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Knuckle Buster's Archives

This is an "archive" site that gathers some of the timeless articles published by Storm from the extremely useful, but (alas!) departed, Knuckle Buster's Card Club site.

Knuckle Buster's was a labor of love that was built and maintained by Nerissa Morgan, known in the trading card community by her screen name "Storm." The KBCC was the first major gathering spot for people who started trading on the web, and Storm went out of her way (big time) to research and collect useful information for the non-sports card collector. A great deal of this information is timeless, and I offer some of it here as a sampling of that work. I expect to add other information and links as time goes on, but I hope to retain the flavor and excellence-in-graphics design that I enjoyed so much from Storm's work. Please e-mail me with any suggestions and comments! Click here to jump to the tribute we put together below, in Storm's honor.

Card Pit-Stop

The Card Pit-Stop contains information for many of your favorite trading card companies, manufacturers, and dealers, with hints on how to contact companies for replacement of damaged cards.

Card Advice Newsletter

This page was one of Storms' regular newsletters, and includes discussions on a variety of topics, including: the evolution of trading cards; tips for survival at card conventions; the need for parallel card sets; the evolution of the Non-Sport Update Gummies Awards (contributed by Harris Toser); protecting your trading cards (with contributions from Ben at Endless World); and a description of how cards are made (contributed by Kathy at Fleer/SkyBox).

Card Board

This link transports you to the Knuckle Buster's bulletin board, where traders can post messages for what they're seeking and offering. It's not as busy as the Usenet newsgroup, but it can be a great resource if enough people know about it.

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"Remembrance of Storms Past"

      N on-sports and its traders were granted rare class,
      E ach question and card need was solved by this lass!
      R aw Knuckles were Busted while Storm kept us wise,
      I n wax packs and trade lists we searched for the prize.
      S torm founded the village that kept us in touch;
      S he fostered the friendships we treasure so much.
      A s mentor and sponsor she strengthened the web.
      S he set graphic standards that never should ebb.

      G one, maybe forever, the KB connection.
      R emember though, after a bit of reflection,
      E ach lucky trader who managed to visit
      A dds mem'ries and triumphs that verge on exquisite.
      T hanks, Storm, for the help that we'll value forever!
      ! Take hugs and great hopes for your future endeavor!

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