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James Bond: Mission Logs
Rittenhouse Archives - 2011

Notes:  Thanks much to Anna Okumoto and Tom Wright for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case
Common sets (66): approx. 1.65 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title / Card Text                                Film                               Quantity Made       Autograph Style

    1   Major Boothroyd instructs 007 on the virtues o   Dr. No
    2   Shortly after arriving in Jamaica to investiga   Dr. No
    3   007 meets Honey Ryder on the shores of Crab Ke   Dr. No
    4   While spending some tiem with his girlfriend S   From Russia With Love
    5   Taking some time out from their mission to ste   From Russia With Love
    6   After stealing the Lektor device, James Bond a   From Russia With Love
    7   Felix Leiter tracks down a vacationing James B   Goldfinger
    8   James Bond arranges to meet Auric Goldfinger s   Goldfinger
    9   Locked inside Fort Knox, James Bond struggles    Goldfinger
   10   James Bond discovers that the funeral for SPEC   Thunderball
   11   James Bond travels to the Bahamas to investiga   Thunderball
   12   James Bond reveals to Domino Derval that Largo   Thunderball
   13   MI6 sends James Bond to Japan, where he connec   You Only Live Twice
   14   Inside his ninja training school, Tiger Tanaka   You Only Live Twice
   15   James Bond infiltrates SPECTRE's secret rocket   You Only Live Twice
   16   While driving along the coasat of Portugal, Ja   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
   17   James Bond soon meets up with Tracy Di Vicenzo   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
   18   While on a two-week leave, James Bond obsesses   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
   19   Seeking revenge for the death of his wife, Jam   Diamonds Are Forever
   20   When James Bond shows up at Tiffany Case's apa   Diamonds Are Forever
   21   With the help of Willard Whyte, James Bond tra   Diamonds Are Forever
   22   Investigating the murder of an MI6 operative i   Live And Let Die
   23   James Bond finds himself again confronted by M   Live And Let Die
   24   When James Bond and Solitaire avoid being eate   Live And Let Die
   25   007's plan to obtain the Solex Agitator backfi   The Man With The Golden Gun
   26   On a remote island in the South China Sea, Jam   The Man With The Golden Gun
   27   Mary Goodnight inadvertently activates Scarama   The Man With The Golden Gun
   28   In Eqypt, James Bond meets up with his Cambrid   The Spy Who Loved Me
   29   James Bond tries to make his move on Russian a   The Spy Who Loved Me
   30   James Bond comes aboard the U.S.S. Wayne, whic   The Spy Who Loved Me
   31   Returning from Africa, James Bond battles the    Moonraker
   32   In Venice, James Bond discovers a secret labor   Moonraker
   33   Hugo Drax plans to use a deadly toxin to destr   Moonraker
   34   Melina Havelock witnesses the brutal murders o   For Your Eyes Only
   35   Eric Kriegler, a skilled biathlete who is also   For Your Eyes Only
   36   James Bond offers to escort Countess Lisl home   For Your Eyes Only
   37   After sabotaging a foreign military base with    Octopussy
   38   James Bond meets Q in a secret MI6 facility in   Octopussy
   39   James Bond discovers that General Orlov and Ka   Octopussy
   40   After recovering a valuable microchip and elud   A View To A Kill
   41   MI6 agents James Bond and Sir Godfrey Tibbett    A View To A Kill
   42   When Scarpine informs Max Zorin that it is tim   A View To A Kill
   43   James Bond and two other MI6 agents parachute    The Living Daylights
   44   James Bond is assigned to kill Russian General   The Living Daylights
   45   Kamran Shah expresses his gratitude to James B   The Living Daylights
   46   En route to Filix Leiter's wedding, James Bond   Licence To Kill
   47   James Bond and Pam Bouvier travel to Isthmus C   Licence To Kill
   48   James Bond suspects that Pam Bouvier has doubl   Licence To Kill
   49   MI6 agents Alec Trevelyan, 006, and James Bond   GoldenEye
   50   The new M introduces herself to James Bond and   GoldenEye
   51   After he and Natalya Simonova crash land their   GoldenEye
   52   When a British general prematurely orders a mi   Tomorrow Never Dies
   53   Q delivers to James Bond his new vehicle, a BM   Tomorrow Never Dies
   54   As James Bond infiltrates Elliot Carver's medi   Tomorrow Never Dies
   55   James Bond tries to find out who killed one of   The World Is Not Enough
   56   Q introduces James Bond to his new protege, to   The World Is Not Enough
   57   Posing as a Russian scientist, James Bond flie   The World Is Not Enough
   58   James Bond goes undercover as an arms dealer l   Die Another Day
   59   British diamond mogul Gustav Graves parachutes   Die Another Day
   60   The new Q brings James Bond into his laborator   Die Another Day
   61   In Uganda, Mr. White introduces freedom fighte   Casino Royale
   62   British Treasury agent Vesper Lynd has been as   Casino Royale
   63   When she realizes that James Bond has discover   Casino Royale
   64   James Bond brings Mr. White to a safe house in   Quantum of Solace
   65   Camille realizes that Dominic Greene just trie   Quantum of Solace
   66   James Bond and Dominic Greene engage in hand-t   Quantum of Solace


