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The JFK Assassination
Freedom Press - 1991

Notes:  Cards were generally issued as a complete set, and feature black-and- 
white photographic images.

No.   Card Text

  1   President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy arr
  2   The President and First Lady Jacqueline Kenned
  3   A smiling, unsuspecting President John F. Kenn
  4   This picture reflects a chilling moment frozen
  5   More than a dozen people were arrested in Deal
  6   These men were later somewhat carelessly decla
  7   This photograph depicts Secret Service agents
  8   Jacqueline Kennedy proceeding to board Air For
  9   This photo depicts the swearing in of LBJ as P
 10   This photo was taken of Andrews Air Force Base
 11   Here, agents place the President's casket into
 12   This view from the now infamous sixth floor "s
 13   This photograph expertly displays the trajecto
 14   This photograph depicts the alleged assassin's
 15   Lt. Carl Day, then head of the Dallas Police D
 16   This is a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald just un
 17   This is a photo of oswald under arrest and hea
 18   This photo of Lee Harvey Oswald was reportedly
 19   This photograph was supposed to show Oswald in
 20   Here, amazingly, is Texas nightclub owner Jack
 21   Alleged assassin Oswald's mug shots taken at D
 22   Appearing out of the shadows, Jack Ruby lunges
 23   Here, in front of the world on national televi
 24   After being tackled to the ground for shooting
 25   Here lies Lee Harvey Oswald in his casket sile
 26   Jack Ruby, convicted killer of Lee Harvey Oswa
 27   The esteemed members of the Warren Commission
 28   This is bullet 399. It has been called the "mi
 29   The Government's lone-assassin theory is based
 30   This photo displays the back of President Kenn
 31   These photos show extensive amounts of blood o
 32   This card depicts the official government draw
 33   View of President John F. Kennedy's back. Obse
 34   This photograph depicts a death stare on Presi
 35   This is a top view of President John F. Kenned
 36   Left lateral view of President John F. Kennedy
 37   What is left of the right side of President Jo
 38   This is a photo of the authentic autopsy drawi
 39   Shockingly withou hours of the assassination,
 40   This is President John F. Kennedy's official d

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