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Joe Jusko's E.R.B. Colossal Cards - Series 1
FPG - 1996

Notes: "Packs" are cardboard boxes with the checklist printed on the outside.
Thanks much to Hercules Gunter for the checklist and to Katrina Andrews 
for the update!

Box: 18 packs of 5 oversized (6-3/4" x 10") cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.8 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 01   Tarzan and Jad Bal Ja
 02   Victorious
 03   Dian the Beautiful
 04   Jungle Monarch
 05   Deadly Jungle
 06   Tars Tarkus, Chained
 07   Rogue
 08   Drowning the Tarag
 09   Tarzan Does Not Desire You
 10   In Defense of Dejah Thoris
 11   Sea Beasts
 12   Narrow Escape
 13   Back, Numa!
 14   Belthar Does Not Like You
 15   The Battle with Zad
 16   The Laboratory of Despair
 17   The Hostage
 18   La of Opar
 19   Mottled Fury
 20   Cannibal Frenzy
 21   Treed by Banths
 22   Baby Thark
 23   Thipdar Attack
 24   The Hand of Joog
 25   Warlords of Mars
 26   Attack of the Targo
 27   Hatchlings
 28   Barricade
 29   Berth Kircher's Peril
 30   Silent Avenger
 31   Impaled
 32   Breakout
 33   The Kloonobargan
 34   Caged Fury
 35   The Grand Hunt
 36   Belgani Attack
 37   Mountain Stronghold
 38   Venomous Assault
 39   Lord of the Jungle
 40   Outnumbered
 41   Midnight Rescue
 42   Tharban
 43   Fists of Fury
 44   Apt Encounter
 45   The White Death
 46   Stand Off
 47   Strangling the Ulsio
 48   Thuvia, Maid of Mars
 49   Aftermath
 50   Blood Frenzy


Autographed Cards

 --   (Each number was signed)

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