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Joe Jusko's E.R.B. Colossal Cards - Series 2
FPG - 1996

Notes: "Packs" are cardboard boxes with the checklist printed on the outside.
Thanks much to Charles Roth for the checklist and to Katrina Andrews for 
the update!

No.   Title

 51   Hunting Party
 52   The Sacrifice
 53   Vantage Point
 54   Kidnapped
 55   Near Miss
 56   Landslide
 57   Ancient Explorer
 58   The Ape Man
 59   Jurassic Battle
 60   Arena
 61   Spectre
 62   Final Thrust
 63   The Gryf
 64   Mahar Ritual
 65   The End of Bukawai
 66   Invisible Men of Mars
 67   Limestone  Monolith
 68   Cave Bear
 69   Gimla Attack
 70   Two-Pronged Attack
 72   The Nightmare
 73   The Dum Dum
 74   Territorial Defense
 75   Quick Draw
 76   Tiger Girl
 77   Lair of the Assassins
 78   Ambush
 79   Banth on Board
 80   Death from Above
 81   Spellcaster
 82   The Indomitable Foe
 83   The Stalking Weiroo
 84   Wooly Mammoth
 85   Eyes in the Dark
 86   The Battle of the Kings
 87   The Klangan
 88   Encountering the Mascena
 89   The Hyposan
 90   Tentacled Terror
 91   The Jupiter Tree
 92   Balza, the Wild Girl
 93   Anchor in the Air
 94   Staked Out
 95   The Amoeba Men
 96   The Black Pirates of Barsoom
 97   Strange Friendship
 98   Back to Back
 99   Tawny Death
100   The Boiling Sea


Autographed Cards

 --   (Each number was signed)

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