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KISS Collector Cards Series I
Cornerstone - 1997/1998

Notes:  This set achieved two printings. The regular first-printing cards have a
silver seal on the front; the regular second-printing cards have a gold seal, and
were accompanied by a 90-card red-seal parallel set.  A nine-card "box bonus"
subset replaced the ten Preview cards that were inserts for the First Printing.
Thanks much to LMA, Brian (lickitup), and Peter Vermaele for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.58 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Hotter than Hell! [Introduction]


  2   The Demon - Gene Simmons
  3   Space Ace - Ace Frehley
  4   The Cat - Peter Criss
  5   The Starchild - Paul Stanley


  6   1968--Years before the world is introduced to KIS
  7   Although Gene and Stan failed to get along during
  8   April, 1972--With Gene and Paul working toward th
  9   By late 1972, Gene, Paul and Peter had formed a s
 10   1973--Practicing endlessly in their roach-and-rat
 11   Kiss' desire to create the ultimate rock 'n' roll
 12   Paul Stanley is the "The Starchild"--the ultimate
 13   Inspired by his love of classic horror movies and
 14   When it comes to playing drums, no one can match
 15   Ace's love for science-fiction stories, astronomy
 16   Their new image intact, KISS set their third goal
 17   Throughout summer 1973, KISS continued to develop
 18   With a signed recording contract, a cash advance
 19   On New Year's Eve 1973, KISS performed at New Yor
 20   KISS' first album was completely recorded and mix
 21   Shortly after the release of KISS' first album, t
 22   Although KISS left the road to record Hotter Than
 23   In October 1974, Hotter Than Hell hit record-stor
 24   Dressed To Kill proved to KISS' breakthrough albu
 25   The KISS buzz caught like uncontrollable wildfire
 26   While KISS gained notoriety for their massive, ul
 27   KISS' next album was completed with an arsenal of
 28   To build on Alive!'s momentum, several public-rel
 29   By january 1976, KISS' signature had been stamped
 30   Destroyer assaulted record stores on March 15, 19
 31   In preparation for KISS' upcoming "Spirit of '76"
 32   Shortly before KISS embarked on their "Spirit of
 33   In early October 1976, KISS taped Paul Lynde's Ha
 34   KISS recorded their sixth album, Rock And Roll Ov
 35   Rock And Roll Over, released November 11, 1976, w
 36   KISS resumed touring after the release of Rock An
 37   In February 1977, KISS returned home to celebrate
 38   In April 1977, KISS flew to Japan on their own Pa
 39   Less than a month after KISS destroyed Japan, the
 40   While recording Love Gun, Paul, Gene, Peter and c
 41   Less than a week before Love Gun's release, the G
 42   The same day Love Gun was released, Marvel Comics
 43   Within days after Love Gun's release, KISS began
 44   During KISS' 1977-1978 Can-Am World Tour, the ban
 45   Alive II, co-produced by KISS and Eddie Kramer, s
 46   Although KISS' monstrous achievements ensured the
 47   In March 1978, KISS returned to Japan to establis
 48   In May 1978, KISS began shooting KISS Meets the P
 49   Although KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park was a
 50   In summer 1978, Peter Criss entered New York's El
 51   Ace Frehley created his solo album in a custom-bu
 52   Gene Simmons recorded his album with Double Plati
 53   With every intention of creating his own, unique
 54   On September 18, 1978, all four KISS solo albums
 55   While the KISS phenomenon grew endlessly around t
 56   With Peter Criss' absence from the studio, record
 57   KISS--the rulers of rock 'n' roll-- returned with
 58   Peter Criss' performances were slipshod throughou
 59   KISS entered New York's Record Plant to lay down
 60   Promptly after Paul Caravello joined KISS, his na
 61   KISS' musical and visual presence had seriously d
 62   Unmasked was KISS' first album to sell under one
 63   After KISS completed its 1980-1981 tour, Paul, Ge
 64   Although Gene, Paul and Eric were receptive to Th
 65   Based on The Elder's poor sales, KISS did not tou
 66   In hopes that Ace Frehley would retract his resig


 67   KISS
 68   Hotter Than Hell
 69   Dressed To Kill
 70   Alive!
 71   Destroyer
 72   Rock and Roll Over
 73   Love Gun
 74   Alive II
 75   Double Platinum
 76   Peter Criss
 77   Ace Frehley
 78   Paul Stanley
 79   Gene Simmons
 80   Dynasty
 81   Unmasked
 82   Music from the Elder
 83   Killers
 84   Creatures of the Night

Series II Preview

 85   KISS Scarcity!
 86   KISS Merchandise
 87   KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
 88   Scrapbook Shots
 89   Makeup Variations

 90   KISS Collector Cards Series I [Checklist]

 --  The KISS Years [Product Ad Pack Insert]


Preview Cards (First Printing, 1:36 packs)


Foil Cards (Both Printings)


1996-97 Alive/WorldWide Tour Set (Second Printing boxtoppers)


Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

 --   Foil uncut sheet (First Printing, 50 made; 7 sets of F1-F6 + header)
 --   Base set (First Printing; silver foil stamp)
 --   Base set (First Printing; gold foil stamp)
 --   Base set (First Printing; red foil stamp)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)


 P5   The KISS Years (insert with photo book)
 P6   (Dealer promo)
 P7   (Non-Sport Update)
 P8   (Collect!)
 P9   (Combo)
 P10  (Marked Musicland, Sam Goody, Media Play; not distributed there)
 --   (Uncut Promo Sheet, 10 made, First Printing; 10x10)
 --   Hotter than Hell!! (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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