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Jungle Gum
   World Wide Gum (Goudey) - 1933

Notes: Reference number R78. This was originally planned as "one of a series of 
192 Cards of Wild Animal Life"; cards above #24 are skip-numbered. Thirty images 
are taken from the Hassan 1909-1911 Animal Series. Card fronts show color 
artwork and card backs give descriptive text.

No.   Title                  Back (if different)   Inhabits

  1   Giraffe                                      Africa, South of Sahara Desert
  2   Eland (antelope)       Eland                 Africa
  3   South African Fox                            South Africa
  4   Chimpanzee                                   West and Central Equatorial Africa
  5   Wildebeest                                   Southern Africa
  6   Tiger                                        Africa and India
  7   Civet-Cat              Civet Cat             Africa, East Indies, and Philippine Islands
  8   Gorilla                                      2° North to 5° South in West Africa
  9   Water Buck                                   South Africa
 10   Leopard                                      Asia and Africa
 11   Adjutant                                     Africa, India and Indo-China
 12   Common Kudu                                  Central and Northern Africa
 13   Hooded Cobra                                 Africa and India
 14   Dorcas Gazelle                               Morocco, Algeria ranging through Egypt into Palestine and Syria
 15   Orang Utan                                   Borneo and Sumatra
 16   Bushbuck                                     Africa
 17   Rhinoceros                                   Asia and Africa
 18   Cape Buffalo                                 From South Africa to the Congo and to the Equator on the East
 19   Magot                                        Gibraltar, Morocco, and Algeria
 20   African Bush Pig                             Africa
 21   Striped Hyena                                Africa and Southern Asia
 22   Lechwe                                       Africa in region of Zambesia
 23   Mandrill                                     West Africa
 24   Secretary Vulture                            Africa - principally in the South
 25   Flying Fox                                   Australia
 27   Baby Chimpanzee                              West and Central Equatorial Africa
 29   Mantled Guerza                               Abyssinia
 31   Lion                                         Africa and Southern Asia to Western India
 33   Anteater               Ant-Eater             Central and Southern America
 35   Walrus                                       Arctic Regions
 37   Bald Eagle             The Bald Eagle        North America
 39   Zebra                                        Africa
 41   Toucan                                       Tropical America
 43   Meerkat                                      South Africa
 45   Polar Bear                                   Polar Regions
 47   Okapi                                        Central Africa around Uganda and Congo Free State
 49   Ostrich                                      Northern part of Africa
 51   Tapir                                        South and Central America and Malayan Region
 53   Elephant                                     Asia and Africa
 55   King Crane                                   Africa
 57   Kangaroo                                     Australia
 59   Screech Owl                                  America from Canada to Brazil
 61   Sea Elephant                                 California Coast, Southern Pacific and Antarctic
 63   Brush Tail Porcupine
 65   Bison                  American Bison        Central and Southern part of North America
 67   Jerboa                                       Deserts of Africa
 69   Hippopotamus                                 Tropical Africa
 71   Ring-Tailed Lemur                            South America, Africa and East Indies

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