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Kookie Plaks
Topps - 1965

Notes:  The "plaks" are postcard-sized, approximately 2-1/2" x 4-11-16", and
feature artwork by Jack Davis. This images and basic text are the same as
what Topps used in the 1959 "Wacky Plaks" set, but the numbering has been
changed. Fewer copies were printed, so this set can be even more valuable than
the original Wacky Plaks. Thanks much to Bob Hall for the basic checklist!

Johnchi reports a set of blank-back (tan back) stickers that match the artwork 
for the first 44 plaks, but we haven't been able to figure out where these came 
from. Can anybody help?

No.   Title

  1   Tell me all you know - I've got a minute to spare
  2   You're certainly trying - very trying
  3   How to get good marks - cheat
  4   Mistakes will happen
  5   Looks aren't everything - It's a good thing you're rich
  6   If you have nothing to do - don't do it here
  7   Thanks - for seeing me through
  8   I'd give $1,000 to be a millionaire
  9   Keep calm!
 10   Somebody goofed
 11   Money isn't everything - but it's way ahead of whatever's in second pl
 12   We're friends to the end - This is the end
 13   Use your head - It's the little things that count
 14   Time wounds all heels
 15   If at first you don't succeed - to heck with it!
 16   Be reasonable - Do it my way
 17   Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow
 18   Smile - even if it hurts
 19   Think - before you louse things up
 20   Join me for dinner - at your house
 21   Early to bed, early to rise - Dull, isn't it?
 22   Plan ahead
 23   In case of fire - please yell "Fire"
 24   Be neat
 25   Concentrate
 26   Whether you're rich or poor, it's good to have money
 27   Silence
 28   Who's excited?
 29   Looking for someone with a little authority? - I have as little as any
 30   Have you forgotten anything?
 31   I spend 8 hours a day here - Do you expect me to work, too?
 32   I'm not hard of hearing - I'm just ignoring you
 33   Think you got troubles?
 34   Think - It may be a new experience
 35   Quiet - Genius at work
 36   Cleanliness is next to godliness - and next to impossible, too
 37   To err is human - but why must you be so human?
 38   All people are created equal - only some are more equal than others
 39   If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?
 40   Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your shoulder to the grindstone. Keep
        ear to the ground - Now try to work in that position
 41   With my brains and your looks - we're in real trouble
 42   Not everyone has your brains - Some people are smart
 43   Absence makes the heart grow fonder - so get lost
 44   I'd like to help you out - Which way did you come in?
 45   Remember the old Chinese saying:
 46   Your visit has climaxed an already dull day
 47   Come in - Everything else has gone wrong today
 48   I never forget a face - but in your case I'll make an exception
 49   Do it tomorrow - You made enough mistakes today
 50   Barking dogs never bite - except when they stop barking
 51   To be seen, stand up. To be heard, speak up. To be appreciated, shut u
 52   Work fascinates me - I can sit and watch it for hours
 53   I'm the brains of this outfit
 54   I am a self-made man
 55   Smile - Later today you won't feel like it
 56   If you ever need a friend - buy a dog
 57   Cheer up! You're not completely worthless - You can always serve as a
 58   Be an optimist
 59   Money can't buy poverty
 60   You're tops in my book - "Creeps I Have Known"
 61   Nobody tells me what to do!
 62   Don't let schoolwork get you down - Flunk now and get it over with
 63   I'm a genius - Do I have to prove it?
 64   I'd like to see you get ahead - You need one
 65   The Marines build men - But even they couldn't help you
 66   You ought to go to Hollywood - The walk would do you good
 67   Stop worrying - You'll never get out of this world alive
 68   Keep your temper - Nobody else wants it
 69   No experience, no talent - but I'm willing to start at the top
 70   I was born this way - What's your excuse?
 71   Why be difficult? - With a little effort you can be a real stinker
 72   Your service was excellent - Sorry, I don't believe in tipping
 73   I'd rather be handsome than rich
 74   I may look busy - but I'm only confused
 75   Some people can't do anything right
 76   Are you looking for an ambitious man? - Keep looking
 77   Think or thwim
 78   You must've been a beautiful baby - but what happened?
 79   The early bird catches the work - but who wants worms?
 80   How to get rid of 10 pounds of ugly fat - Cut off your head
 81   Don't just do something - stand there
 82   We aim for accuracy
 83   What's on your mind? - If you will forgive the overstatement
 84   Think - Maybe you can dodge this work
 85   You're head and shoulders above everyone
 86   This is a non-profit organization - We didn't plan it that way
 87   I'd like to compliment you on your work - When do you start?
 88   Stop talking when I'm interrupting

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