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Boris Karloff Return of the Monster Promo Set
Good Stuff Cards - 2000

Notes:  This set is usually considered to be a promotion for Boris Karloff
Sets I and II, though it also stands by itself and those sets had additional
promos numbered P-1 through P-4.  Thanks much to Lee Scott for the list!

No.        Character/Title         Year   Film

BKTMR-1    Boris Karloff The Monster Returns!
BKTMR-2    Joe Terry               1931   Graft
BKTMR-3    The Monster             1931   Frankenstein
BKTMR-4    Happy MacDonald         1932   Night World
BKTMR-5    Morgan                  1932   The Old Dark House
BKTMR-6    Imhotep/Ardeth Bey      1932   The Mummy
BKTMR-7    Hjalmar Poelzig         1934   The Black Cat
BKTMR-8    The Phantom             1934   Gift of Gab
BKTMR-9    The Monster             1935   Bride of Frankenstein
BKTMR-10   The Monster             1935   Bride of Frankenstein (Deleted Scene)
BKTMR-11   Edmond Bateman          1935   The Raven
BKTMR-12   Janos Rukh              1936   The Invisible Ray
BKTMR-13   Dave Mallory            1937   Night Key
BKTMR-14   The Monster             1939   Son of Frankenstein
BKTMR-15   Mord, the Executioner   1939   Tower of London
BKTMR-16   Unrealized character    1940   The Monster of Zombor
BKTMR-17   Dr. Ernest Sovac        1940   Black Friday
BKTMR-18   Dr. Fredrick Hohner     1944   The Climax
BKTMR-19   Dr. Gustav Niemann      1944   House of Frankenstein
BKTMR-20   Tishomingo              1948   Tap Roots
BKTMR-21   Swami Talpur            1949   Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer: Boris Karloff
BKTMR-22   Voltan                  1951   The Strange Door
BKTMR-23   Dr. Meissen             1952   The Black Castle
BKTMR-24   Dr. Henry Jekyll        1953   Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
BKTMR-25   The End

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