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KISS Cards - Series 1 (Blue Wrapper)
Donruss - 1978

Notes: Poster cards 3, 6 7 - 20, 22 - 26, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41,
42, 44 -64 and 66 make up a colour poster of all 4 band members with the
Kiss emblem above them.  The poster is a posed studio photograph. The
other cards have the Kiss Army logo at the bottom of story as provided
below.  The name is the pictured member/s on the front. Thanks much to
Andrew Holderness for the original list!

A "variation" or "corrected" series was prepared when Peter Criss left the 
band and was replaced by Eric Carr. The card-back puzzle was also updated.
The updated version was available only in multi-set "fun packs"; cards that 
were changed for this version (either card fronts or card backs) are shown 
with a "*" in the checklist below. The corrected versions are scarcer and 
are quite desirable for collectors. Corrected cards formed the basis for a 
66-card series that was issued for Australia in 1980.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.82 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Pictured / Story

  1   Paul - "We are in essence, with the audience...for we feel we
      represent the looseness that everyone can identify with.  I
      think we are extensions of everything that has happened before
      us.  We're the children of the last generation of rock" says
  2 * Peter- Peter theorizes KISS' stage theatrics as this, "We do
      what comes to us naturally, we work on creating an experience
      at our concerts, we concentrate on that evening's performance
      and the idea that we do our act for fun."
  3 * Peter
  4   Gene - Gene's passionate love for the macabre, science-fiction,
      and old Lon Chaney movies, played a large role in developing
      his stage persona.  These personal fantasy flights take the
      shape of all that is sinister and he walks the stage
      like a space-age vampire.  He was born under the sign of Virgo.
  5   Ace - An interplanetary life, which exceeds time, space and
      light is the motivation behind Ace.  Charged with hope for his
      future in space, he feels within his being that someday, his
      wish will come true, and explains it like this.  "I eat, sleep,
      and drink my character.  It is my fantasy to go to another
  6   Paul
  7 * Group
  8   Gene	
  9 * Group
 10   Paul
 11   Gene
 12   Gene
 13   Peter
 14   Paul
 15 * Group
 16   Paul
 17 * Peter
 18   Ace	
 19   Ace	
 20   Ace	
 21   Ace - Ace made his vocal debut with his song "SHOCK ME", on the
      LOVE GUN album, armed with a guitar that spews forth a haze of
      smoke.  It leaves little doubt that he will someday also make
      his debut on another planet.	
 22 * Ace	
 23   Gene
 24 * Paul & Ace
 25 * Peter
 26   Gene
 27   Gene - Gene, a notorious fire breathing reptilian and bass
      guitarist extraordinaire, has established himself as one of the
      driving forces behind KISS' dynamic visual appeal. His bass
      guitar quivers the message of his fearsome power.
 28   Paul - Paul's irresistible power of love and passion reaches
      all. His impression of the unique image that holds KISS fans
      spellbound is this.  "We feel our whole image is based on the
      use of imagination."
 29   Gene Paul Ace
 30   Paul
 31   Paul - Paul, a Capricorn, the illustrious cupid of rock'n'roll
      and the hypnotic master of rhythm guitar. Paul finds himself
      struttin' through the hearts of millions as a titillating
      component of KISS sensuous image.
 32   Gene
 33 * Peter
 34   Paul
 35   Paul
 36 * Peter - Peter, a Sagittarius joined the group in the Spring of
      1972.  He makes his home in Brooklyn.  KISS' first ballad was
      written and sung by Peter.  His performance is an all out
      effort of tremendous energy and instinct.
 37   Ace Paul
 38   Gene Paul
 39 * Peter - Peter Criss expresses his "feline" instincts by the
      lines and whiskers that he paints on his face.  As the drummer,
      Peter is the solid back beat behind the KISS sound.'
 40   Gene
 41   Gene Paul
 42 * Gene
 43   Gene - 1973 was the year that all the pieces fit and KISS was
      indeed a band.  "In previous bands we've been in, it was each
      of us that stood out.  Now it's a case where four people have
      gotten together as a cohesive and incredibly tight unit," said
 44 * Group
 45   Paul
 46   Gene Ace Paul
 47 * Gene
 48   Gene
 49   Paul
 50   Gene
 51 * Group
 52   Paul
 53 * Gene
 54   Paul
 55   Ace
 56 * Peter
 57 * Peter
 58   Gene Ace Paul
 59 * Peter
 60   Paul
 61 * Peter
 62   Gene
 63   Ace
 64   Ace
 65   Ace - Ace, a native of the Bronx, joined the group because he
      was "Fascinated by a bunch of guys who really wanted to work to
      be a supergroup."  "Space" Ace Frehley was born under the sign
      of Taurus.  His music is hypnotic and pleasurable beyond
 66   Group

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©2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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