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Justice League
   Inkworks - 2003

Notes: Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz and Matt Dunn for updates! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards + 1 foil card.
Common sets (81): approx. 2.59 per box if collation were perfect.
Foil sets (18): approximately 2.0 per box.
10 boxes/case.

  No.    Title

    1    World's Greatest Heroes: The Justice League

The Origin of the Justice League

    2    Worlds Finest in Action
    3    A Monster in Metropolis
    4    The World under Siege
    5    Rescuing a Martian
    6    Joining the Battle
    7    Counterattack!
    8    The Truth Revealed
    9    Justice League Triumphant


   10    The Man of Steel
   11    Super Powers
   12    Mythology
   13    Against the Manhunters
   14    Blasted!
   15    Luthor's Obsession
   16    Trading Blows with Grundy
   17    Challenge of BRAINIAC
   18    Grappling with Darkseid


   19    The Dark Knight
   20    Super Powers
   21    Mythology
   22    Heroes in Conflict
   23    Against a Female Army
   24    The Power of Arestia
   25    The Clown Prince Clobbered
   26    Darker than the Dark Knight
   27    Batman's Nightmare

Wonder Woman

   28    The Amazon
   29    Super Powers
   30    Mythology
   31    Faust's Foul Bargain
   32    A Demon against Her
   33    Arestia's Barrier
   34    Battle of the Amazons
   35    What a Woman!
   36    A Date with Colonel Trevor

Martian Manhunter

   37    The Martian
   38    Super Powers
   39    Mythology
   40    The Martians Fight Back!
   41    J'onzz's Greatest Enemy
   42    Friends from Other Worlds
   43    Psychic Overload
   44    Rescuing a Child
   45    Struggle against Destiny

Green Lantern

   46    Emerald Crusader
   47    Super Powers
   48    Mythology
   49    Hero against Hero
   50    Super Friends from the Past
   51    At War with Metamorpho
   52    Under Rock's Command
   53    The Threat of Amazo
   54    Nabbing a Super-Villainess

The Flash

   55    Fastest Man Alive
   56    Super Powers
   57    Mythology
   58    Racing with GL
   59    Tentacles of Terror
   60    A Plague of Demons
   61    The Beast Within
   62    Super Heroes on Ice
   63    Think It Out, Flash!


   64    Winged Avenger
   65    Super Powers
   66    Mythology
   67    Thanagar's Finest
   68    Threat of Copperhead
   69    In Search of Superman
   70    Breaking Amazon Law
   71    Portal to Reality
   72    Birds of a Feather

Allies & Enemies

   73    The Justice Guild
   74    The Blackhawks
   75    Sgt. Rock's Platoon
   76    The Green Lantern Corps
   77    Parallel Freedom Fighters
   78    An Alliance of Evil
   79    The Watchtower
   80    Javelin 7
   81    Checklist


Friends and Foes Foil Cards (1-per-pack)

 FF1     Superman
 FF2     Batman
 FF3     Wonder Woman
 FF4     Martian Manhunter
 FF5     Green Lantern
 FF6     The Flash
 FF7     Hawkgirl
 FF8     Aquaman
 FF9     Metamorpho
 FF10    Lex Luthor
 FF11    The Joker
 FF12    Cheetah
 FF13    Darkseid
 FF15    Solomon Grundy
 FF16    Felix Faust
 FF17    Star Sapphire
 FF18    Arestia

World's Greatest Heroes Cards (1:11 packs)

 WGS1    Martian Manhunter
 WGS2    Partners in Heroism
 WGS3    Hawkgirl
 WGS4    Wonder Woman
 WGS5    Superman
 WGS6    Green Lantern
 WGS7    Batman
 WGS8    Girl Talk
 WGS9    The Flash

ActionWorks Lenticular Cards (1:17 packs)

  AW1    Superman
  AW2    Batman
  AW3    Wonder Woman
  AW4    The Flash
  AW5    Green Lantern
  AW6    Hawkgirl
  AW7    Martian Manhunter

Sketch Cards (By Redemption)

 SK1     Sung-Man Huh
 SK2     Jin-Seok Park
 SK3     Won-Jae Lee
 SK4     Jon-Myung Bae
 SK5     Byung-Gi Lee
 SR-1    (Redemption Card; 1:100 packs)

Autograph Cards (By Redemption)

  A1     Bruce Timm, producer and designer
 AR-1    (Redemption Card; 1:359 packs)

Uncut Sheet (199 made)

   --    World's Greatest Heroes (9-card panel)

Case-Loader Card

 AWCL    The Justice League (exclusive ActionWorks card)

Card Album

   --    Justice League (binder)


   --    Justice League Premium (dealer sell sheet)

Free Comic Book Day Promo Cards

1 of 7   Superman (Northeast US)
2 of 7   Batman (Southeast US)
3 of 7   Wonder Woman (Western US, Vancouver)
4 of 7   The Flash (MidWest US)
5 of 7   Green Lantern (International)
6 of 7   Hawkgirl (MidEast US, Canada)
7 of 7   Martian Manhunter (

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