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The Avengers: Kree-Skrull Wars
Upper Deck - 2011

Notes:  The central attraction is a series of five "Untold Tales" stories, a comic of cards, with 
the story sequence proceeding across 9-card "pages" for fronts and backs. Based on the pack 
composition, the series could be presented as a 90-card or a 253-card primary set. Further
information and scans are posted at the Upper Deck website.

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Story 1 common sets (90): approx. 1.07 per box if collation were perfect.
Stories 2-5 sets (99): approximately 0.40 per box.
Cover cards (27): approximately 0.89 sets per box.
Character and Retro cards (36): approximately 1.55 sets per box.

  No.    Card Text / Title                                Artist(s)

Untold Tales: Sacrifice

 1-4     On your toes, team!
 1-5     --For you face The Avengers!
 1-7     --and now the Skrull Armada advances once more
 1-8     Your naivete bought my soldiers enough time to
 1-9     THE AVENGERS IN SACRIFICE - an untold tale of
 1-10    Enough!
 1-11    Zamm
 1-12    I will get the answers I seek--
 1-13    (no caption)
 1-14    As worried as I am about the mutant twins, Cap
 1-15    --By any means necessary!
 1-16    Wow. Don't think I've ever seen an android get
 1-17    I was thinking the same thing.
 1-18    T'would appear Vision has grown quite fond of
 1-19    If I could but speak in the void of space, I w
 1-20    (no caption)
 1-21    --Though now he may simply reject the sound of
 1-22    Eh? What was--?
 1-23    (no caption)
 1-24    No!
 1-25    True. But it's odd, don't you think? All this
 1-26    (no caption)
 1-27    (no caption)
 1-28    Zzaaam
 1-29    Hey, Cap? What's the plan here? Keep fighting
 1-30    This is their flagship.
 1-31    If we can seize control--
 1-32    Ktang
 1-33    --It'll deal a massive blow to the whole fleet
 1-34    Reetreetreet
 1-35    (no caption)
 1-36    --When the flagship has been configured to sel
 1-37    I need to find a spacesuit! See if you can sto
 1-38    Where are you going?!
 1-39    We're doomed! To the escape pods!
 1-40    Let's see...Navigation...Propulsion... Infini-
 1-41    Wait...It's amazingly intuitive! What I could
 1-42    Oh, no problem...Because all the universe's co
 1-43    Caaap!
 1-44    (no caption)
 1-45    Oh. Oh, no.
 1-46    Apparently so. My armor can't seem to interfac
 1-47    (no caption)
 1-48    (no caption)
 1-49    The Infini-Beam.
 1-50    It appears to be an unmanned vessel. A giant g
 1-51    It's moving to face the Skrull homeworld. And
 1-52    Nothing will make me happier than to disrupt t
 1-53    Aaahn!
 1-54    Subatomic defenses. I must find another way. I
 1-55    (no caption)
 1-56    These Skrull airmen do not relent! They are wa
 1-57    (no caption)
 1-58    (no caption)
 1-59    But by Odin's Beard--
 1-60    --I will prevail!
 1-61    (no caption)
 1-62    --Then I will *unh* take away its power!
 1-63    If I cannot break this machine--
 1-64    My body wasn't... built to accomplish a feat o
 1-65    But I have to matter how illogical...
 1-66    All I see is Wanda, suffering at these monster
 1-67    Leave an Avenger behind? Yeah, I don't think I
 1-68    I thought I told you to--
 1-69    Cap! I found a spare spacesuit!
 1-70    What is it? The Infini-Beam. It's in position.
 1-71    (no caption)
 1-72    Suit up, Cap. At the last possible moment, we'
 1-73    (no caption)
 1-74    (no caption)
 1-75    "We won't make it in time, Cap.
 1-76    It stopped? But How--? Five seconds to go, Cap
 1-77    (no caption)
 1-78    "We have to save ourselves now!"
 1-79    "No, Tony--"
 1-80    --We still have to destroy that thing--
 1-81    "--even if it's too late for our friends!"
 1-82    (no caption)
 1-83    We've won the battle, but not the war. There's
 1-84    We did it! Everyone's safe.
 1-85    He did it to saveher... To save Wanda... Visio
 1-86    Yes?
 1-87    You're Alive! I phased out before the explosio
 1-88    There!
 1-89    (no caption)
 1-90    (no caption)

