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Jurassic Park III 3D
   Inkworks - 2001

Notes:  The 3D technology used with these cards makes them still very attractive when
viewed without the 3D glasses.  The card-sized viewers usually are (and ought to be)
included with the basic set.  Some folks may also include the CD-ROM game demo cards.
Additional information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website. Thanks to Steve
Lillard and Ted Dowey for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.38 per box if collation were perfect.

      No.    Title

        1    Jurassic Park III [Title Card]
        2    Forbidden Island
        3    Forever Friends
        4    Drumming Up Funds
        5    Billy, Idea Man
        6    A Tempting Offer
        7    The Nightmare Begins
        8    No Way Out
        9    Crushing End
       10    Clash Of The Titans
       11    Drastic Discoveries
       12    The Ingen Compound
       13    A Grinning Specimen
       14    Caught In The Open
       15    Hide And Seek
       16    Target Sighted
       17    A Joyous Reunion
       18    Billy's Foolish Gamble
       19    Ingen's Little Secret
       20    A Life For A Life
       21    Hope For Escape
       22    Go Get Mommy!
       23    Caged And Helpless
       24    Flames And Fury
       25    The Last Stand
       26    Deadly Mother Love
       27    The Nightmare Ends
       28    Dr. Alan Grant
       29    Eric Kirby
       30    Paul Kirby
       31    Amanda Kirby
       32    Billy Brennan
       33    Udesky
       34    Ellie Satler
       35    Grant and Billy
       36    Grant and Eric

Jaw 2 Claw

       37    Spino-Skin
       38    Spino-Eyes
       39    Spino-Teeth
       40    Raptor View
       41    Raptor Camouflage
       42    T-Rex Tint
       43    T-Rex Feet
       44    Pteranodon Eggs
       45    Skyriders

Dino Discoveries

       46    Pterror in the Sky
       47    Slash & Trash
       48    Raptor Rage
       49    Dive Bomber
       50    Stomp & Chomp
       51    Raptor Rumble
       52    Dinomania
       53    Pack Hunter
       54    SpineTingler

Field Guide

       55    Velociraptor
       56    Tyrannosaurus
       57    Spinosaurus
       58    Pteranodon
       59    Giant Pteranodon
       60    Dilophosaurus
       61    Brachiosaurus
       62    Ankylosaurus
       63    Stegosaurus
       64    Compsognathus
       65    Corythosaurus
       66    Gallimimus
       67    Maiasaura
       68    Muttaburrasaurus
       69    Pachycephalosaurus
       70    Parasaurolophus
       71    Triceratops

       72    Checklist


DinoFX Specs (3-D Viewers)

    DFX-1    (1-1/2" x 3-1/2", 1:8 packs or mail-in offer)
    DFX-2    (Glasses, 1:Hobby box)

CD-ROM Game Cards (approximately 1:6 packs)

       --    Danger Zone! CD-ROM Game (Demo Card)
       --    Danger Zone! CD-ROM Game (Instant Win Card, rare)
       --    Dino Defender CD-ROM Game (Demo Card)
       --    Dino Defender CD-ROM Game (Instant Win Card, rare)

Jurassic X Treme Die-Cut Cards (1:11 packs)

      JE1    What purpose did Spinosaurus' sail serve?
      JE2    Tyrannosaurus Rex biggest?
      JE3    Were pteranodons dinosaurs?
      JE4    Why did Stegosaurus have ridges on its back?
      JE5    Could Spinosaurus move its sail?
      JE6    Could Tyrannosaurus Rex suffer from disease?
      JE7    (Velociraptor)
      JE8    How do we know if Pteranodon had feathers?
      JE9    Smart Velociraptor?

Ragin' Refractor Prismatic Foil Cards (1:17 packs)

    Blue Backgrounds (approximately 1:23 packs)

      RR1    (Spinosaurus)
      RR2    Velociraptor held its arms folded
      RR3    (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
      RR4    (Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex)
      RR5    Velociraptors probably hunted in packs
      RR6    (Spinosaurus and Pteranodon)

    Green Backgrounds (approximately 1:68 packs)

      RR1    (Spinosaurus)
      RR2    Velociraptor held its arms folded back
      RR3    (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
      RR4    There is no fossil evidence to suggest
      RR5    Velociraptors probably hunted in packs
      RR6    Pteranodons were carnivores with no te

Mega Mayhem Foil Embossed Card (1:107 packs)

       M1    Mega Mayhem

Reptile Rumble Card (Case-loader)

     CL-1    Raptor Rage

Card Album

       --    Jurassic Park 3-D Collector Binder

Field Guide DVD Set (exclusive to DVDs at Target; 7-card cello pack)

     T1      Jurassic Park III
     T2      Velociraptor
     T3      Tyrannosaurus
     T4      Spinosaurus
     T5      Giant Pteranodon
     T6      Brachiosaurus
     T7      Triceratops


   JP3-1     Spinosaurus (General distribution)
   JP3-2     Coming July 2001! (Non-Sport Update)
   JP3-3     Raptor (Trade shows)
   JP3-4     Raptor (UK)
   JP3-i     Pteranadon ( exclusive)
   JP3-A     (Ames)
   JP3D-1    Warning: Titans of Terror Breaking Out!
JP3SD-2001   Warning: Titans of Terror Breaking Out! (San Diego Comic Con 2001)
       --    Titans of Terror Break Out! (Dealer sell sheet)
       --    (Poster, 11" x 4' 3")

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