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Living World
Kellogg's - 1997

Notes: These cards were distributed as cut-outs in 30-g cereal packages
marketed by Kellogg's in the United Kingdom and Eire.

No.   Title                       Classification

  1   Lowland Gorilla             Gorilla gorilla
  2   African Elephant            Loxodonta africana
  3   Barn Owl                    Tyto alba
  4   Giraffe                     Giraffa camelopardalis
  5   Peacock                     Pavo cristatus
  6   Meerkat                     Suricata suricata
  7   Common Seal                 Phoca vitulina
  8   Red Panda                   Ailurus fulgens
  9   Nurse Shark                 Ginglynostoma cirratum
 10   Common Cuttlefish           Sepia officinalis
 11   Koala                       Phascolarctos cinereus
 12   Iguana                      Iguana iguana
 13   Emperor Penguin             Aptenodytes forsteri
 14   Black Rhinoceros            Diceros bicornis
 15   Mandrill                    Papio sphinx
 16   Australian Green Tree Frog  Litoria caerulea
 17   Common Hippopotamus         Hippopotamus amphibius
 18   Bengal Tiger                Panthera tigris tigris
 19   Nile Crocodile              Crocodylus niloticus
 20   Bottle-Nose Dolphin         Tursiops truncatus
 21   Keel-Billed Toucan          Ramphastos sulfuratus
 22   Fruit Bat                   Epomophorus walhbergi



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