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King Kong
   Donruss - 1965

Notes: Unlike a contemporaneous set that focuses on the cinemetography, this 
series features black-and-white screen shots with humorous captions that were 
not taken from the film. Card backs are color puzzle pieces. American Card 
Catalog reference is R818-7. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Caption

  0   Write your own
  1   "Okay, so you won the tooth paste test!"
  2   "Just as I thought - lights on after taps again."
  3   "They told me this mattress was like sleeping on a cloud"
  4   "This is the best tooth brush we have, sir."
  5   Write your own
  6   Write your own
  7   "Don't you know this is a private beach?"
  8   "This must be a dream"
  9   "Look, no cavities!"
 10   "Nothing like a vacation in the mountains."
 11   "Who stole my bubble gum?"
 12   "That mouth of yours could get you into trouble someday."
 13   "Just a quick trim, barber."
 14   I said, "Beat it, Mac!"
 15   "You said you wanted a really big show."
        [no #16]
 17   "I think you have been eating onions again."
 18   Write your own
 19   "Is this supposed to be a puppet show?"
 20   "What do you think of my act?"
 21   "But I just want to be your buddy."
 22   "Where do I enlist?"
 23   "Get back in your cage"
 24   Write your own
 25   Write your own
 26   "But I didn't expect you to go overboard for this idea!"
 27   "Leaping lizards!!!"
 28   "She's expecting me on the 5:10"
 29   "Just don't tickle my toes!"
 30   "What type of skin cream do you use?"
 31   "I was a ninety pound weakling until..."
 32   "But I don't want to go swimming."
 33   "I don't like the look on your face."
 34   "What else was it I was going to do today?"
 35   Write your own
 36   "The traffic seems to be a little heavy up here."
 37   Write your own
 38   "I needed something stronger so I tried your product."
 39   "Oops, that second diet drink!"
 40   "So... I don't wear tenny pumps!"
 41   "But it looks just like tomato juice"
 42   "I told you to quit using my mouth wash."
 43   "Is this where they make the announcements for lost kids?"
 44   "Look I use a deodorant"
 45   "I only want a short ride."
 46   "OK, so it's not the best hotel in town!"
 47   "Look who's calling me ugly!"
 48   "I told you three times you couldn't keep any pets!"
 49   The toll is 25 a head."
 50   Write your own
 51   "I don't like what you said, fella!"
 52   "I should have taken the elevator."
 53   "Let HURTS put you in the driver's seat"
 54   Write your own
 55   "All right, knock it off, you cats!"

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