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Zim's Official Kings Cup Cards
   Zimm - 2014

Notes: These playing cards illustrate the "traditional" configuration of the 
well-known card-assisted drinking game, and were the basis for the author's 
Kickstarter campaign.

   Card       Instruction

  2 Spades    Give Out 2
  3 Spades    Give Out 3
  4 Spades    Beer Bitch
  5 Spades    Thumb Master
  6 Spades    Chicks
  7 Spades    Dudes
  8 Spades    Yourself
  9 Spades    Rhyme
 10 Spades    Rule
  J Spades    Categories
  Q Spades    Questions
  K Spades    King
  A Spades    Waterfall

  2 Hearts    Give Out 2
  3 Hearts    Give Out 3
  4 Hearts    Beer Bitch
  5 Hearts    Thumb Master
  6 Hearts    Chicks
  7 Hearts    Dudes
  8 Hearts    Yourself
  9 Hearts    Rhyme
 10 Hearts    Rule
  J Hearts    Categories
  Q Hearts    Questions
  K Hearts    King
  A Hearts    Waterfall

 2 Diamonds   Give Out 2
 3 Diamonds   Give Out 3
 4 Diamonds   Beer Bitch
 5 Diamonds   Thumb Master
 6 Diamonds   Chick
 7 Diamonds   Dudes
 8 Diamonds   Yourself
 9 Diamonds   Rhyme
10 Diamonds   Rule
 J Diamonds   Categories
 Q Diamonds   Questions
 K Diamonds   King
 A Diamonds   Waterfall

   2 Clubs    Give Out 2
   3 Clubs    Give Out 3
   4 Clubs    Beer Bitch
   5 Clubs    Thumb Master
   6 Clubs    Chick
   7 Clubs    Dudes
   8 Clubs    Yourself
   9 Clubs    Rhyme
  10 Clubs    Rule
   J Clubs    Categories
   Q Clubs    Questions
   K Clubs    King
   A Clubs    Waterfall

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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