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King Kong
   Topps - 1976
   Topps (New Zealand/Australia) - 1977

Notes: Cards 1-44 form a black-and-white puzzle image. Cards 45-55 are printed
in black on white cardboard. The New Zealand/Australian version does not include
the stickers; the back puzzles are tinted, within a red border; and cards 45-55 are
printed in red and yellow. Many thanks to Sean Wright for the original list!

U.S. Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + 1 sticker + gum.
Common sets (55): approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (11): approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Kong fights a mighty battle to the death!
  2   Kong attacks New York harbor!
  3   Kong battles a gigantic serpent!
  4   The great wall is smashed by Kong!
  5   Kong scales the buildings of New York!
  6   Subway trains are demolished by Kong!
  7   Speeding toward the fog-shrouded island!
  8   The expedition braves dangerous waters!
  9   The natives chant "Kong.. Kong.. Kong!"
 10   Observing the strange native ritual!
 11   Natives wear strange costumes for Kong!
 12   Witch doctor dons a terrifying costume!
 13   Dwan is kidnapped by the natives!
 14   Dwan is dressed in native attire!
 15   Dwan, helpless, cannot escape her fate!
 16   Beyond the great wall lies... what?
 17   Huge doors open and Dwan is carried inside!
 18   The lovely Dwan awaits Kong's arrival!
 19   The jungle trembles when Kong appears!
 20   Dwan watches in horror as Kong approaches!
 21   A huge hairy paw lifts Dwan into the air!
 22   The mud-covered Dwan is washed clean!
 23   Dwan is dazed after being washed by a waterfall!
 24   Dwan faints in the great ape's paw!
 25   Kong treats his new friend Dwan kindly!
 26   Dwan tells Kong she's afraid of heights!
 27   A big hand for the little lady!
 28   Kong puts the terrified Dwan down!
 29   Wilson's men crash to their deaths!
 30   Kong is captured when he falls into a pit!
 31   Dwan is rescued!
 32   Kong is transported to civilization!
 33   Dwan is present for Kong's debut!
 34   King Kong is displayed to the world!
 35   The great ape is angered by man's greed!
 36   Panic strikes the city as Kong breaks loose!
 37   Thousands scream as Kong escapes captivity!
 38   Kong rampages through the city!
 39   Kong falls from the World Trade Center towers!
 40   Actress Jessica Lang
 41   Mightiest Monster That Ever Lived!
 42   Natives tie Dwan to the sacrificial altar!
 43   Dwan helplessly awaits the monster Kong!
 44   Kong, Eighth Wonder of the World!
 45   Kong prowls New York in search of Dwan!
 46   Witch Doctor prepares Dwan for her ordeal!
 47   New York trembles as the great ape attacks!
 48   A heartbroken Dwan stands by Kong's body.
 49   No bars are strong enough to hold Kong!
 50   Beauty and the Beast
 51   Dwan and Kong make the New York scene!
 52   The Lady and the Monster
 53   Kong is held captive in Shea Stadium!
 54   Reporters try to take Kong's picture
 55   Dwan seems unalarmed as Kong breaks free!

Stickers (Topps U.S. only)

 1A   (Kong fights a mighty battle to the death!)
 2A   (Kong attacks New York harbor!)
 3A   (The great wall is smashed by Kong!)
 4A   (Kong battles a gigantic serpent!)
 5A   (Kong scales the buildings of New York!)
 6A   (Subway trains are demolished by Kong!)
 7A   (Kong is captured when he falls into a pit!)
 8A   (Kong is transported to civilization!)
 9A   (Kong rampages through the city!)
10A   (Dwan is dazed after being washed by a waterfall!
11A   (Kong puts the terrified Dwan down!)

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