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The Art of Kepi Ghoulie
   mhoponhop - 2014

Notes: Cards were distributed as a factory set. Further information and scans 
are posted at the mhoponhop website.

Set: 12 base cards + 2 premium cards. 1500 #'ed sets.

 No.    Scene / Caption               Kepi's Thoughts

    1   (green monster in forest)     "This green guy is a MUST! ..."
    2   (white ghost in smokestack)   Bonus Kepi Art
    3   (two-headed bird)             Bonus Kepi Art
    4   (bat and skull)               Bonus Kepi Art
    5   (whale in love)               Bonus Kepi Art
    6   From Flagstaff, AZ.: Grog     "I thought this was cool ..."
    7   (pelican bats)                Bonus Kepi Art
    8   Gabba Gabba *Hey!*            Bonus Kepi Art
    9   (bear and monkey)             Bonus Kepi Art
   10   (Whale Kong)                  Bonus Kepi Art
   11   (bookshelf wave)              Bonus Kepi Art
   12   (desert troubador)            "I like the ones with multiple ..."


Kepi Drawn Sketch Cards

  --    Kepi Ghouli

Kepi Autographed Cards

  --    Kepi Ghouli [guitar ape]

Friends of Kepi Artist-Signed Cards

  --    Ben Walker
  --    Lazlo Happenstance (Gilbert Armendariz)
  --    Sina Grace

Guitar Pick Cards

  --    (4 different colored picks, 4 card designs)

Rare Foil Card (Sketch Portrait)

  --    Chris Shary

Multiple-Set-Purchase Incentive Card

  --    The Bigfoot Discovery Museum [test card, # to 250; 2 sets]
  --    The Bigfoot Discovery Museum [5 test cards, # to 250; 10 sets]


Promo   The Best from Kepiland

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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