Bond... James Bond (1:12 packs)

BJB1    Sean Connery                                     Dr. No
BJB2    Sean Connery                                     From Russia With Love
BJB3    Sean Connery                                     Goldfinger
BJB4    Sean Connery                                     Thunderball
BJB5    Sean Connery                                     You Only Live Twice
BJB6    George Lazenby                                   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
BJB7    Sean Connery                                     Diamonds Are Forever
BJB8    Roger Moore                                      Live And Let Die
BJB9    Roger Moore                                      The Man With The Golden Gun
BJB10   Roger Moore                                      The Spy Who Loved Me
BJB11   Roger Moore                                      Moonraker

Bond Allies Expansion (1:12 packs)

BA35    Bernard Lee as M                                 Dr. No
BA36      [some misnumbered] Bernard Lee as M            Dr. No
BA36    Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson                  Goldfinger
BA37    Akiko Wakabayashi as Aki                         You Only Live Twice
BA38    George Baker as Sir Hilary Bray                  On Her Majesty's Secret Service
BA39    Norman Burton as Felix Leiter                    Diamonds Are Forever
BA40    Lon Satton as Strutter                           Live And Let Die
BA41    Britt Eklund as Mary Goodnight                   The Man With the Golden Gun
BA42    Olga Bisera as Felicca                           The Spy Who Loved Me
BA43    Corinne Clery as Corinne Dufour                  Moonraker
BA44    Blanche Ravalec as Dolly                         Moonraker
BA45    Tina Hudson as Bianca                            Octopussy

Bond Villains Expansion (1:12 packs)

 F71    Marguerite Lewars as Photographer                Dr. No
 F72    Anthony Dawson as Ernst Stavro Blofeld           From Russia With Love
 F73    Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore                   Goldfinger
 F74    Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe                   Thunderball
 F75    Yuri Borienko as Grunther                        On Her Majesty's Secret Service
 F76    Joseph Furst as Dr. Metz                         Diamonds Are Forever
 F77    Julius Harris as Tee Hee                         Live And Let Die
 F78    Chan Yiu Lam as Chula                            The Man With the Golden Gun
 F79    Sue Vanner as Log Cabin Girl                     The Spy Who Loved Me
 F80    Toshiro Suga as Chang                            Moonraker
 F81    Tony and David Meyer as Mischka & Grischka       Octopussy

Femme Fatales Foil Cards (1:12 packs)

 F10    Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver                     Tomorrow Never Dies
 F11    Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore                   Goldfinger
 F12    Jill St. John as Tiffany Case                    Diamonds Are Forever
 F13    Jane Seymour as Solitaire                        Live And Let Die
 F14    Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora                       Licence To Kill
 F15    Halle Berry as Jinx                              Die Another Day
 F16    Eva Green as Vesper Lynd                         Casino Royale
 F17    Olga Kurylenko as Camille                        Quantum of Solace
 F18    Zena Marshall as Miss Taro                       Dr. No

Relic Cards (1:24 packs)

JBR14   Honda ATV Seat Leather                           Diamonds Are Forever              400
JBR15   Tosca Opera Program                              Quantum of Solace                 350
JBR16   James Bond's Parachute Pack                      The Living Daylights              700
JBR17   Gift Bag                                         Quantum of Solace                 250
JBR18   Karl Stromberg's Submarine Crew Uniform          The Spy Who Loved Me              800
JBR19   Renard's Nuclear Bunker Suit                     The World Is Not Enough           800
JBR20   Drax Industries Jumpsuit                         Moonraker                         900
JBR21   James Bond's Motorcycle Gloves                   GoldenEye                         200
JBR22   James Bond's Tactical Vest                       Tomorrow Never Dies               600
JBR23   Renard's Submarine Shirt                         The World Is Not Enough           775
JBR24   James Bond's Ski Suit                            The World Is Not Enough           900
JBR25   Russian Camouflage Uniform                       The Living Daylights              875
JBR26   Russian Nuclear Bunker Suit                      The World Is Not Enough           875

