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Nancy Kerrigan - My Diary
   Topps - 1994

Notes:Card backs have "diary" entries, excerpted below when card titles are repeated..

No.   Title                           Subset                Diary text

  1   My First Christmas              Nancy
  2   Visiting Santa                  Nancy
  3   Bright-eyed 2 year old          Nancy
  4   Kindergarten Cutie              Nancy
  5   Easter Sunday. '74              Nancy
  6   Kids On Vacation                Nancy
  7   My First Skating. Show          Nancy
  8   First Communion                 Nancy
  9   2nd Grade Memories              Nancy
 10   I Roller Skate,. Too            Nancy
 11   At Stoneham Arena               Nancy
 12   Deck The Halls                  Nancy
 13   I Love A Parade                 Nancy
 14   Reacy ... Set ... Smile!        Nancy
 15   Practice Makes Perfect          Nancy
 16   Hockey, Anyone?                 Nancy
 17   Teenager, At Last               Nancy
 18   Blue-Ribbon Pose                Nancy
 19   Sweet 16.                       Nancy
 20   Still Going Strong              Nancy
 21   Junior Prom                     Nancy
 22   Senior Prom                     Nancy
 23   Grandest Neighbors              Nancy
 24   At Junior Nationals             Nancy
 25   Nancy Ann Kerrigan              Nancy
 26   Goodwill Games '90              Nancy
 27   Family Portrait '91             Nancy
 28   National Championships '91      Nancy
 29   World Championships '91         Nancy                 I finally did it! I made the 1991 U.S. World Team!
 30   World Championships '91         Nancy                 Being in the Worlds for the first time is a total
 31   World Championships '91         Nancy                 When I finished my long program at the Worlds, I w
 32   National Championships '92      Nancy
 33   She shoots ... she scores!      Nancy
 34   Gold-Medal Dad                  Nancy
 35   Albertville '92                 Nancy                 I'm skating in the 1992 Olympics! I'm rooming with
 36   Albertville '92                 Nancy                 I'll remember this day for the rest of my life - p
 37   Albertville '92                 Nancy                 In my long program, I nailed my first jump, the tr
 38   Albertville '92                 Nancy                 After the award ceremony, I skated over to my pare
 39   Olympic Parade '92              Nancy
 40   Showing My Medal                Nancy
 41   Three Generations               Nancy
 42   World Championship '92          Nancy                 You don't get much time between the Olympics and t
 43   World Championships '92         Nancy                 The more I skate on such a high level, like here a
 44   World Championships '92         Nancy                 I figured I had a shot at another medal at these '
 45   American ... And Proud Of It    Nancy
 46   Skate America. '92              Nancy
 47   For the Fun of It!              Nancy
 48   Free & Easy                     Nancy
 49   Ho! Ho! Ho!                     Nancy
 50   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 last year, 1992, was intense, but '93 is going to
 51   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 Because Kristi Yamaguchi, the '92 Olympic gold med
 52   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 although I'm favored to win - at least that's what
 53   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 It's definitely different being the favorite at th
 54   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 Arizona's nickname is "Valley of the Sun." After t
 55   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 After my top competitors fell, someone said, "All
 56   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 I skated my long program at the Nationals to the m
 57   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 I started my long program with a not-so-clean trip
 58   U.S. Nationals. '93             Nancy                 I knew the performance I'd just had at the Nationa
 59   Gold - U.S. Nationals '93       Nancy                 Nancy Kerrigan Competitive History (Part I)
 60   Gold - U.S. Nationals '93       Nancy                 Nancy Kerrigan Competitive History (Part II)
 61   World Championships '93         Nancy                 I've entered the 1993 World Championships in Pragu
 62   World Championships '93         Nancy                 The pressures of the past year came crashing down
 63   On the Comeback Trail           Nancy
 64   Back on Top                     Nancy
 65   My Best Friend                  Nancy
 66   My "Coaches"                    Nancy
 67   U.S. Nationals. '94             Nancy
 68   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    The weeks between the attack in Detroit and tonigh
 69   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    I arrived in Lillehammer, Norway, about two weeks
 70   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    Norway is a beautiful country and a perfect host f
 71   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    I was the 26th of 27 skaters in the technical part
 72   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    At the start of my technical program I thought of
 73   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    As I stood on the ice after my short program, I kn
 74   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    Being in first place after my short program is won
 75   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    I've been working on my new long program for month
 76   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    My long program, or free skate, is four minutes an
 77   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    This is definitely the biggest performance of my l
 78   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    It's a great feeling, standing in the center of th
 79   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    My long program opens with a triple flip. I double
 80   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    After doubling my opening triple flip, I was nearl
 81   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    I skated my best long program ever tonight. Except
 82   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    the judges put me in first place, with Oksana Baiu
 83   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    After the exhibition performance, reporters asked
 84   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    the exhibition is my final appearance in the Olymp
 85   Lillehammer '94                 Nancy Kerrigan-USA    I'm feeling king of nostalgic as I wrap up my Olym
 86   Looking Back                    Nancy
 87   Onward & Upward                 Nancy
 88   Final Thoughts                  Nancy

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