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Justice League of America Tattoos
   Fleer - 1969

Notes: These tattoo cards are unnumbered, but an index number is assigned to 
assist traders. Thanks much to Mike Kooiman for the list! Further information 
and scans are posted at Mike's website.

Index   Description ("v" indicates image is turned sideways)

   1    Atom, punching (v)
   2    Atom, head
   3    Batman, full body
   4    Batman, torso-up, punching
   5    Batman, chest-up, punching to front (v)
   6    Batman, chest-up, punching THUP (v)
   7    Batman, chest-up, punching to side
   8    Batman, near-full body
   9    Flash, THOK (v)
  10    Flash, FLASH
  11    Flash, glowing full-body
  12    Green Arrow, head
  13    Green Arrow, aiming at you
  14    Green Arrow, ZING
  15    Green Lantern, GREEN LANTERN
  16    Green Lantern, ray from his ring
  17    Hawkman, head
  18    Hawkman, punching (v)
  19    Martian Manhunter, taking off
  20    Martian Manhunter, ZOK
  21    Superman, ZOK
  22    Superman, SUPERMAN (v)
  23    Superman, SWOK
  24    Superman, punching forward (v)
  25    Superman, fighting dinosaur (v)
  26    Superman, taking off
  27    Wonder Woman, head
  28    Wonder Woman, PWOP! (v)

Wrappers (multiple images found in strips; white and yellow backgrounds)

  --    Batman
  --    Green Arrow
  --    Green Lantern
  --    Superman
  --    Wonder Woman

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