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The Story of President Kennedy Picture Cards
   Topps - 1964

Notes: Card fronts show black-and-white photos; card backs feature descriptive 

No.   Card Text

  1   President John F. Kennedy meets Lyndon Johnson at
  2   President Kennedy and the first lady lead their tw
  3   Senator Kennedy takes a morning stroll with his da
  4   President John F. Kennedy walks past a line of cad
  5   President John F. Kennedy speaks to an attentive a
  6   The president-elect John Kennedy walks his three y
  7   President John Kennedy presents U.S. Astronaut Gor
  8   Congressman John Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline g
  9   The Kennedy clan posed for this photo in 1934. Joh
 10   Navy Lt. John Kennedy is congratulated by his capt
 11   Senator John Kennedy & his wife Jacqueline arrive
 12   Lt. John Kennedy relaxes as he begins his 30-day l
 13   President Kennedy reports to the nation by radio a
 14   President Kennedy watches John Jr. as the young bo
 15   President Kennedy enjoys a relaxing gams of golf a
 16   President John F. Kennedy speaks to a joint sessio
 17   President-elect John Kennedy speaks to the pastor
 18   The First Lady greets King Hassan II of Morocco as
 19   John Jr. enters the family limousine ahead of his
 20   President John Kennedy reviews the honor guard jus
 21   President and Mrs. Kennedy leave base hospital on
 22   President Kennedy and the First Lady are enthusias
 23   President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy walk around the
 24   President John F. Kennedy escorts the Grand Duches
 25   President Kennedy and the First Lady wait to greet
 26   President Kennedy speaks before the nation on radi
 27   President John F. Kennedy is photographed prior to
 28   President John F. Kennedy addresses the American p
 29   President John F. Kennedy stresses one of his poin
 30   President John F. Kennedy holds a press conference
 31   President Kennedy speaks before newsmen about the
 32   Presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John Ken
 33   President John F. Kennedy is photographed during a
 34   President Kennedy takes a break from his duties as
 35   At a news conference, President Kennedy tells repo
 36   President Kennedy answers the many questions that
 37   President Kennedy talks to reporters at a news con
 38   President Kennedy pauses for a few minutes in fron
 39   President John Kennedy greets Yugoslavia's Marshal
 40   President Kennedy and Chancellor Adenauer listen t
 41   John Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, M
 42   U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy and President
 43   President John Kennedy and the First Lady get set
 44   President Eisenhower and John Kennedy leave for th
 45   Senator John F. Kennedy, shown as a Democratic Pre
 46   Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy poses with her two childre
 47   Senator John F. Kennedy takes a stroll on the beac
 48   The Kennedy's two children have returned from a tr
 49   John F. Kennedy takes his oath of office and becom
 50   President John F. Kennedy enjoys a laugh at a news
 51   Senator John Kennedy hobbles on crutches, on his w
 52   Senator John Kennedy returns to his office at the
 53   Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy pose with their t
 54   A brief holiday at Hyannis Port, Mass. shows Presi
 55   President Kennedy point out an interesting site to
 56   President Kennedy and his wife enjoy a performance
 57   Senator John Kennedy spends a Sunday afternoon in
 58   Senator John F. Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline and d
 59   Senator John Kennedy and his wife spend a Sunday a
 60   John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were marrie
 61   President John Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline ack
 62   It's opening day of the baseball season and Presid
 63   Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy poses with her son, John J
 64   Jacqueline Kennedy gives john Jr. a ride as daught
 65   President Kennedy has two visitors in his office i
 66   John Kennedy (2nd from right, front row) poses wit
 67   President John Kennedy and Vice-President Johnson
 68   President Kennedy and the First Lady leave a forma
 69   President Kennedy takes time off to make an appear
 70   John F. Kennedy enjoys an anectode from one of his
 71   The First Lady and John Jr. peep out from behind t
 72   Sailing is the order of the day as President Kenne
 73   Senator and Mrs. Kennedy exchange fond glances aft
 74   Senator and Mrs. Kennedy ride in a motorcade in Ne
 75   Senator John Kennedy and Miss Jacqueline Bouvier p
 76   President Kennedy enjoys a chuckle as he speaks to
 77   President-elect Kennedy and his wife greet well-wi

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