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Jolly Roger Pirate Cards
   Pac-Kups, Inc. - 1936

Notes: Cards were packaged with Jolly Roger Clips. Card fronts show color 
artwork; card backs give descriptive text.


   A Bilander
   A Brig
   A Brigantine
   A Broadside Cannon
   A Chase at Sea
   A Man-O-War
   A Secret Map
   A Ship's Stern
   A Sloop
   A Topsail Schooner
   A Treasure Map
   About to Die
   Attack on a Town
   Blackbeard's Capture
   Boarding the Prize
   Buried Treasure
   Burning the Ship
   Captain John Quelch
   Captain Thomas Pound
   Captain William Kidd
   Careening the Ship
   Chained in the Hold
   Combat at Sea
   Dividing the Spoils
   Duel on the Beach
   Duel on the Gun Deck
   Edward (Blackbeard) Teach
   Edward LOw
   Extorting Tribute
   Fight on the Quarter Deck
   Francis Ashton Huxley
   George Lowther
   The "Happy Delivery"
   John Phillips
   Left to Burn
   Map of the Spanish Main
   Pierre Le Grand
   Pirate Gold
   Ransacking a Town
   Samuel Bellamy
   Set Adrift
   Signing the Articles
   Sir Henry Morgan
   Storm at Sea
   Treasure Cave
   Unloading Treasure
   Walking the Plank

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