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James Bond: The World Is Not Enough
Inkworks - 1999

Notes:  Thanks to Frank Sansone, Jimmy Brennan, and Ian Surridge for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    The World Is Not Enough
  2    A Cigar for Mr. Bond
  3    Reversal of Fortune
  4    Escaping with the Money
  5    A Job Well Done... But Unfinished
  6    Moneypenny's Fantasy
  7    MI-6 Blasted!
  8    The Q-Boat in Action!
  9    Bullets for Bond
 10    Chase Across the Thames
 11    Unscheduled Blast-Off
 12    Dinner Theatre?
 13    Skyrider Over London
 14    Beautiful Assassin
 15    Close... But No Cigar Girl
 16    Mourning Sir Robert
 17    Inside Q's Workshop
 18    New Tools of the Trade
 19    Exploring the Painful Past
 20    Someone to Watch Over Her
 21    Elektra's Empire
 22    Ski Relief
 23    Trouble Up Ahead
 24    Parahawk Assault
 25    James Bombed
 26    When Parahawks Collide
 27    Spy with the X-Ray Eyes
 28    The Pain of No Pain
 29    Kindred Spirits?
 30    Russian Flavoring
 31    Encounter with Renard
 32    You Can Catch the Devil...
 33    ... But You Can't Hold Him Long
 34    Last Chance to Escape
 35    Master of the Bomb
 36    Using the Q-Line
 37    High-Flying Exit
 38    Flight to Freedom
 39    Fire in the Hole
 40    Mission... Aborted?
 41    The Entrapment of M
 42    Putting the Squeeze on Zukovsky
 43    Blades of Death
 44    A Spy's Best Friend...
 45    One Agent Army
 46    Bond Means Business
 47    Caviar Quicksand
 48    Unfriendly Waters
 49    Strange Alliance
 50    Bull Gets the Drop
 51    The Torture Chair
 52    Elektra's Revenge
 53    Twisted Seduction
 54    A Man to His Task
 55    Zukovsky's Final Shot
 56    Bond in Control
 57    He Never Misses
 58    Spy Dive
 59    The World Holds Its Breath
 60    Clashing Titans
 61    Cylinder of Chaos
 62    Renard's Fate
 63    Christmas Present

Glamour Gallery

 64    He Takes Pleasure... In Great Beauty
 65    Polar Opposites
 66    Sophie Marceau as Elektra King
 67    More than Meets the Eye
 68    Denise Richards as Christmas Jones
 69    Celebrating Christmas
 70    Maria Grazia Cucinotta as the Cigar Girl
 71    Serena Scott-Thomas as Dr. Warmflash
 72    The Bond Girl Legacy

Behind the Scenes

 73    A new Kind of Bond
 74    Everybody Say "Cheese"
 75    Relationship Explored
 76    Hitting the Ice
 77    Fantastic Sets and Set-Pieces
 78    Fate of a Spy Car
 79    Boat Chase
 80    By Design
 81    Pit Stop

 82    James Bond
 83    Elektra King
 84    Dr. Christmas Jones
 85    Renard
 86    Valentin Zukovsky
 87    Mr. Bullion
 88    M
 89    MI-6 Headquarters
 90    Checklist


Bond Is Back Cards (1:11 packs)

 B1    The Cigar Girl opens the briefcase... It's filled
 B2    Bond produces the cigar, now in a large tube. He
 B3    Dr. Warmflash's blouse drops to the floor. She pu
 B4    A Scot in a kilt plays the bagpipes - badly. He s
 B5    Bond slides to a halt, barely managing to prevent
 B6    The Bull turns to Bond, revealing his gold teeth,
 B7    Bond has just managed to heave Davidov into the d
 B8    Christmas approaches. Bond (impersonating a Russi
 B9    Bond and Christmas Jones, clinking glasses, enjoy

Q Branch Cards (1:17 packs)

 Q1    The Hydroboat
 Q2    The Watch
 Q3    X-Ray Glasses
 Q4    BMW Z8
 Q5    Jacket/Airbag
 Q6    Tribute to Q

Shaken Not Stirred Card (1:108 packs)

 S1    Shaken Not Stirred

Casino Chips (1:box, numbered to 3000)

 C1    Casino L'Or Noir - Baku [Bond with gun]
 C2    Casino L'Or Noir - Baku [Bond with girls]
 C3    Casino L'Or Noir - Baku [Girls]

Autographed Cards

 A1    Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones
 A2    Judi Dench as M
 A3    Desmond Llewelyn as Q
 A4    Serena Scott-Thomas as Dr. Warmflash
 A5    Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny
 A6    Goldie as Bull
 R1    (Redemption Card)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (Binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --    Bond Is Back (9-up panel, B1-B9)

Casino Chip Display (gift to Inkworks distributors)

--   (C1, C2, C3: numbered the same to 100; Card #1 in middle; in lucite)


 P1    (Girl silhouette)
ML-1   (Bond & girls, Suncoast Video)
DW-1   (Bond & gun, UK)
 AP    (Casino chip: Bond with gun)
 AP    (Casino chip: Bond with girls)
 AP    (Casino chip: girls)
 --    The World Is Not Enough (Dealer Sell Sheet, double-sided)

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