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Western & Circus Jiggleys
   Model Airplane Co. - 1950

Notes: The set name is assigned based on packaging; the series is also called "Jiggley 
Circus Series." Cards include die-cut punchouts connected by staples; rust can have 
developed in intact cards. American Card Catalog reference is R775-1. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 120 packs of 1 card.

No.   Title                     Subset

  1   The Rodeo                 Western
  2   The Fighting Sheriff      Western
  3   Panning for Gold          Western
  4   The Monkeys               Western
  5   Mopey the Gorilla         Circus
  6   The Square Dance          Western
  7   On the Open Range         Western
  8   Stagecoach Holdup         Western
  9   Buster and His Seal       Circus
 10   The Bare Back Rider       Circus
 11   The Corner Tavern         Western
 12   Fighting on the Rapids    Western
 13   Capture of the Badman     Western
 14   Sleepy Jojo               Circus
 15   Animal Antics             Circus
 16   The Indian Scout          Western
 17   Corralling the Herd       Western
 18   The Speed Deamon          Circus
 19   Monkey Shines             Circus
 20   Blind Driving             Circus
 21   Indian Warfare            Western
 22   Bronco Bustin'            Western
 23   The Lion Tamer            Circus
 24   Klip and Klop             Circus
 25   The Pugilists             Circus
 26   Indian Ceremonial Dance   Western
 27   Hunting Buffalo           Western
 28   The Aerial Acrobats       Circus
 29   The Big Race              Circus
 30   The Fire Fighter          Circus

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