common
Francisco Scaramanga                   Common
Franz Sanchez                          Rare
Friends in High Places                 Common
Garrote                                Common
General Orlov                          Rare
General Ourumov                        Common
Gentleman's Duties, A                  Uncommon
Giant Step for Mankind , A             Uncommon
Gobinda                                Common
Helga Brandt                           Uncommon
Heller                                 Rare
Helping Hand, A                        Common
Hidden Agenda                          Rare
High Stakes                            Uncommon
Honey Rider                            Uncommon
Horrible Weather                       Rare
How Rude!                              Rare
Hugo Drax                              Uncommon
Improved Gondola                       Uncommon
Incredible Escape!                     Rare
Indiscretion                           Rare
Information Center                     Common
J.I.M. Diving Equipment                Common
Jack Wade                              Uncommon
Jaws                                   Rare
Kara Milovy                            Rare
Kissy                                  Rare
Leadership                             Rare Chase
License to Kill                        Rare
Little Nellie                          Rare
Live Twice                             Uncommon
Lotus Esprit Submarine Car             Rare
Lupe Lamora                            Uncommon
M                                      Rare
M is Displeased                        Uncommon
Magda                                  Uncommon
Main Strike Mine                       Uncommon
Major Anya Amasova                     Common
Malfunction                            Rare
Martial Training                       Uncommon
Mary Goodnight                         Uncommon
Max Zorin                              Common
May Day                                Common
Melina Havelock                        Rare
Milton Krest                           Uncommon
Miss Caruso                            Uncommon
Miss Moneypenny                        Common
Modified BMW                           Uncommon
Monte Carlo Casino                     Common
Naomi                                  Rare
Natalya Simonova                       Common
Necros                                 Uncommon
Octopus                                Common
Octopussy                              Rare
Oddjob                                 Uncommon
Omega Laser Watch                      Common
One step forward, two steps back       Rare Chase
Ousted (GoldenEye logo)(tank)          Uncommon
Ousted (Thunderball logo)(fighting)    Uncommon
Out of the Blue                        Common
Overheated                             Common
Pam Bouvier                            Rare Chase
Paula Caplan                           Rare
Prevent Conventional War               Uncommon
Prevent Extermination of Agents        Common
Prevent Nerve Gas Attack on Earth      Rare
Prevent Nuclear Launch                 Uncommon
Prevent World War Three                Common
Prince Kamal Khan                      Common
Professor Dent                         Rare
Pussy Galore                           Uncommon
Q                                      Common
Quarrel                                Rare
Quick Thinking                         Common
Rapier Wit                             Uncommon
Reassignment                           Rare
Red Grant                              Rare
Retribution                            Rare
Retrieve Decoding Machine              Uncommon
Retrieve the A.T.A.C.                  Common
Retrieve the Solex Agitator            Common
Rosa Klebb's Shoe Knife                Common
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Consortium              Uncommon
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Headquarters            Rare
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is Unprepared           Uncommon
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Island                  Common
Save Gold Reserve                      Rare Chase
Save Silicon Valley                    Rare
Scuba Gear                             Common
Setup                                  Uncommon
Shark-Infested Waters                  Rare
Sheriff J. W. Pepper                   Uncommon
Silence is Golden                      Uncommon
Snappy One-Liner                       Uncommon
Snowstorm                              Uncommon
Solitaire                              Rare
Soviet War Room                        Rare Chase
Soviet Weapons Research Center         Rare
Space Station                          Uncommon
Speedboat                              Common
St. Petersburg                         Uncommon
Stacey Sutton                          Uncommon
Sticky Situation                       Common
Stop Heroin Flow to the U.S.           Rare
Strict Rules of Golf                   Rare
Submachine Gun                         Uncommon
Supertanker Liparus                    Common
Swoosh!                                Uncommon
Take Down                              Rare
Tatiana Romanova                       Uncommon
Tee Hee                                Common
The Daredevil                          Common
The Disco Volante                      Uncommon
The Inventive Champion                 Common
The Legend                             Rare Chase
The Man behind the Scenes              Common
The Man for the Job                    Common
The Marksman                           Common
The Navy Hero                          Common
The Perfect Companion                  Uncommon
The Protector                          Rare
The Secret Agent                       Common
The Silent Visitor                     Common
The Specialist                         Common
The Warrior                            Common
This Never Happened to                 Rare
Tiffany Case                           Uncommon
Time Bomb                              Uncommon
Tricky Situation                       Rare
Uncontrolled Aircraft                  Common
Underwater Vehicle                     Common
Valentin Zukovsky                      Rare
Venice                                 Uncommon
Vodka Martini                          Uncommon
Volcano Rocket Base                    Common
Walther PPK with Silencer              Common
We Have All the Time in the World      Rare
Weapon Jam                             Common
Wet Suit                               Common
Wild Goose Chase                       Rare
Winning Smile                          Rare
Xenia Onatopp                          Common
Your Worst Nightmare                   Uncommon
Zora & Vida                            Uncommon
Zorin's Blimp                          Common

