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Jets, Rockets, Spacemen
  Bowman - 1951
  Reprinted and extended in 1985 by WTW Productions

Notes: This series features colorful artwork on card fronts and descriptions 
on card backs. Originally planned as a 180-card series, the artwork for cards 
109-144 was "lost.  Cards 145-180 were retrieved and reprinted in the 1980s. 
The cards were printed in three 36-card batches, with cards 37-72 somewhat 
more scarce than the other numbers. Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for 
the original checklist and to Uschi Lohnes for the "extension" list! Uschi points 
out that cards 164-167 and 170 look like pencil sketches, so it is possible that
these cards were partially reconstructed from incomplete surviving material. 
Card size is approximately 3-1/8" x 2-1/8: Eugene White (thanks!) notes that 
the 145-180 extension cards were printed on a grey card stock instead of the 
white stock of the initial set, and the copyright line is "James E. Trever, Paul 
Koch, G.C.S." instead of WTW Productions. Card 145 has a stamped sequence 
number, hinting that a defined number of extension sets were produced.

American Card Catalog reference is R701-13. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Spacemen Inspect Rocket Center
  2   Seeing a Rocket Built
  3   To the Launching Ring
  4   Final Check Before Blastoff
  5   Blastoff
  6   Receding Earth
  7   Free of Gravity
  8   Looking at the Universe
  9   Repairing Rocket in Flight
 10   Space Station
 11   Dodging Meteor Showers
 12   Attacked by Ray Fighters
 13   Approaching the Moon
 14   Circling Moon for Landing
 15   On the Moon
 16   Lunar Observatory
 17   Leaping Lepons
 18   Mantis Men
 19   Bound for Mercury
 20   Crash-Landing in Mercurian Bog
 21   Hypnotized by Steam Frogs
 22   Overcoming Steam Frogs
 23   Rocket Repair and Formula Q
 24   Fighting Off Fire Beetles
 25   Wrestling Saber-Toothed Tiger
 26   Exploring in Heat Gliders
 27   Detained by Martians
 28   Martian City
 29   Phobos - Moon of Mars
 30   Slaying Deimos Rock Dragon
 31   Observing Martian Dust Storm
 32   In Deadly Peril
 33   Battling Space Cell
 34   "Cutlass"
 35   Futuristic Fighter
 36   "Matador"
 37   "Panther"
 38   "Scorpion"
 39   Fighting Giant
 40   Spacemen Examine Wreckage
 41   Battle of Rockets
 42   Landing in a Venusian Jungle
 43   Riding a Dinosaur
 44   Caught by Tentacle Vine
 45   Octoplant Thwarts Jaguan Attack
 46   Through Volcanic Caves
 47   Seeing King Vulcor's Realm
 48   Rescued from Icy Sub-Cavern
 49   Back to the Outer World
 50   Strange Burst
 51   Seen on the Telescreen
 52   Over Planet Ex
 53   A Long Dive
 54   Undersea Realm
 55   Equipped with Gill Gears
 56   Underwater Hunting
 57   In the Realm of Prince Frost
 58   Polarcats Invade Runways
 59   Ice Capital
 60   Thoughts of Planet Ex
 61   Over Saturn's Rings
 62   On Saturn
 63   Visiting Titan
 64   Fur Men of Genymede
 65   Navigating in Planetoid Belt
 66   End of a Spaceship
 67   Captured by Space Pirates
 68   Released by Asteroid Men
 69   Saving an Asteroid World
 70   Escape from Space Pirates 
 71   Defending Space Station
 72   Home to Manhattan
 73   Set for New Adventure
 74   Invention of the Zaratron
 75   Bigger and Better Rocket
 76   Test Flight
 77   Spacemen Hold Convention
 78   All Is Ready
 79   On Our Way
 80   Trans-Solar World
 81   Hypnotized by Brain Men
 82   Landing on Krato
 83   Turned into Dwarfs
 84   Brought to King Trunion
 85   At Kroto's Radial Center
 86   Menaced by Vegetable Men
 87   Assembling Ice Robots
 88   Strange Battle
 89   Duel Over Fierson Pit
 90   Capt. Argo Rescues Count Melchor
 91   Videoscope
 92   Palace in the Sky
 93   Attacked by Funnel Rockets
 94   Prisoners of Iron Men
 95   Sentenced by Krator the Cruel
 96   Making Deno-Ray Adapter
 97   Magnetizing Iron Men
 98   Ending Krator's Reign
 99   Thor Mogon's Ultimatum
100   Help Arrives
101   In Wild West Fashion
102   Final Day on Kroto
103   Visit to Pluto
104   Close Call
105   Malpo the Mighty
106   Avro 707
107   Voodoo and Demon
108   Thunderjet

   Originally to be part of a planned 180-card set, the images
   and text for these cards were resurrected for the 1980's issue.

145   Meeting of Evil Allies
146   Summoning Gorilla Council
147   Sinister Scheme
148   The Ultimatum
149   Dr. Zara Kidnapped
150   Grunder's Plan Revealed
151   Jungle Battle
152   Grunder's Devastating Rays
153   Dr. Zara Fights Back
154   End of Evil Threat
155   Telepathic Communication
156   Mind Recorder
157   Attacked by Crocodon
158   Beautiful Rainbow Lands
159   Attacked by Chameleons
160   Malpo Strikes Back
161   Riding Elephons
162   Unusual Toast
163   Checkers in Space
164   Trapped by Cosmic Clouds
165   Caught by Draw Rays
166   Sandstorm on Caveron
167   Paralyzing Sand Wasp
168   Arriving on Nigra
169   Friendly Giant
170   Exploring Nigra
171   Flying Boats
172   Mining by Ray Drills
173   Captured by Jewel Thieves
174   Outerspace SOS
175   Overcoming Pirate Rocket
176   Trying Jet Skates
177   Journey's End
178   X-1 Rocket Plane
179   F-86 Sabre
180   B-45 Tornado

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