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Jurassic Park Deluxe Gold Series
   Topps - 1993

Note: Thanks much to Eugene Alex, Pat Hill, and Walt Meder for help!

Box: 36 packs of 8 regular cards + 1 art card.
Common sets: approx. 3.25 per box if collation were perfect.
Art Card sets: approximately 3.60 per box.

 No.  Title

  1   Jurassic Park
  2   Welcome to Jurassic Park

The Dinosaurs

  3   Tyrannosaurus Rex
  4   Dilophosaurus
  5   Velociraptor
  6   Gallimimus
  7   Triceratops
  8   Brachiosaurus

The Park

  9   The Main Gate / Visitor Center
 10   Park Explorers
 11   Raptor Pen / Control Room

Cast of Characters

 12   Dr. Ellie Sattler
 13   John Hammond
 14   Tim
 15   Lex
 16   Dr. Ian Malcolm
 17   Robert Muldoon
 18   Dennis Nedry
 19   Dr. Alan Grant


 20   The Fury Within
 21   Entombed by Time
 22   The Paleontologists
 23   To Endorse or Denounce
 24   Hammond's Dream
 25   A Tour Through Time
 26   The Hatchery
 27   Raptor Hatchling
 28   The Sick Triceratops
 29   Gerry Harding
 30   Fallen Behemoth
 31   Tearing Through the Fence
 32   Rex on the Rampage
 33   King of the Dinosaurs
 34   Stalking the Explorer
 35   A Hungry Stare
 36   Explorer Under Siege
 37   Preparing to Pounce
 38   Hell, Upside-Down
 39   Gutting the Vehicle
 40   Easy Prey
 41   Distracting the Beast
 42   Immobile and Invisible
 43   Unexpected Onlooker
 44   A Dilophosaur Drops By
 45   Flared and Furious
 46   Spitter Attack!
 47   The Rescuers
 48   Tree Toppers
 49   Awakened by a Friend
 50   Raptor Patrol
 51   A Fence Too High
 52   Jump, Tim, Jump!
 53   Raptor in the Shed
 54   Stalking Muldoon
 55   The Mural Comes Alive
 56   It Hungers
 57   Hiding in the Kitchen
 58   Tim and the Raptors
 59   Distracted by Lex
 60   Refrigerated Refuge
 61   Invading the Control Room
 62   Confronting the Horror
 63   Predator on the Prowl
 64   The Terror from Below
 65   The Deadliest Dinosaur
 66   A Long Climb to Freedom
 67   The Raptors in Pursuit
 68   No Escape
 69   Rex vs. the Raptors
 70   Survivors

 71   The Novel By Michael Crichton

The Movie

 72   The Movie By Steven Spielberg
 73   Elaborate Set Design
 74   New Heights in Suspense
 75   The Collosal T-Rex Prop

The Art of Crash

 76   Biography
 77   Tyrannosaurus Rex
 78   Dilophosaur
 79   Velociraptor
 80   Gallimimus
 81   Triceratops
 82   Brachiosaurus
 83   Parasaurolophus
 84   Sleeping Tyrannosaurus
 85   Raptor Hatchling
 86   Raptor Babies
 87   Raptor Attack
 88   The Forest Primeval

Art Cards

  1   Terrifying Tyrannosaurs       Arthur Adams
  2   Sprinting Spitters            Frank Brunner
  3   In the Raptor's Reach!        Howard Chaykin
  4   Triceratops Eating Flowers    Jeffrey Jones
  5   Triceratops Vs. a Van!        Nelson (DeCastro)
  6   T. Rex Goes for a Swim        Marc Pacella
  7   Hiding from a Raptor          Jason Palmer
  8   Dinosaurs at the Gate         Joe Quesada
  9   Brachiosaurs on Parade        Mark Schultz
 10   Brachiosaur Break-Out!        Kent Williams


Action Holograms (1:18 packs, silver finish)
  Holograms are the same as those used in Series 1 and
  Series 2, but with different numbering. All combinations
  of card fronts and numbers were printed: "1 of 4", etc.)

  1-4   (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
  1-4   (Spitter)
  1-4   (Baby velociraptor hatching)
  1-4   (Velociraptor)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

   --   (10 art cards)


   --  (Triceratops Eating Flowers; art by Jeffrey Jones; unnumbered)

     "The Biggest Event of the Year"

     Also promote comic, JP Series 1 cards, magazine

  --   The Biggest Event of the Year (Tyrannosaurus Rex; art by Arthur Adams,
         unnumbered; Hero Magazine and in cello pack with promos from 7 other sets)
  --   Top Secret / The Biggest Event of the Year (unnumbered)
  --   Deluxe Gold Series (Triceratops wrecking a jeep; art by Nelson DeCastro)
  --   The Biggest Event of the Year (Triceratops wrecking a jeep; art by Nelson DeCastro)
  --   (oversized panel, 5-3/8" x 8"; art by Nelson DeCastro; inset image is
         same Triceratops as above, outer image is "Top Secret")

AmberChrome Holograms (gold finish)

  Holograms have the same as silver versions and show all combinations
  of card fronts and numbers were printed: "1 of 4", etc. They were inserted 
  in the Jurassic Park comics. Thanks to tiggerhouse for the update!

  1-4   (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
  1-4   (Spitter)
  1-4   (Baby velociraptor hatching)
  1-4   (Velociraptor)

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