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The Complete James Bond 007
Rittenhouse Archives - 2007

Notes: Each series of nine base cards features one film, with card backs forming 
a puzzle of the movie poster. The "middle" card of each subset does not have a 
card number shown, but is part of the base set; those cards' numbers are shown 
in parentheses below. Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse 

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case
Common sets: approx. 1.01 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                                     Film / Poster Puzzle Position

Dr. No

    1    James Bond                                                bottom right
    2    James Bond                                                center right
    3    James Bond                                                top right
    4    Sylvia Trench                                             bottom middle
   (5)   Dr. No (poster)                                           center
    6    Dr. No                                                    top middle
    7    Miss Taro                                                 bottom left
    8    Honey Ryder                                               center left
    9    Honey Ryder                                               top left

From Russia With Love

   10    James Bond                                                bottom right
   11    James Bond                                                center right
   12    James Bond                                                top right
   13    Rosa Klebb                                                bottom middle
  (14)   From Russia With Love (poster)                            center
   15    Red Grant                                                 top middle
   16    Tatiana Romanova                                          bottom left
   17    Tatiana Romanova                                          center left
   18    Tatiana Romanova                                          top left


   19    James Bond                                                bottom right
   20    James Bond                                                center right
   21    James Bond                                                top right
   22    Jill Masterson                                            bottom middle
  (23)   Goldfinger (poster)                                       center
   24    Auric Goldfinger                                          top middle
   25    Pussy Galore                                              bottom left
   26    Pussy Galore                                              center left
   27    Pussy Galore                                              top left


   28    James Bond                                                bottom right
   29    James Bond                                                center right
   30    James Bond                                                top right
   31    Paula Caplan                                              bottom middle
  (32)   Thunderball (poster)                                      center
   33    Emilio Largo                                              top middle
   34    Patricia Fearing                                          bottom left
   35    Domino Derval                                             center left
   36    Fiona Volpe                                               top left

You Only Live Twice

   37    James Bond                                                bottom right
   38    James Bond                                                center right
   39    James Bond                                                top right
   40    Tiger Tanaka                                              bottom middle
  (41)   You Only Live Twice (poster)                              center
   42    Ernst Starvo Blofeld <sic>                                top middle
   43    Aki                                                       bottom left
   44    Helga Brandt                                              center left
   45    Kissy Suzuki                                              top left

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

   46    James Bond                                                top right
   47    James Bond                                                top middle
   48    James Bond                                                top left
   49    Ernst Starvo Blofeld <sic>                                center right
  (50)   On Her Majesty's Secret Service (poster)                  center
   51    Miss Moneypenny                                           center left
   52    Tracy Di Vicenzo                                          bottom right
   53    Tracy Di Vicenzo                                          bottom middle
   54    Tracy Di Vicenzo                                          bottom left

Diamonds Are Forever

   55    James Bond                                                bottom right
   56    James Bond                                                center right
   57    James Bond                                                top right
   58    Plenty O'Toole                                            bottom middle
  (59)   Diamonds Are Forever (poster)                             center
   60    Ernst Starvo Blofeld <sic>                                top middle
   61    Tiffany Case                                              bottom left
   62    Tiffany Case                                              center left
   63    Tiffany Case                                              top left

Live And Let Die

   64    James Bond                                                bottom right
   65    James Bond                                                center right
   66    James Bond                                                top right
   67    Kananga/Mr. Big                                           bottom middle
  (68)   Live And Let Die (poster)                                 center
   69    Baron Samedi                                              top middle
   70    Rosie Carver                                              bottom left
   71    Solitaire                                                 center left
   72    Solitaire                                                 top left

The Man With The Golden Gun

   73    James Bond                                                bottom right
   74    James Bond                                                center right
   75    James Bond                                                top right
   76    Francisco Scaramanga                                      bottom middle
  (77)   The Man With The Golden Gun (poster)                      center
   78    Andrea Anders                                             top middle
   79    Mary Goodnight                                            bottom left
   80    Mary Goodnight                                            center left
   81    Mary Goodnight                                            top left

The Spy Who Loved Me

   82    James Bond                                                bottom right
   83    James Bond                                                center right
   84    James Bond                                                top right
   85    Jaws                                                      bottom middle
  (86)   The Spy Who Loved Me (poster)                             center
   87    Karl Stromberg                                            top middle
   88    Major Anya Amasova                                        bottom left
   89    Major Anya Amasova                                        center left
   90    Major Anya Amasova                                        top left


   91    James Bond                                                bottom right
   92    James Bond                                                center right
   93    James Bond                                                top right
   94    Jaws                                                      bottom middle
  (95)   Moonraker (poster)                                        center
   96    Hugo Drax                                                 top middle
   97    Corinne Dufour                                            bottom left
   98    Dr. Holly Goodhead                                        center left
   99    Dr. Holly Goodhead                                        top left

