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James Bond Live and Let Die: Solitaire's Tarot Cards
Factory Entertainment - 2010

Notes:  Cards are 2-3/4" x 4-1/4", and are distributed as a factory set in a sleeved 
box. Further information and scans are posted at the Amazon website.

No.     Title

I       The Magician
II      High Priestess
III     The Empress
IV      The Emperor
V       Hierophant
VI      The Lovers [3 copies]
VII     The Chariot
VIII    Strength
IX      The Hermit
X       Wheel of Fortune
XI      Justice
XII     Hanged Man
XIII    Death
XIV     Temperance
XV      The Devil
XVI     The Tower
XVII    Star
XVIII   The Moon
XIX     The Sun
XX      Judgement
XXI     The World
 --     The Fool
 --     Queen of Cups
 --     Knight of Swords
 --     Knight of Wands

 --     (display box and sleeve)
 --     (card pouch)
 --     Solitaire's Tarot Cards: The Making Of (booklet)

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