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The Comic Art Tribute to Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
21st Century Archives - 1994

Notes:  A factory set of 50 DiamondChrome cards was available to winners of a mail-in
contest. Contrary to the title, more of the set is devoted to Kirby than to Simon, and
quite a few other artists provided artwork.  The titles shown were often identified
only in the checklist distributed with the set. Thanks much to Bob Smith for the update!

No.   Title                       Text                                 Artists

 1    Jack Kirby Portrait         Jack Kirby is considered to be the   Joe Rubinstein, Greg Theakston
 2    God 1                       The slums of New York City produced  Don Heck, Jack Kirby
 3    God 2                       Years of practice paid off with a j  Don Heck, Jack Kirby
 4    Blue Bolt                   When Jack Kirby met Joe Simon in th  Leslie Cabarga, Greg Theakston
 5    Lockjaw                     Even though Kirby's greatest fame c  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
 6    Captain 3-D                 The astonishing success of the 3-D   Bill Black, Greg Theakston
 7    The Solar Legion            Jack Kirby officially entered comic  Jack Kirby, Greg Theakston
 8    Red Raven                   The first months of 1940 found Jack  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
 9    Champion Comics             Contrary to popular opinion, Jack K  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
10    Queen of Venus              Jack Kirby loved dime novels. As a   Jack Kirby, Greg Theakston
11    My Date                     Simon and Kirby arrived at National  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
12    Stuntman                    During the final days of WWII, GIs   Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
13    Boy Explorers               At the end of the Second World War,  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
14    Headline Comics             In an effort to keep their books lo  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
15    Guilty                      "That guy in the electric chair," J  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
16    Link Thorn                  Link Thron, The Flyin' Fool, was Si  John Paul Leon, Greg Theakston
17    Young Romance #1            Always on the lookout for a new app  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
18    Angel                       Early in the 1970s, somebody gave J  Alan Weiss, Greg Theakston
19    Boys Ranch (a)                                                   Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
20    Boys Ranch (b)                                                   Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
21    Bulls-Eye                   When Simon and Kirby formed Mainlin  Tony Harris, Greg Theakston
22    Police Trap                 When Simon and Kirby formed Mainlin  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
23    Foxhole                     Most people are familiar with Jack   Jack Kirby
24    Bulls-Eye                   Jack Kirby frequently did drawings   Jack Kirby
25    Foxhole Unpub.              Not all unpublished material exists  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
26    Western Tales               In April of 1954, the Senate Subcom  Jack Kirby
27    Fighting American           In the 1940s, there was no doubt th  Mike Machlan, Greg Theakston
28    Fighting American           Fighting American was Joe Simon and  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
29    Speedboy                    Boy sidekicks were a standard featu  Dave Elliot, Greg Theakston
30    Rhode Island Red            The Fighting American strip offered  Steve Leialoha, Greg Theakston
31    Boy Explorers               Simon and Kirby were the Kings when  Jim Steranko, Greg Theakston
32    Fun Commies                 This trio's only appearance occurre  Bob Fingerman, Greg Theakston
33    God 3                       The Crash of '54 cut short Mainline  Don Heck, Jack Kirby
34    Win-A-Prize                 Always on the lookout for a new kin  Jack Kirby
35    Win-A-Prize Unpublished     One of the most intriguing Simon an  Jack Kirby
36    Race for the Moon #1        Race for the Moon #1 was slapped to  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
37    The Rocketeers              The Halloween weekend of 1957 broug  Mike Zeck, Greg Theakston
38    Animation                   After Jack Kirby returned from the   Joe Rubinstein, Greg Theakston
39    Atlas                       Jack Kirby liked to say, "I see my   Steve Leialoha, Greg Theakston
40    Joshua (a)                                                       Mike Royer, Tom Ziuko
41    Joshua (b)                                                       Mike Royer, Tom Ziuko
42    Bathead                     Sometimes, in the middle of another  Greg Theakston
43    Wild Woman                  Jack Kirby's work in the comics was  Jack Kirby
44    Collage                     One of Jack's favorite pastimes was  Jack Kirby
45    Pioneer 10                  In 1972, NASA sent an intergalactic  Jack Kirby
46    Mechanoid                   Jack Kirby's mind was always a few   Jack Kirby
47    Gladiator                   This card is another example of Kir  Jack Kirby
48    Warrior                     Jack Kirby was always looking for t  Jack Kirby
49    Galactic Head               During the 1960s, Kirby was the hea  Jack Kirby
---   Airboy                      Checklist                            Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

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Limited Edition DiamondChrome Cards

K1   Ken Steacy
K2   Dave Dorman
K3   Glenn Barr
K4   Steve Rude
K5   Steffan Duerr

Jack Kirby's Great Machines (Mail-In)

KM1  Dream Machine
KM2  Machine
KM3  Warrior
KM4  Incan Visitation
KM5  Highway 5


---  (Unnumbered)

©1999, 2000, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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