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Secret Weapons Jiggleys
   Model Airplane Co. - 1950

Notes: The set name is assigned based on packaging; the series is also called "Jiggley 
Military Series" in accordance with markings on card backs. Cards include die-cut 
punchouts connected by staples; rust can have developed in intact cards. Cards show 
a 1950 copyright but packaging can show 1951. American Card Catalog reference is 
R775-2. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 120 packs of 1 card.

No.   Title

 31   Bazooka Team
 32   Bayonet Practice
 33   Submarine
 34   KP Duty
 35   105 mm. Howitzer
 36   Submachine Gun Practice
 37   Armored Tank
 38   Military Band
 39   Mortar
 40   Communicatins
 41   L.S.T. Landing
 42   Reveille
 43   M-1 Rifle
 44   Road Block
 45   Link Trainer
 46   Jet Fighters
 47   Aircraft Carrier Landing
 48   Army Jeep
 49   Helicopter Rescue
 50   Russian Jet
 51   Paratroop Invasion
 52   Anti-Aircraft Battery
 53   Hand Grenade Attack
 54   Jet Attack
 55   Jeep Mounted Weapons
 56   Mine Detectors
 57   Aerial Torpedo
 58   Flame Throwers
 59   BAR Rifle
 60   Strafing

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