Untold Tales: The Debt

 2-3     Wake up!
 2-4     (no caption)
 2-5     (no caption)
 2-7     --I'm glad to return the favor!
 2-9     Note: This story takes place between pages 176
 2-10    They outnumber us by the thousands, but if we
 2-11    Zzchumm
 2-12    Aaagh!
 2-13    This is his war, between his people and these
 2-14    Pietro! We can't just leave him there!
 2-15    The Kree told us to run, and you can't exactly
 2-16    Captain Marvel!
 2-17    Go! Run!
 2-18    You heart the man...
 2-19    We grew tired of all the warring amongst our o
 2-20    Look out!
 2-21    Remember why we wanted to join the Avengers?
 2-22    Fwash
 2-23    What--?! Watch it!
 2-24    You Skrulls should be proud--
 2-25    If they come for us, then we will stand agains
 2-26    --Giving my sister the justification to hit me
 2-27    Now can we please find our way out of here?
 2-28    Finally!
 2-29    We should be safe here for a while. Hopefully
 2-30    I just felt...a chill.
 2-31    Brother... What's any of what you've said have
 2-32    He's a Kree soldier--
 2-33    --who has now saved our lives twice over.
 2-34    Isn't that a debt we should repay?
 2-35    ... I do hate when you make a point, you know
 2-36    Uh!

Untold Tales: The Fall

 3-1     NICK FURY IN THE FALL - an untold tale of the
 3-2     (no caption)
 3-3     Note: This story takes place between pages 165
 3-4     (no caption)
 3-5     (no caption)
 3-6     (no caption)
 3-7     (no caption)
 3-8     (no caption)
 3-9     (no caption)
 3-10    Moo!
 3-11    Fsst
 3-12    (no caption)
 3-13    Fzammm
 3-14    Poom
 3-15    BlamBlamBlam
 3-16    (no caption)
 3-17    Gzzz
 3-18    Henh. "Moo."
 3-19    I saw my kidnapper--that Skrull impostor--sowi
 3-20    Made me watch everything.
 3-21    He made me watch.
 3-22    Krtch
 3-23    Whzzz
 3-24    Blam Blam
 3-25    ...I'm not so sure I wouldn't have done the sa
 3-26    Senator Craddock?
 3-27    It's Nick Fury. I'm here to take you to safety

Untold Tales: Power

 4-2     SUPER-SKRULL IN POWER - an untold tale of the
 4-3     The Emperor will have our heads if we don't im
 4-4     Don't worry about what the Emperor will do--
 4-5     Wham
 4-6     Thoom
 4-7     Note: This story takes place after page 129 of
 4-8     --Worry about me!
 4-9     N-no, it isn't that! Look--!
 4-10    You are all fools!
 4-11    I was your willing agent in this war. I've cap
 4-12    You rule a score of planets. You have vast arm
 4-13    Zzakt
 4-14    And you protect with your lives the greatest f
 4-15    Now it's time I show our "Emperor" what his fo
 4-16    Stop!
 4-17    You needn't do this. Together we can rediscove
 4-18    Quiet!

Untold Tales: Soldier's Honor

 5-2     X'aan will only be a moment, sir! He needs a n
 5-4     Ah. Lucky. One last spacesuit. I just hope it
 5-5     Yes, earthling--
 5-6     --It does. Not that you'll be needing it.
 5-7     Whooosh
 5-8     They launched the pod!
 5-9     Note: This story takes place between pages 10
 5-10    Here he comes! Ready...!
 5-11    Need to gain hold of something before I'm suck
 5-12    You need this helmet more than I do. Catch!
 5-13    I knew you'd make it, X'aan! But what of the e
 5-14    Gotta hang on!
 5-15    Break that remaining hings! Free us!
 5-16    Close the door!
 5-17    He can't survive the jump! He's as good as dea
 5-18    Soldier!