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Boris Grishenko
Bridge Out!
Bungie Jump
Buzz-Saw Yo-Yo
Club Card
Concealed Knife Belt
Dr  Kananga
Faux Pas
Felix Leiter
Fifth Gear
Find Goldeneye
Fire from the Sky
Fort Knox
Francisco Scaramanga
Friends in High Places
General Ourumov
Helping Hand, A
Information Center
J.I.M. Diving Equipment
Major Anya Amasova
Max Zorin
May Day
Miss Moneypenny
Monte Carlo Casino
Natalya Simonova
Omega Laser Watch
Out of the Blue
Prevent Extermination of Agents
Prevent World War Three
Prince Kamal Khan
Quick Thinking
Retrieve the A.T.A.C.
Retrieve the Solex Agitator
Rosa Klebb's Shoe Knife
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Island
Scuba Gear
Sticky Situation
Supertanker Liparus
Tee Hee
The Daredevil
The Inventive Champion
The Man behind the Scenes
The Man for the Job
The Marksman
The Navy Hero
The Secret Agent
The Silent Visitor
The Specialist
The Warrior
Uncontrolled Aircraft
Underwater Vehicle
Volcano Rocket Base
Walther PPK with Silencer
Weapon Jam
Wet Suit
Xenia Onatopp
Zorin's Blimp


Acrostar Mini-Jet
Aris Kristatos
Auric Goldfinger
Avenge Felix Leiter
Baron Samedi
Bell Jet Pack
Blofeld's Assassin
Blow from Above
Brand New Toy, A
Bring in the Cavalry
Colonel Rosa Klebb
Daily Workout
Destroy Laser Satellite
Double Agent
Dr  No
Dr  No's Dragon Tank
Explosive Pen
Gentleman's Duties, A
Giant Step for Mankind , A
Helga Brandt
High Stakes
Honey Rider
Hugo Drax
Improved Gondola
Jack Wade
Live Twice
Lupe Lamora
M is Displeased
Main Strike Mine
Martial Training
Mary Goodnight
Milton Krest
Miss Caruso
Modified BMW
Ousted (GoldenEye logo)(tank)
Ousted (Thunderball logo)(fighting)
Prevent Conventional War
Prevent Nuclear Launch
Pussy Galore
Rapier Wit
Retrieve Decoding Machine
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Consortium
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is Unprepared
Sheriff J. W. Pepper
Silence is Golden
Snappy One-Liner
Space Station
St. Petersburg
Stacey Sutton
Submachine Gun
Tatiana Romanova
The Disco Volante
The Perfect Companion
Tiffany Case
Time Bomb
Vodka Martini
Your Worst Nightmare
Zora & Vida


All Part of My Plan
Aston Martin DB-5
Bond Theme Music
Brad Whitaker
Brutal Force
Carnival in Rio
Cat and Mouse
Crab Key
Customs Officials
Deadly Attack
Destroy Cocaine Factory
Dismantle Nuclear Bombs
Doubly Prepared
Emilio Largo
Escape Route
Fiona Volpe
Franz Sanchez
General Orlov
Hidden Agenda
Horrible Weather
How Rude!
Incredible Escape!
Kara Milovy
License to Kill
Little Nellie
Lotus Esprit Submarine Car
Melina Havelock
Paula Caplan
Prevent Nerve Gas Attack on Earth
Professor Dent
Red Grant
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Headquarters
Save Silicon Valley
Shark-Infested Waters
Soviet Weapons Research Center
Stop Heroin Flow to the U.S.
Strict Rules of Golf
Take Down
The Protector
This Never Happened to
Tricky Situation
Valentin Zukovsky
We Have All the Time in the World
Wild Goose Chase
Winning Smile


Alec Trevelyan - 006
Aston Martin "Volante"
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
One step forward, two steps back
Pam Bouvier
Save Gold Reserve
Soviet War Room
The Legend

NOT ISSUED (?) (1)

Blown Away

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©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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