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

  --    Blanche Ravalec/Richard Kiel as Dolly/Jaws       Moonraker                         Limited             Full Bleed
A148    Anatole Taubman as Elvis                         Quantum Of Solace                 Limited             40th Anniv
A157    Geoffrey Palmer as Admiral Roebuck               Tomorrow Never Dies               Limited             40th Anniv
A158    Ulrich Thomsen as Davidov                        The World Is Not Enough           Limited             40th Anniv
A160    Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench                   From Russia With Love             Limited             40th Anniv
A163    Marilyn Galsworthy as Stromberg's Assistant      The Spy Who Loved Me              Very Limited        40th Anniv
A164    Bogdan Kominowski as Klotkoff                    A View To A Kill                  Limited             40th Anniv
A165    Anne Lonnberg as Museum Guide                    Moonraker                         Limited             40th Anniv
A169    Tricia Muller as Sydney                          Goldfinger                        Common              40th Anniv
A174    Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson                 Die Another Day                   Limited             40th Anniv
A175    Aleta Morrison as Flying Circus Pilot            Goldfinger                        Limited             40th Anniv
A178    Fernando Guillen Cuervo as Chief of Police       Quantum Of Solace                 Limited             40th Anniv
A179    Catherina von Schell as Nancy                    On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Very Limited        40th Anniv
A182    Kenneth Tsang as General Moon                    Die Another Day                   Limited             40th Anniv
A185    Fiona Fullerton as Pola Ivanova                  A View To A Kill                  Very Limited        40th Anniv
A187    Ricky Jay as Henry Gupta                         Tomorrow Never Dies               Limited             40th Anniv
A190    Daniel Benzali as W. G. Howe                     A View To A Kill                  Very Limited        40th Anniv
A191    Valerie Leon as Hotel Receptionist               The Spy Who Loved Me              Limited             40th Anniv
A193    Andreas Wisniewski as Necros                     The Living Daylights              Limited             40th Anniv
A197    Burt Kwouk as Spectre #3                         You Only Live Twice               Very Limited        40th Anniv
WA38    Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny                 Die Another Day                   Limited             WOJB
WA47    Martine Beswicke as Zora                         From Russia With Love             Very Limited        WOJB
  --    Pierce Brosnan as James Bond                     GoldenEye                         Extremely Limited   Full Bleed
  --    Earl Cameron as Pinder                           Thunderball                       Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Daniel Craig as James Bond                       Quantum of Solace                 Extremely Limited   Full Bleed
  --    Gabriele Ferzetti as Draco                       On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Lesley Langley as Flying Circus Pilot            Goldfinger                        Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Carlos Leal as Tournament Director               Casino Royale                     Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Joanna Lumley as The English Girl                On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Michael Madsen as Falco                          Die Another Day                   Very Limited        Full Bleed
  --    John Moreno as Luigi Ferrera                     For Your Eyes Only                Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Albert Moses as Sadruddin                        Octopussy                         Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe                   Thunderball                       Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Shane Rimmer as Commander Carter                 The Spy Who Loved Me              Common              Full Bleed
  --    Toby Stephens as Gustav Graves                   Die Another Day                   Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole                      Diamonds Are Forever              Limited             Full Bleed
  --    John Wyman as Eric Kriegler                      For Your Eyes Only                Limited             Full Bleed
  --    Anthony Zerbe as Milton Krest                    Licence To Kill                   Very Limited        Full Bleed

Vintage James Bond Case-Topper Card (# to 700)

 VB6    Daniel Craig

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

JBR6    Jump Boat Carpeting (relic; 3 cases: # to 199)   Live And Let Die
  --    Tuxedo Shirt (Daniel Craig autographed costume;  Casino Royale
           9 cases; # to 150)
  --    Archive Box (all except base and 3-case cards)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --     (binder)
 P3     (exclusive promo card)


ISP1    (2011 Industry Summit)
 P1     (general distribution)
 P2     (Non-Sport Update)
 P3     (album exclusive; also listed above)
 P4     (Philly Non-Sports Show Spring 2011)

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