Cover Cards (1:pack)

      Main Cover Cards

   C1    The Fall                                         Allan Patrick, Val Staples
   C2    The Debt                                         Andy Smith, Bob McLeod, Rob Schwager, Chris Samnee
   C3    Sacrifice                                        Manuel Garcia, Andrew Currie, Sandu Florea, Alvaro Lopez, Ian Hamnin
   C4    (no text)
   C5    (no text)
   C6    (no text)
   C7    Harvey Tolibaro & Leonardo Olea                  Paul Renaud
   C8    Soldier's Honor                                  Carlos Paul, Belardino Bordo, Andres Mossa
   C9    Power                                            Fabio Janson, Belardino Bardo, Rachelle Rosenberg

      B&W Variant Cover Cards

   B1    The Fall [Allan Patrick, Val Staples]
   B2    The Debt                                         Andy Smith, Bob McLeod, Rob Schwager, Chris Samnee
   B3    Sacrifice                                        Manuel Garcia, Andrew Currie, Sandu Florea, Alvaro Lopez, Ian Hamnin
   B4    (no text)
   B5    (no text)
   B6    (no text)
   B7    Harvey Tolibaro & Leonardo Olea                  Paul Renaud
   B8    Soldier's Honor                                  Carlos Paul, Belardino Bordo, Andres Mossa
   B9    Power                                            Fabio Janson, Belardino Bardo, Rachelle Rosenberg

      Art Variant Cover Cards

   V1    The Fall [Allan Patrick, Val Staples]
   V2    The Debt                                         Andy Smith, Bob McLeod, Rob Schwager, Chris Samnee
   V3    Sacrifice                                        Manuel Garcia, Andrew Currie, Sandu Florea, Alvaro Lopez, Ian Hamnin
   V4    (no text)
   V5    (no text)
   V6    (no text)
   V7    Harvey Tolibaro & Leonardo Olea                  Paul Renaud
   V8    Soldier's Honor                                  Carlos Paul, Belardino Bordo, Andres Mossa
   V9    Power                                            Fabio Janson, Belardino Bardo, Rachelle Rosenberg

Character and Retro Cards (2.33:pack)

      Character Cards

    1    Captain America
    2    Captain Marvel
    3    Iron Man
    4    Nick Fury
    5    Quicksilver
    6    Scarlet Witch
    7    Super Skrull
    8    Thor
    9    Vision

      Retro Cards (art by Sal Buscema, Neal Adams, John Buscema)

 R-1     Annihilus
 R-2     Ant-Man
 R-3     Black Bolt
 R-4     Captain America
 R-5     Captain Marvel
 R-6     Carol Danvers
 R-7     Goliath
 R-8     H.W. Craddock
 R-9     Iron Man
 R-10    Jarvis
 R-11    Kree
 R-12    Mandroids
 R-13    Maximus
 R-14    Nick Fury
 R-15    Quicksilver
 R-16    Rick Jones
 R-17    Ronan
 R-18    Scarlet Witch
 R-19    Skrull
 R-20    Skrull Emperor
 R-21    Super Skrull
 R-22    Supreme Intelligence
 R-23    The Sentry
 R-24    Thor
 R-25    Triton
 R-26    Vision
 R-27    Wasp

Checklist Card (1:48 packs)

   --    Checklist

Sketch Cards (1:432 packs)

   --    Jon Hughes
   --    Aston R. Cover
   --    Ryan Kincaid
   --    (others)

Printing Plate Cards

   --    (4 x base and inserts; cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Merchandise Insert

   --    The Avengers Kree-Skrull War (mail-in for free binder; 1000 available)


      Promo Pack (Conventions 2011)

   --    New Untold Tales! (header card)
   --    (puzzle top left)
   --    (top middle)
   --    (top right)
   --    (center left)
   --    (center)
   --    (center right)
   --    (bottom left)
   --    (bottom middle)
   --    (bottom right)

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