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Michael Kaluta
FPG - 1994

Notes:  Thanks much to David Polis and Steve Yoder for updates!

No.  Title                                              Type

 1   Children of the Twilight
 2   Escape on Rec Station 97
 3   The Gates of Eden
 4   The Silver Cord
 5   The Swords of Shahrazar
 6   The Legacy of Lehr
 7   Seven Sisters
 8   The Grand Adventure
 9   Blood of the Lamb
10   Heroines of the U4F
11   Glorianna of Phoebus and the Erotica Ann Androids
12   Get the H*LL Out of My Way!
13   Brucilla the Muscle
14   Maryann "Cookie" Fabre, GGG.
15   Galatia 9 and the Dromo Rustlers
16   The Galactic Girl Guides
17   Verloona Ti
18   The Galactic Girl Guides at Home
19   No, You Damned Swine!
20   Tolerance
21   Old Glory
22   The Sacrifice
23   Intolerance
24   The Shudder Pulps
25   I Don't Know, What Do YOU Want to Do...
26   The Sentry
27   And Goodbye to You, Too!
28   Vampirella #1                                      Vampirella #1
29   The Deadly Diamond                                 My Name is Paris #4
30   Vampirella #2                                      Vampirella #2
31   The Mystery of the Metro                           My Name is Paris #1
32   Creepy
33   The Mystery of the Magician                        My Name is Paris #2
34   Vampirella #3                                      Vampirella #3
35   The Scent of Murder                                My Name is Paris #3
36   Vampirella #4                                      Vampirella #4
37   Georgi 11811's First Look at Metropolis
38   Metropolis (title page)
39   Georgi 11811 Inside the Maohee Funnel: Yoshiwara
40   The Destruction of Futura
41   The Hand of Parody
42   The Crosses of Golgotha
43   Grot
44   Brennan the Tiger-Boy and the Silver Snail
45   Freder and the Workers' Children: Trapped
46   The Gate of Hell
47   Legend of the Astral Pirates
48   Roosting Demons
49   The Fate of Dollies Lost in Dreams
50   Harry Palmer in the Gutters
51   The Very Same Dream, Night After Night
52   Charon
53   Last Flight of "The Pride of Man"
54   Nessus on the Shore of Phlegethon
55   She's Leaving Home
56   Tomb of the Heretics
57   The Wedding Guest
58   Press
59   From the Studio
60   Exhibit
61   Why He Doesn't Sleep at Night
62   Dis, Styx and Dame Fortune
63   Ayisha
64   Black Aria
65   Freder's Dream
66   Fire Dance
67   Freder
68   Solo
69   Maria, Futura and Rotwang the Inventor
70   The Stealer of Souls
71   King Elessar and Arwen Evenstar
72   Behind Neptune's Throne
73   Éowyn and the Witch-King of Angmar
74   The Black Gate is Closed
75   Legolas Draws the Bow of Galadriel
76   Elrond Recalls the Host of Gilgalad
77   The Entmoot
78   Gandalf Arrives in Hobbiton
79   The King Recrowned
80   Éowyn Before the Gates of Meduseld
81   Meriadoc the Magnificent
82   Trooper
83   Sunrise
84   Delsey and the Puppet Cast of Starstruck
85   Twinkling #2
86   Theoden Espies the Serpent Banner
87   Geryon
88   Icarus Had a Sister
89   Moonrise
90   Checklist


Metallic Storm Cards

MS1  Veep "7"
MS2  ARIA: Personae
MS3  ARIA: The Well of the Worlds
MS4  Metropolis
MS5  Paolo and Francesca

Autograph card
   Fakes have been reported. Description applies to authentic cards.

--   MW Kaluta [FPG foil stamp without rays; silver ink]

10-card Autographed sheet (Case Topper)

--   Michael Kaluta


P1   Michael Kaluta
---  (Vampirella; unnumbered; Cards Illustrated)
---  (Deluxe #18)
---  (5-card panel with cards from Achilleos 2, Jeffrey Jones 2, Joe Jusko 1,
        Michael Kaluta 1, and Bernie Wrightson 2; San Diego Comic Con)

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