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King Kong of Skull Island
   5FINITY Productions - 2011

Notes: This sketch-card series is based on the original King Kong movie, giving 
credit to Joe DeVito and the Cooper estate. It was a "5FINITY Jam" release 
combined with Painkiller Jane. Thanks to Brian Kutz and Scoundrel Art Community 
for assistance! Further information and scans may be posted at the 5FINITY 

Limited to 650 packs. 40 Hot Packs with 2-3 sketch cards.

   Artist                       Count

Regular Artists

   Adam Cleveland                48
   Alfredo "Freddy" Lopez Jr     40
   Anthony Hochrein              24
   Brandon Kenney                24
   Brent Schoonover              24
   Buddy Prince                  31
   Jason Metcalf                 40
   John Johnston                 27
   Kelly Everaert                11
   Lindsay "Pugg Dogg" Walkers   36
   Mark McHaley                  15
   Noval Hernawan                16
   Rich Stahnke                  16
   Robin Thompson                24
   Ryan Wilton                   32
   Sam Agro                      30
   Samantha Johnson              24
   Steve Jasper                  18
   Tim Baron                     38
   Tony Parker                   12

Rare Artists

   Amber Stone                   10
   Andy Black                     7
   Arley "Arturo" Tucker         10
   Bill McKay                    10
   EJ Su                         10
   Frankie B Washington          10
   George Calloway                5
   George Webber                 10
   Hugh Vogt                      6
   Jason Hughes                   8
   Jeffrey Witty                 10
   Jessica Hickman                6
   Manny Mederos                 10
   Mark Bloodworth                6
   Mel Uran                      10
   Roger Andrews                 10
   Victor "Victoman" Rodriguez   10

Autographed Card (1:22 packs; 30 total)

   Joe DeVito [black or red ink]

Autographed Card (1: 65 packs; 10 total)

   Joe DeVito [gold ink]

Dealer Exclusive Artists

   Anthony Hochrein
   Samantha Johnson


   (Joe DeVito Art; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)

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