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Joe Jusko's Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection 2
FPG - 1995

No.  Title                           Book

61   The Battle with Zad             A Princess of Mars
62   Venemous Assault                A Fighting Man of Mars
63   Tyrannosaur                     Out of Time's Abyss
64   The Laboratory of Despair       The Master Mind of Mars
65   Balsa, the Wind Girl            Tarzan and the Lion Man
66   In Defense of Dejah Thoris      The Warlord of Mars
67   The Kloonobargan                Lost on Venus
68   Eyes in the Dark                Gods of Mars
69   Banth on Board                  The Chessmen of Mars
70   Ariel Ambush                    Swords of Mars
71   The Fate of All Thieves         Tarzan and the Madman
72   Encountering the Masena         Swords of Mars
73   The Hand of Joog                John Carter of Mars
74   Bertha Kircher's Peril          Tarzan the Untamed
75   Barricade                       A Fighting Man of Mars
76   Anchor in the Air               Gods of Mars
77   Hatchlings                      A Princess of Mars
78   Lair of the Assassins           Swords of Mars
79   The Heads That Walk             The Chessmen of Mars
80   Wooly Mammoth                   Back to the Stone Age
81   Impaled                         Back to the Stone Age
82   The Prince of Helium            John Carter of Mars
83   Face of Death                   A Princess of Mars
84   The Captive Princess            A Princess of Mars
85   Invisible Men of Mars           Llana of Gathol
86   Mountain Stronghold             The Warlord of Mars
87   Tars Tarkus, Chained!           The Gods of Mars
88   The Battle of the Kings         The Chessmen of Mars
89   Sea Beasts                      Escape On Venus
90   The Klangan                     Pirates of Venus
91   The Jupiter Tree                John Carter of Mars
92   Warlords of Mars                Warlord of Mars
93   Attack of the Targo             Pirates of Venus
94   Spellcaster                     The Wizard of Venus
95   Treed by Banths                 The Chessmen of Mars
96   The Grand Hunt                  Tarzan and the City of Gold
97   The Hyposan                     Escape on Venus
98   Victorious                      A Princess of Mars
99   Tentacled Terror                Land of Terror
100  The Great White Hope            The Mucker
101  Moonlight                       The Beasts of Tarzan
102  The Stalking Weirdo             People That Time Forgot
103  Tiger Girl                      Savage Pellucidar
104  The Indomitable Foe             A Princess of Mars
105  Lula's Plight                   Carson of Venus
106  Outnumbered                     Pellucidar
107  The Amoeba Men                  Escape from Venus
108  The White Death                 A Fighting Man of Mars
109  Tharban                         Lost on Venus
110  Apt Encounter                   The Warlord of Mars
111  Aftermath                       Thuvia, Maid of Mars
112  Strangling the Ulsio            The Chessmen of Mars
113  Back to Back                    The Gods of Mars
114  Strange Friendship              Land of Terror
115  The Boiling Sea                 Escape on Venus
116  Tawny Death                     Tarzan the Invincible
117  Ants                            Land of Terror
118  The Black Pirates of Barsoom    Llana of Gathol
119  Midnight Ride                   A Princess of Mars
120  Joe Jusko's ERB Collection II   Checklist

Mural Cards

M1   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 1
M2   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 2
M3   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 3
M4   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 4
M5   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 5
M6   Thuvia, Maid of Mars - Part 6

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