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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D
   Inkworks - 2008

Notes:  Often, or most commonly, a pair of 3D glasses will be included with the 
base set. Thanks to Matt Dunn for updates! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.25 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title

   1    The Ultimate Journey [title card]

     Character Cards

   2    Prof. Trevor Anderson
   3    Hanna Asgeirsson
   4    Sean Anderson
   5    Dean Alan Kitzens
   6    Lab Assistant Leonard

     Story Cards

   7    Max's destiny
   8    in the classroom
   9    you and me, kid
  10    can it be real?
  11    struck by lightning!
  12    Hannah's way
  13    a long way down
  14    descent into history
  15    the old mine
  16    treacherous tunnel
  17    a wild ride begins
  18    interrupted journey
  19    free fall
  20    the world below
  21    glowbirds
  22    the glowing guide
  23    giant mushrooms
  24    wonder beyond belief!
  25    key to the past
  26    the raft
  27    underground ocean
  28    storm at sea
  29    attack of the sea monsters
  30    savage sea serpent
  31    killer fish attack!
  32    terrors of the deep
  33    deadly plants
  34    nature's savage way
  35    sean's salvation
  36    the challenge ahead
  37    a rocky start
  38    magnetic surfing!
  39    the search for sean
  40    ancient graveyard
  41    terror on their tails
  42    furious jaws
  43    no place to run!
  44    inside a volcano
  45    salvation on a skull
  46    brace yourself!
  47    breaking through!
  48    airborne explorers!
  49    the landing

  50    Checklist


Boxtoppers (2:box)

  --    (3D glasses)

Forgotten World Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

FW-1    The World Below
FW-2    Escape Raft
FW-3    Giant Mushrooms
FW-4    Waterlogged Explorers
FW-5    Inner Space
FW-6    Heroes in a Jam
FW-7    Skull of Salvation
FW-8    Sean's Stepping Stones
FW-9    Dinosaur Graveyard

Challenging the Unknown Diecut Cards (1:17 packs)

CU-1    Trevor's Journey
CU-2    Experienced Guide
CU-3    Not Exactly Kid Stuff!
CU-4    Unusual Creatures
CU-5    A Whole New World
CU-6    More than Just Science

Prehistoric Peril 3D Foil Cards (1:24 packs)

PR-1    Giant from the Unknown
PR-2    Amphibious Assault
PR-3    Sea Monsters Attack!

Pieceworks Show-Worn Cards (1:24 packs)

PW1     Shirt worn by Brendan Fraser as Trevor [uniform]
PW2     T-shirt worn by Josh Hutcherson as Sean
PW3     T-shirt worn by Anita Briem as Hannah
PW4     Shirt worn by Anita Briem as Hannah
PW5     Shirt worn by Brendan Fraser as Trevor [reading files]
PW6     Headband worn by Anita Briem as Hannah
PW7     Top worn by Anita Briem as Hannah
PW8     Cut off pants worn by Anita Briem as Hannah [scarcer]
PW9     T-shirt worn by Josh Hutcherson as Sean
PW10    Cut off t-shirt worn by Brendan Fraser as Trevor
PW11    Backpack worn by Josh Hutcherson as Sean

Caseloader Card

CL-1    Underwater Adventure

Retailer Incentive Pieceworks Cards

PW12A   T-shirt worn by Josh Hutcherson as Sean
PW12B   Shirt worn by Brendan Frasier as Trevor
PW12C   T-shirt worn by Anita Briem as Hannah

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    (binder)

Uncut Puzzle Sheet (# to 99)

  --    (9-card panel of Forgotten World cards)


 P-1    (general distribution)
 P-i    ( exclusive)
  --    (dealer sell sheet)

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