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KISS Alive!
Neca - 2001

Notse: Thanks much to David Hughes, Dave (grease*05), and Robert Clague 
for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (72): approx. 3.46 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Card Text

     1    KISS are the epitome of the ultimate live spectac
     2    KISS first appeared on the music scene in early J
     3    During KISS' early performances, each band member
     4    KISS recorded their first two albums in 1974 - th
     5    Casablanca president Neil Bogart was a true KISS
     6    KISS continued to tour, opening for the likes of
     7    In an effort to capitalize on the growing hype su
     8    Engineer Eddie Kramer was hired to tape five of t
     9    Although previous KISS album covers featured the
    10    Released on September 10, 1975, Alive! was KISS'
    11    With Alive! rising on the charts, KISS was encour
    12    Touring continued after the release of Alive! One
    13    While KISS was busy trying to maintain the illusi
    14    Even amidst the chaos of technical difficulties,
    15    Bassist Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz in Israe
    16    Rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley was born Stanley Ei
    17    Lead guitarist Ace Frehley was born Paul Frehley
    18    Peter Criss was born Peter George Criscuola in 19
    19    Although their albums weren't outselling megastar
    20    In an effort to sway the media from publishing ph
    21    For the Alive! tour, Ace wore a one-piece leotard
    22    During this period, Paul wore a sleeveless, open-
    23    On December 31, 1975, KISS range in the new year
    24    In February 1976, the four members of KISS put th
    25    The unexpected success of Alive! finally gave the
    26    Even though KISS was under pressure from Casablan
    27    For their fourth studio effort, Destroyer, KISS b
    28    Destroyer not only marked a growth in songwriting
    29    The Destroyer album art is one of the most well-k
    30    While unofficial fan clubs were sprouting up acro
    31    KISS has said that, while working with Bob Ezrin
    32    Aside from "God of Thunder," Paul contributed the
    33    Destroyer was released on March 15, 1976, with th
    34    Ace stated that he wasn't always comfortable with
    35    As KISS began to doubt their recording decisions,
    36    KISS performed all across the US, often backtrack
    37    In April of 1976, KISS set out for an eight-citie
    38    Just prior to KISS' first European tour, Ace took
    39    In 1976, KISS was earning a net pay of $110,000 a
    40    For KISS' upcoming "spirit of '76" tour, a new st
    41    KISS' new stage was set up so that each band memb
    42    KISS' costumes were redesigned to duplicate the o
    43    Ace's new outfit was similar to the photograph fe
    44    For Gene, his stage garb became the look he's mos
    45    KISS' opening acts were often met with hostile cr
    46    Meanwhile, "Beth" was moving up the charts, event
    47    When singing "Beth" in concert, peter would come
    48    As KISS' popularity grew, so did their merchandis
    49    While the "Spirit of '76" tour ended on a high no
    50    By the end of the 1976, KISS - the one-time shock

Trivia Cards

    51    Which of these songs was performed live by KISS b
    52    KISS' Destroyer costumes were also worn by the ba
    53    Which of these bands did not open for KISS?
    54    Shortly after Alive!s release, KISS performed at
    55    True or False: KISS first played Budakon Hall, Ja
    56    True or False: The first show of KISS's Destroyer
    57    Which television program was the first where KISS
    58    True or False: The cover of Alive! was shot durin
    59    KISS performed these songs live at Cobo Hall in D
    60    KISS "destroyed" Anaheim with these songs on Augu
    61    Which song has never been performed live from KIS
    62    True or False: When artist Ken Kelly originally c
    63    True or False: Although "She" appeared on Alive!
    64    When KISS embarked on their first European tour i
    65    Destroyer producer Bob Ezrin also collaborated wi
    66    True or False: Alive! was the first time ever tha
    67    Which venue was KISS supposed to play during the

Preview Cards

    68    Future KISS trading card series will spotlight so
    69    KISS' 1977-1978 Love Gun tour represents, arguabl
    70    Perhaps the most elaborate KISS tour during the 1
    71    KISS' Creatures of the Night tour showcased a rar

    72    What venue did KISS, Blue Oyster Cult and the Les


Gold Record Cards (1:12 packs)

   A1    KISS
   A2    Hotter Than Hell
   A3    Dressed To Kill
   A4    Alive!
   A5    Destroyer
   A6    Rock And Roll Over
   A7    Lovegun
   A8    KISS Alive II
   A9    Double Platinium
   A10   Dynasty
   A11   Unmasked
   A12   (Music from) The Elder
   A13   Creatures of the Night (Original Make-Up Cover)
   A14   Creatures of the Night (reissue Non Make-Up Cover)
   A15   Lick It Up
   A16   Animalize
   A17   Asylum
   A18   Crazy Nights
   A19   Smashes, Thrashes and Hits
   A20   Hot in the Shade
   A21   Revenge
   A22   KISS Alive III
   A23   Kiss MTV Unplugged
   A24   You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best
   A25   Psycho Circus


S1 of 3

Card Album (1000 made)

    --    KISS Alive! (Binder)
    --    (9-pocket pages)
S3 of 3   (exclusive binder card)

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