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Julie Strain: Bettie 2000
Comic Images - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Erika Bixler for the checklist!

No.   Card Text

  1   Dear Bettie fan, my name is Julie Strain
  2   and I hope you enjoy my tribute to the ultimate chick!
  3   So, with all respect...
  4   Bettie is our Queen
  5   Who couldn't love her?
  6   Just study each pose and you'll see
  7   each cell of her flesh screaming out luscious, tempting, eroticism!
  8   No one does it like Bettie;
  9   She rules,
 10   My mere attempt to pay homage to the ultimate babe
 11   is far from perfection
 12   but if it brings you half as much joy
 13   as it has brought me, you're in for a thrill
 14   Maybe they could use Bettie instead of Prozac.
 15   The only side effect would be a contagious smile
 16   and a throbbing hard on.
 17   Her eyes seem to tell a story-
 18   each pose completely different from the next
 19   but just as inviting and seductive,
 20   I wonder if she always that happy,
 21   Our privates lives do wash across the lens
 22   as we come back to work each day
 23   What are Bettie's favorite three foods?
 24   Does she drink coffee?
 25   Black, one cup or two?
 26   Does she go to bed early..
 27   or stay up and watch Letterman?
 28   Well I go to bed at 9:00 or so, but
 29   when I manage to stay up late,
 30   I do watch Letterman
 31   even though Jay Leno
 32   did do a Penthouse cover with me!
 33   I'll take my coffee with milk and one sugar
 34   only one cup first thing.
 35   Fat burgers, milk and Chiles Rellenos
 36   get me wet.
 37   Olivia painted a brand new Bettie piece
 38   with what looks like chalk
 39   in her new book, "Second slice."
 40   I'm on the cover as Banshee
 41   what an honor; to be published
 42   in the same book as Bettie
 43   or even to be spoken of in the same breath.
 44   Bettie's eyes seem to say,
 45   "Come here Big Boy,"
 46   "Look at this,
 47   I'm gonna rock your world,"
 48   "If you untie me
 49   you can have a lick,"
 50   "The devil made me do it,"
 51   "I want you,"
 52   "I love life,"
 53   "You make me smile,"
 54   They each tell a story
 55   Bettie is the perfect woman. 
 56   She has given us all someone to look up to,
 57   to cherish, to reach for,
 58   lust after, and imitate.
 59   This gorgeous gal has helped shape and forge
 60   our sexual fantasies and seductive lures.
 61   I know I will meet Bettie,
 62   before the year 2000,
 63   and I can't wait to share what I learn!
 64   I'll do a second Bettie 2000 set to share with you,
 65   I've already started shooting
 66   including a two girl Bettie layout
 67   You won't believe what we strap on.
 68   So, stay tuned.
 69   Stay in Love with Pinup
 70   and our Queen; Bettie. 
 71   We love you.
 72   Love, Julie Strain


Clearchrome Cards (1:18 packs)

 --   Chromium Card 1
 --   Chromium Card 2
 --   Chromium Card 3
 --   Chromium Card 4
 --   Chromium Card 5
 --   Chromium Card 6

Autograph Cards (500 total signed, on all Clearchromes)

 --   Chromium Card 1
 --   Chromium Card 2
 --   Chromium Card 3
 --   Chromium Card 4
 --   Chromium Card 5
 --   Chromium Card 6

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


  1   (on stomach; dealer promo)
  2   (in star-chair; dealer promo)

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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