For Your Eyes Only

  100    James Bond                                                bottom right
  101    James Bond                                                center right
  102    James Bond                                                top right
  103    Milos Columbo                                             bottom middle
 (104)   For Your Eyes Only (poster)                               center
  105    Aris Kristatos                                            top middle
  106    Melina Havelock                                           bottom left
  107    Melina Havelock                                           center left
  108    Melina Havelock                                           top left


  109    James Bond                                                bottom right
  110    James Bond                                                center right
  111    James Bond                                                top right
  112    Karal Khan                                                bottom middle
 (113)   Octopussy (poster)                                        center
  114    Magda                                                     top middle
  115    Octopussy                                                 bottom left
  116    Octopussy                                                 center left
  117    Octopussy                                                 top left

A View To A Kill

  118    James Bond                                                bottom right
  119    James Bond                                                center right
  120    James Bond                                                top right
  121    Max Zorin                                                 bottom middle
 (122)   A View To A Kill (poster)                                 center
  123    Sir Godfrey Tibbett                                       top middle
  124    May Day                                                   bottom left
  125    Stacey Sutton                                             center left
  126    Stacey Sutton                                             top left

The Living Daylights

  127    James Bond                                                bottom right
  128    James Bond                                                center right
  129    James Bond                                                top right
  130    Brad Whitaker                                             bottom middle
 (131)   The Living Daylights (poster)                             center
  132    General Leonid Pushkin                                    top middle
  133    Kara Milovy                                               bottom left
  134    Kara Milovy                                               center left
  135    Kara Milovy                                               top left

Licence To Kill

  136    James Bond                                                bottom right
  137    James Bond                                                center right
  138    James Bond                                                top right
  139    Franz Sanchez                                             bottom middle
 (140)   Licence To Kill (poster)                                  center
  141    Lupe Lamora                                               top middle
  142    Lupe Lamora                                               bottom left
  143    Pam Bouvier                                               center left
  144    Pam Bouvier                                               top left


  145    James Bond                                                bottom right
  146    James Bond                                                center right
  147    James Bond                                                top right
  148    Alec Trevelyan                                            bottom middle
 (149)   GoldenEye (poster)                                        center
  150    Xenia Onatopp                                             top middle
  151    Natalya Simonova                                          bottom left
  152    Natalya Simonova                                          center left
  153    Natalya Simonova                                          top left

Tomorrow Never Dies

  154    James Bond                                                bottom right
  155    James Bond                                                center right
  156    James Bond                                                top right
  157    Paris Carver                                              bottom middle
 (158)   Tomorrow Never Dies (poster)                              center
  159    Elliot Carver                                             top middle
  160    Wai Lin                                                   bottom left
  161    Wai Lin                                                   center left
  162    Wai Lin                                                   top left

The World Is Not Enough

  163    James Bond                                                bottom right
  164    James Bond                                                center right
  165    James Bond                                                top right
  166    Renard                                                    bottom middle
 (167)   The World Is Not Enough (poster)                          center
  168    Elektra King                                              top middle
  169    Dr. Christmas Jones                                       bottom left
  170    Dr. Christmas Jones                                       center left
  171    Dr. Christmas Jones                                       top left

Die Another Day

  172    James Bond                                                top right
  173    James Bond                                                center right
  174    James Bond                                                top left
  175    Miranda Frost                                             center right
 (176)   Die Another Day (poster)                                  center
  177    Zao                                                       center left
  178    Jinx                                                      bottom right
  179    Jinx                                                      bottom middle
  180    Jinx                                                      bottom left

Casino Royale

  181    James Bond                                                bottom right
  182    James Bond                                                center right
  183    James Bond                                                top right
  184    Le Chiffre                                                bottom middle
 (185)   Casino Royale (poster)                                    center
  186    Solange                                                   top middle
  187    Vesper Lynd                                               bottom left
  188    Vesper Lynd                                               center left
  189    Vesper Lynd                                               top left


Casino Royale: Dangerous Liaisons (1:14 packs)

  DL1    James Bond - Mollaka
  DL2    James Bond - M
  DL3    Le Chriffre <sic> - Steven Obanno
  DL4    James Bond - Le Chiffre
  DL5    James Bond - Vesper Lynd
  DL6    James Bond - Le Chiffre
  DL7    James Bond - Vesper Lynd - Mathis
  DL8    James Bond - Vesper Lynd
  DL9    James Bond - Solange

The Quotable Casino Royale (1:20 packs)

