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   Donruss - 1996

Note:  Collation appears to be spotty within base-card subsets.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets (90): approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.

No.   Title

   Story Cards

  1   Nothing But Wreckage
  2   Keeping Quiet
  3   Saved By His Wits
  4   "What About Me?"
  5   Nowhere To Run
  6   Someplace To Hide
  7   The Cyclone
  8   Kazaam Unleashed
  9   Telling the Tale
 10   Just Another Loony?
 11   Kazaam's Plea
 12   Not Too Magical
 13   Second Thoughts
 14   Cornered
 15   He's Everywhere
 16   Searching the City
 17   You Again
 18   Long-Lost Dad
 19   Another Act?
 20   Pedal to the Metal
 21   No Small Feat
 22   Max  Is Convinced
 23   Rapping the Deal
 24   It's Raining Lunch
 25   What To Wish?
 26   Reunited with Dad
 27   Pizza Genie
 28   True Confessions
 29   Music and Lights
 30   Spinderella and KEI
 31   Shady Dealings
 32   "I Quit"
 33   Big Business
 34   The Next Sensation?
 35   Look Who's Here
 36   The Party's Over
 37   Rapping Roomie
 38   All Washed Up
 39   Jefferson Kazaam
 40   Heart to Heart
 41   Laying It on the Line
 42   In the Moment
 43   Being Genies
 44   Tape for Ransom
 45   Getting Acquainted
 46   The Second Wish
 47   Static Electricity
 48   Trouble in Class
 49   "Tell Me Everything"
 50   Live on Stage
 51   That's Show Biz
 52   Center of Attention
 53   In the Wrong Hands
 54   Malik's Threat
 55   The Chase Is On
 56   Man against Genie
 57   Up in Smoke
 58   Carried Away
 59   Tidying Up
 60   The Music Boxx Burns
 61   To the Rescue
 62   Wishful Thinking
 63   Free To Be... What?!

   Magic Puzzle Cards

 64   (puzzle top right)
 65   (puzzle top middle)
 66   (puzzle top left)
 67   (puzzle center right)
 68   (puzzle center)
 69   (puzzle center left)
 70   (puzzle bottom right)
 71   (puzzle bottom middle)
 72   (puzzle bottom left)

   Static Clings

 73   The Power Is In Your Heart
 74   Kazaam
 75   Fresh!
 76   Boom Box!
 77   Do You Realize Who I Am, I'm Your Genie!
 78   Mike Check One!
 79   I'm Outta Here!
 80   Inshallah Bismillah Nur Al-Dee
 81   Do You Realize Who I Am, I'm Your Genie!

   Wise Crackin' Rappin'

 82   My name is Kazaam. I got the whole plan - So l
 83   Buried to our necks in sand like a sea - By a
 84   I'm more than I seem! In your coffee I'm da cr
 85   Make your 3 wishes, and I'm outta your face. S
 86   If you got da itches for a sack of riches - I'
 87   'Cause I am Ka-zaam! I'm more than I seem, You
 88   The things I seen would make you sweat - Kings

 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


Foil-Embossed Cards (1:9 Hobby packs)

 F1   That paid
 F2   Straight outta the pages
 F3   I'm a man of the ages
 F4   I'm contagious!
 F5   Hang on,
 F6   Scheherazade's wages
 F7   I am Ka-Zaam!!
 F8   Can't contain this
 F9   Spontaneous [sent Ostrowski]


 --   Kazaam (Unnumbered)

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