   Q1    "The name is Bond... James Bond." - 007
   Q2    "He's logged into our secure website, using yo
   Q3    "You like married women, don't you James?" - S
   Q4    "M really doesn't mind you earning a little mo
   Q5    "Why is it people who can't take advice always
   Q6    "I would ask you if you could remain emotional

Casino Royale Expansion Cards (1:20 packs)

 0064    After successfully completing two assassinatio
 0065    Bond overcomes and kills several terrorists th
 0066    The high-stakes poker game turns into a life-a
 BA19    Bond Allies: Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter
 BG47    Bond Girls Are Forever: Eva Green as Vesper Lynd
 BG48    Bond Girls Are Forever: Caterina Murino as Solange
 F41     Bond Villains: Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre
BW0021   Bond Girls: Vesper (40th ann. style)
BE0021   Bond Tech: (40th ann. style)
BV0021   Bond Villains: Le Chiffre (40th ann. style)

Costume/Relic Cards (1:40 packs)

 RC1     Jinx Cayman Island Bank Cheque                            Die Another Day
 RC2     James Bond Medical Report (Very Limited)                  The World Is Not Enough
 RC3     Hotel Fontainebleau Letterhead (Very Limited)             Goldfinger
 RC4     San Monique Flag                                          Live and Let Die
 RC5     Circus Program                                            Octopussy
 RC6     Casino Chip (Very Limited)                                License to Kill
 RC7     Sir Robert King Bank Statement (Very Limited)             The World is Not Enough
 RC8     Parahawk Parachute (Very Limited)                         The World is Not Enough
 RC9     Zorin Industries Patch                                    A View to A Kill
 RC10    Fontainebleau Gin Rummy Score Sheet (Very Limited)        Goldfinger
 RC11    Jinx Medical File                                         Die Another Day
 RC12    Tarot Card (Limited)                                      Live and Let Die
 RC13    Casino Chip (Very Limited)                                The World Is Not Enough
 RC14    Casino L'or Noir Cheque (Very Limited)                    The World is Not Enough
 RC15    Bomb Grenade Sack                                         The Living Daylights
 RC16    Osato Stationery                                          You Only Live Twice
 RC17    Playing Card                                              Casino Royale
 RC18    Casino Chip (Very Limited)                                Casino Royale

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

  A32    Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder (Very Limited)              Dr. No
  A51    Yaphet Kotto as Kananga (Very Limited)                    Live And Let Die
  A52    Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl (Very Limited)            For Your Eyes Only
  A53    Kristina Wayborn as Magda (Very Limited)                  Octopussy
  A54    Maud Adams as Octopussy (Very Limited)                    Octopussy
  A55    Maud Adams as Andrea Anders (Very Limited)                The Man With The Golden Gun
  A56    Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp (Very Limited)             GoldenEye
  A57    Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson (Limited)                 Goldfinger
  A58    John Bowe as Colonel Feyador (Limited)                    The Living Daylights
  A63    Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole (Very Limited)                Diamonds Are Forever
  A65    Timothy Moxon as Strangways (Limited)                     Dr. No
  A66    Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight (Limited)                  The Man With The Golden Gun
  A68    Alan Cumming as Boris Grishenko (Very Limited)            GoldenEye
  A70    Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny (Very Limited)          Licence To Kill
  A71    Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Somonova (Very Limited)      GoldenEye
  A72    Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore (Very Limited)             Goldfinger
  A73    Marguerite Lewars as Photographer (Very Limited)          Dr. No
  A74    George Leech as Kristatos' Henchman                       For Your Eyes Only
  A75    Judi Dench as M (Very Limited)                            Casino Royale
  A76    Simon Abkarian as Dimitrios (Limited)                     Casino Royale
  A77    Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre (Very Limited)               Casino Royale
  A78    Caterina Murino as Solange (Limited)                      Casino Royal
  A79    Giancarlo Giannini as Renee Mathis (Limited)              Casino Royale
  A80    John Rhys-Davies as General Leonid Pushkin (Very Limited) The Living Daylights
  A81    Sebastien Foucan as Mollaka (Limited)                     Casino Royale

Case-Topper Dual Costume Card

  DC1    James Bond's Tuxedo and Shirt                             Casino Royale

Card Album (sold separately)

  --     (binder)
  --     (25 nine-pocket pages)
  A90    Jeremy Bulloch as Smithers (exclusive autograph)          For Your Eyes Only
  P3     (6 villains; exclusive promo card)

Multi-Case Dealer Incentive Cards

   --    George Lazenby (full-bleed autograph; 2 cases)
   --    Denise Richards (full-bleed autograph; 6 cases)


   P1    (6 girls; general distribution)
   P2    (6 Bonds; Non-Sport Update)
   P3    (6 villains; album exclusive; also listed above)
   --    All 21 Bond Films ... (dealer sell sheet)

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